Tuesday, November 19, 2013


So much happening in one week..
The most exciting though is the realignment of our ward boundaries. Luckily, Sister Bozant and I just gained some super solid members while everyone else in our district.. lost some lets just say. We'll see how everything goes. The best part was at the start of the meeting last night the opening hymn was "I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go" and that lightened the mood. It was great haha
Sunday we had in one of our wards something called a "Musical" Sacrament. Basically, it's a testimony meeting but everyone gets up and says their favorite hymn and for 30 seconds explains why it is or what it means to them. We tried so hard to have our investigators come to this meeting but OF COURSE everyone just happened to be gone.. One day we will have them all there. Everything that could have gone wrong this week DID go wrong haha gotta have your ups and downs on mission, I guess. Loads of fun. Sister Bozant and I also just discovered that we are actually over the entire stake! Which is over half the mission! We have the opportunity to teach all the single women who are investigating the church that live in the stake boundaries. Fun stuff! (Our miles aren't liking us too much right now..)
I finally got a copy of a quote that I read my first transfer out in the field and I've been sharing it for the past week with almost everyone that I can. I love it and it really exemplifies what I've become and really the feeling I've learned to love since being out on my mission so far.

I am a part of the fellowship of the Unashamed. 
The die has been cast. I have stepped over the line. The decision has been made.
 I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. 
I won't look back, let up, slow down, back away, or be still. 
My past is redeemed, my present makes sense, and my future is secure.
 I am finished and done with low living, sight walking, small planning, smooth knees, colorless dreams, 
tame visions,mundane talking, chintzy giving, and dwarfed goals.
I no longer need preeminence, prosperity, position, promotions, plaudits, or popularity. 
I don't have to be right, first, tops, recognized, praised, regarded, or rewarded. 
I now live by presence, learn by faith, love by patience, lift by prayer, and labor by power.
My pace is set, my gait is fast, my goal is Heaven, my road is narrow, my 
way is rough, my companions few, my Guide is reliable, my mission is clear.
I cannot be bought, compromised, deterred, lured away, turned back, diluted, or delayed. 
I will not flinch in the face of sacrifice, hesitate in the presence of adversity, negotiate at the 
table of the enemy,  ponder at the pool of popularity, or meander in the maze of mediocrity.
I won't give up, back up, let up, or shut up until
 I've preached up, prayed up, paid up, stored up, and stayed up for the cause of Christ.
 I am a disciple of Jesus Christ.
 I must go until He returns, give until I drop, preach until all know, and work until He comes.
And when He comes to get His own, He will have no problem recognizing me. My
colors will be clear for "I am not ashamed of the Gospel ..." (Romans 1:16)

Every phrase is what I am striving to become and will continue to for the next year. I can't believe I'm a third done with my full-time mission service. It truly feels like I've been out a month or so but I can feel the change that's occurred and I love it! I have one year left to complete what I came out to do and that is sooo not enough time. Before, I believed 18-months was a long time but it's not. 
Love you all and I'm off to work!
-Sister Hatch

Monday, November 18, 2013

Miracles are REAL!!

So... adventures last week. Starting with my companion waking me up at 12:30 to make an E.R. trip. That was just the start of our exciting week but I'm not going to go into that. 
Something else exciting, on Sunday I had the chance to speak to all of the Stake Presidents in the Idaho Boise Mission. Not intimidating at all. It was actually super fun. I got to meet back up with Sister Johnson and we shared about a family in the Paramount Stake that we had grown close with and their daughter was my first actual baptism. 
We had Zone Conference yesterday and it was Amazing. Our purpose was a big focus. I love meetings like this.  One of the Stake Presidents that was there at the meeting on Sunday spoke to us. He said that most likely our reaction when we all opened our call and read the words "Idaho Boise Mission"... yeah.. most of us were not pleased. Now, we realized (most of us at least) how much of a blessing this is to us. We have the chance to teach more than most in our mission and see results from our labors. We are serving in an area where the church is fully establish and the work is hastening. He went on to list several other things that just were amazing and I had never thought about things.
                                    Not to brag but... The IDAHO BOISE MISSION is the the best mission in the world
Also, a straight-up miracle happened last night. We have an investigator who is 14 (1/2) and has been taught for over a year. She is absolutely golden! Her mother won't allow her to be baptized until she is 16 (it was 18 but they lowered the age). Sister Bozant and I have been trying to get into see her mother and have had a few door stop visits but nothing really productive there. Last night we finally got in! Over the course of an hour or so we talked and calmed some of her worries and she actually agreed to let us teach her what her daughter has learned. Her mom says she is firm in her catholic faith but wants to know what she can do to help her struggling daughter and has realized it might just be by understanding her faith. It was amazing. We have an appointment with her for next week and we might have her daughter come teach with us to know how she really feels about this major choice in her life. Last night was just amazing.
Hope all is well and sorry for the abrupt end but I'll write you next week!

Idaho Boise Mission

Dear Parents,

We thought you would enjoy receiving a photo of Sister Hatch and her new trainee, Sister Bozant, from Henderson, NV, posing with President and Sister Winder.  It is a pleasure serving with such wonderful young missionaries in the Idaho Boise Mission.

Sister Gibbons
Idaho Boise Mission

Shotgun Training!

Gotta say that training is difficult. Opening an area (shotgunning) is hard. Both at the same time when your 4 months out... I'm just happy I'm getting out of bed every day haha
So Sister Bozant is my new comp.  Super exciting for her. We do have our struggles but it's all good haha The work is going incredibly great for being in this area for less than a week. We set a baptism date last night! I just love to see people being introduced to the gospel and running with it! Pure joy as you see the spirit touch them and really help them recognize the truth of things. As our lesson went last night, you could see the spirit working with our investigator... Love it!
I'm going to back up a little bit. So, last week was transfers. Crazy busy! We are now living with a member family. The Miranda's are amazing. Bro. Miranda is in the Bishopric and is hillarious. He is from Guatamala and has a little bit of a different type of humor but I love to see him laugh at his own jokes.
Oh, so I'm cursed, apparently. In the Paramount Stake, 5 of the 6 wards I served in got a new ward mission leader. Since I've been here (5 days or so) one has already been released! I should really warn them when I come in haha so now 6 of 8 I've served in have done that. Hmmm....
Well, my letters are going to be a lot smaller. The library I'm at now only allows 1 hour to be on instead of two like the Meridian Library. Kind of annoying. I'll send pictures next week and hope all is going amazing with everyone!
-Sister Hatch

A New Chapter

So transfers were this weekend and you could probably guessed what happened. I'm finally getting transferred out of my Greenie Area.
I'm leaving the Paramount Stake for the Boise East Stake and the Oregon Trail and Columbia Village wards. The BE Stake is about half of our mission and my two wards are more than 6 times the size of the Pmt Stake. Crazy! Oh.. and I'm training a brand new sister missionary, too! They flew in yesterday morning (I'm getting to that). Going to be a whole new adventure. I'm not quite sure who exactly is in my District/Zone except Elder McKenzie (my District Leader) and his two companions, Elder Martin and Elder Ficiur. Hopefully we will have another set of sisters in the District, as well. I rather doubt it:(
They say the first transfer is the most bitter sweet. It's so true. I have loved to be in the Paramount Stake for the past 5 months (I've served in 6 of the 9 wards). The people out here are crazy. Just saying. But I love it all the same. Hopefully not all transfers are going to be as hard as this one but we'll see. Sister Johnson and I (yes we were still together for a few days) said goodbye to people for the past few days and taking some questionable pictures... as I've said, people are crazy out here:) in a good way. Okay, questionable with only one family and just because they are that A-MAZ-ING haha and they have a dog that can do a Joker impression that is pretty dead on. I'm going to have to send that picture next week. Everyone is amazing though. If I had enough time I would tell you all about ever one of them.
Anyways, I have to appologize for not sending this out on Monday! I'm horrible I know. But my new companion is... drum roll please....
She is sooo cool:) love her to death. She's from Las Vegas and just super awesome. I'll have to send a pic on Monday but super fun stuff:)
Hope all is well in small town, USA!
-Sister Hatch


"Awesome at what?" you are probably asking yourself. I will get to that in a minute.

This week has been a whirl wind!.. Transfers are next week and looks like it's going to be another crazy change! I'm most likely going to be leaving the Paramount Stake since I've been here 3 transfers. Although my companion has been here 2 so it really could go either way. This area I'm in is notorious for keeping missionaries for up to 9 months! That would be half my mission.. Wow..

Okay, I can't hold in the awesomeness anymore. Guess what we did yesterday! Since my companion and I will most likely not be together for a third transfer we had... A HALLOWEEN PARTY!!! haha legit I know;) We carved pumpkins and made cookies to give out to our investigators! We had one pumpkin we carved for the mission office with Idaho and "IBM" on it (Idaho Boise Mission)..Okay, really dorky I know but hey! We had fun:) We also went and played with miniature horses:) The pumpkins were from the Boise Temple Presidents garden. His daughter lives in one of our wards and they told us they had some extra Pumpkins and thought we might know what to do with them.

Anyways, sorry for the shortness of this but thinking you may get a laugh out of our weirdness a bit:)

Sister Hatch
P.S. A picture (finally) of the baptism we had few weeks back. She's so cute!


Plain and simple, that's what has been happening in Meridian. Miracles.

I have been in the same area my whole mission (with the exception of loosing/gaining different wards with additional missionaries in the stake) and some thing amazing happened. One of our wards, where we really have taught only members or "eternal" investigators, we found THREE new investigators this week! Crazy, right?

After the last session of conference, Sister Johnson and I we're thinking of ways to get the wards more enthused about the Lords work and really couldn't think of anything besides what we were already doing (Sad, I know.). We decided to finish handing out invitations to the before mentioned ward's harvest festival to some of the really active members. Our WML's goal was to have them invite one family who was either LA or not members to the party and spread the word that way. On our sixth house, the father came out and said, "Why don't I just take you over to my neighbors right now? I'm pretty sure she would be interested in this ." And so we went over because we weren't about to pass down a chance to meet a non member family. When he asked her to come he also invited her to take the missionary lessons! Guess what she said.. YES!! Sister Johnson and I just gaped at each other. We had no clue he was going to invite her but he did. Talk about taking the lead!!! So that's just one of the many miracles that's happened in the Paramount Stake. It truly is one. We haven't had a new investigator in the ward since before I was here so close or over 6 months! And we have 3!
One of the highlights of my week, though, (besides conference. nothing beats that) was when I met the Doctor. Seriously! We went on an adventure and you never knew I left because he's a time traveler! Jk.. I wish. But the T.A.R.D.I.S. was parked outside someones house:)
General Conference was pretty amazing this year. Partly because it fell on my 4 month mark:) Hopefully everyone had the chance to hear at least part of it. For me, the main message that I received was that God really needs everyone's help in sharing the message of the Gospel with those that don't have it. The apostles promised us blessing and miracles would occur based on our effort to keep the covenants that we have made with God. They promised that there will be nothing to stop the blessings of heaven if we will simply and completely act in faith.
I'm working on my faith even more. We can always do better. As missionaries strive to find those searching the gospel, their are some really hard times but keep that faith. Investigators are coming but still none progressing as much as we would like. We have 9 kids who are really excited to be baptized but one of their parents won't allow it or isn't willing to commit to what they have to do. We are still working with them but it's hard to see their smiling faces and their excitement when we teach them about the gospel and know they won't have the chance for several years to really feel of the blessings that the Gospel can offer them. We pray that their parents hearts will be soften and will know that they will get the chance when the time is right. We have two weeks left in the transfer and I will most likely be moved since I will have been in this area for 4 1/2 months. Never know, though. 

Thanks to everyone and hope you all have a good week:)

It's always a Good TIme!

It's always a good time!
In the Idaho Boise Mission!
This week has been a blast! Sister Johnson and I have just had fun for the past few days as we've had our VERY FIRST BAPTISM through a reactivation of a family, The General Relief Society Broadcast, 2 Primary Programs, and just a full slate the past few days. We love days that are just filled:) We feel so much more useful.
And today, once again, it rained! We are really enjoying the rain. Except today it is freezing so we've had to pull out our winter coats. Yeah. Our bulky-huge-warm winter coats haha and then we came to the library and everyone else has done the same. So we don't feel so much like pansies anymore. I may be from Utah but what most people don't realize is you never get used to the cold no matter what.
Oh! And as I said before, we had our FIRST BAPTISM like.. 2 days ago! It was amazing! It was through a reactivation of a family and we are hoping that they keep the fire that they have right now to continue doing the things that we've taught them. I totally forgot my camera today with pictures from our baptism but in the mean time (and for the next week) enjoy this picture of my amazing MTC district:D
Anyways, Hoping life is good for everyone and thanks for the letters:) Always love to read them and still see life is progressing on the outside haha love you all!

-Sister Hatch

Ministry of Angels!

We're just buzzing around on the LDS homepage and found this one of my favorite talks and thought you might enjoy it! Love ya! Sister Hatch

The Ministry of Angels

Finding Our Amulek!

So we just had an AMAZING Zone Conference with Elder Martino of the Seventy. Can I just say.. I don't know what to say! It  was just that great! But let me back up a little before I get on to the fun part:)
Bikes were not meant to be rode while wearing a skirt... I just want everyone to know. It is way to difficult and I don't know why we even tried some days. I have holes in several of my skirts and.. yeah.. just not the best time. Although, it was all totally worth it because, after only being on a bike for 7 days (7 to long if you ask me...) we receive the keys to a brand new car! Seriously! When they gave us the keys there wasn't even 5 miles on the thing. I loved it:) It still only has about 80 miles on it. Going to break the 100 since we have to go into Boise today to the Mission Office.
Anyways, back to Elder Martino. He read with us about Almulek before he was Alma's mission companion and basically shows us one way to interpret the story. Almulek was a Less Active Member of the Church and he just taught us beautifully how to help those who were once strong in the church come back to what they once knew. It was amazing. I wish that everyone heard what he shared with us.
Not much to mention about teaching this week. It's been probably one of the slower weeks of my mission but this week is looking to be the opposite which I'm super glad to be. Tonight, we have lessons booked from 6-9. Tomorrow has a few empty spaces but hoping to fill those later tonight.Wednesday is the same. Thursday through Sunday is completely filled with meetings and appointments with mostly member families so we are looking forward to that:) All of our investigators seem to like to take vacations all at the same time so we are refocusing this week to the members of our wards. Next transfer, each ward with only be sharing with one other ward so the members really need to step it up. One of our wards, the transition will be easy but in the other two... After the baptism this Friday, they have not really any strong potentials.. 
Oh yeah! Baptism coming up! Woot! We are so excited.. hehe Details next week on how it went.
The weather is finally starting to cool down. I warned Sister Johnson that there will be no warning at all. It will just be cold. That is what happened haha I'm so nice.. We were on splits (When we still had our bikes) So after the correlation meeting we went outside and Sister Johnson literally screamed! It was fall and you could tell. So we rode a mile and a half home and.. Love Sister Johnson. She was Freezing! I'm a wonderful companion to her haha
Anyways, Congrats Gunnison on your homecoming win! (Don't know who you played but great job!)
Hope all is well in Small Town, USA!
Love you all!
-Sister Hatch:)
Dear Parents,

We thought you would enjoy receiving a photo of Sister Hatch and her new trainee, Sister Johnson, from Chandler, AZ, posing with President and Sister Winder.  It is a pleasure serving with such wonderful young missionaries in the Idaho Boise Mission.

Sister Gibbons
Idaho Boise Mission

The Master Finder !!!!!!!!! and Transfers Week!

So.. We totally destroyed the Elders. Simply put. Totally and completely.
Great Week.
You may now refer Sister Hatch and Sister Johnson as the Master Finders:) If you don't remember (and I didn't really explain the game very well last week) The Master Finder is a game of skill and spirituality.. and just to prove you have what it takes. You receive points from finding investigators, giving out materials (i.e. BofM, pamphlet, etc.) and doing some interesting contacts (like contacting an dwarf or a black person.. remember it's Elder Tingle who set this up) and at the end of the two weeks we had a total of 4310. The only other score that we know of is Elder Birk and Scot's which was 2325 and they were probably the next closest. Elder Tingle wouldn't tell us anyone but he did say we 'crushed' everyone.
Why did we get such a high score? Because of one reason alone.. We found 8 new investigators!! Crazy, right? In 1 1/2 weeks. Seriously. We knew that we probably weren't going to win because up until Thursday we only found 1 and hadn't contacted any dwarfs like we were supposed to apparently. Really low on points scale but we were still talking like we were going to beat everyone when we were at zone meeting because what else would you do if one of the Elders walks up to you and asks how the finding is going? "Oh, not very well. People aren't very willing..blah.." No! You tell them that you are TOTALLY going to win! Even if you were still at.. 725 points the second to last day of the competition..
After zone meeting is where the fun began.
It started to blow and pour so much but luckily we were inside (talking to some potentials) and didn't get wet the first storm. After it stopped we got out in our car and were going contacting because we didn't have any appointments with anyone. We went over to a family of LAs (less active) that we have been trying to see for a while but once again they weren't home. When we started to walk back to our car we noticed a recycle bin had been tipped over from the storm (because people are awesome here and have a garbage AND a recycle bin) and thinking we could help some people out a bit we decided to pick up the cardboard that had flown everywhere in the storm. We looked further down the street and saw several others tipped over and, both thinking this would be an awesome opportunity to contact people if they saw us picking up the tipped over bins, we ran down the street to continue the good work. No one was out so disappointment.. Then it started to rain a little bit. We jumped back into our car and headed to another persons house that we have been trying to contact. A couple blocks down we saw a few more tipped over and we thought again it would be a great opportunity to meet people. After picking up a few more bins it really started to rain but no one was out still and we jumped back in our car. A block down we saw a few more tipped over and we thought... last time.. we jumped out in the now pouring rain and picked up the items that had been thrown everywhere. While a truck did stop at a corner to watch us down the street, we still didn't get to talk to anyone (not that we thought any smart person would be out in the rain). We got back in our car, drenched, and headed to our dinner appointment.
 Why was this important you ask? Because later that night we found SEVEN new investigators!!! and that's how we won. By being crazing enough to get out in the rain and pick up cardboard and plastic. At least that's what Sis J and I keep telling ourselves.But it was fun. Flooded streets are scary to drive on but still a fun adventure.
Speaking of driving, those of you who really know me might not believe this but, in the three months I have been out I have become a master of city driving! Totally. Boise may not be a very big city but it is the land of the crazy roads. Seriously. I missed an exit today to got to the Mission office but I drove under this one bridge and there was the other side of the exit. The roads so do not make sense here.
Anyways, transfers were this week and it was another messy one. We are now getting 36 added on to the 100 missionaries we have now (35 of them have only been out 6 weeks) so it's growing super fast out here. Last transfer we had a new set of missionaries in our stake and 3 of the 6 missionaries were brand new. This transfer we are not getting a new set of missionaries (although next transfer we will be getting 2 new sets of Elders here) but a lot of the missionaries are getting switched up.  Elder Meyer is moving to another Meridian area and Elder Hook will be staying with Elder Merrill as his new comp and District Leader. Elder Tingle is leaving to be a Zone Leader in Boise for his last transfer and Elder Williams is training a new Missionary.
On a more important note (jk),Sister Johnson and I are staying together! We are so stoked! Now the sad news... We are loosing our car :'( Sad, I know.. We are the only Sisters in the whole mission who will be on bikes.. buuuuuuuuut it's only for 2 or 3 weeks until Salt Lake sends cars up here so we are going to get an even newer car! (Sister Dickey and I are the only people to ever drive this car) Totally worth it to bike. It is finally cooling down -if you can't tell from the rain storm- and I'm excited to bike and for the new car! Even though I will most likely be leaving this transfer, I still get to drive for a while:)
Anyways, Sorry for the novel. Just had a little/a lot of extra time to write today so hope all it well and love to hear from you all!
-Sister Hatch

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Englishman, The Dane, and The Cricket

Sounds like a start of a bad joke, right?
That's what we said.  This past week we received, 41 new missionaries into the Idaho Boise Mission and one of them was paired up with our Co-Zone Leaders. This transfer our Zone Leaders are Elder Birk and Poplin with Elder Hughes as their third companion who just came out. Funny thing is Elder Poplin can make that annoying cricket noise, Elder Birk is from Denmark and Elder Hughes is from London. So we have the Englishman, The Dane and The Cricket, literally. It's going to be an interesting transfer to say the least.. We now have missionaries from Australia, Puerto Rico, Zimbabwe, UK and several different countries. I wonder what their reaction was when they heard they were going to Boise.. Hmmm..
 The bikes are going great! -ish. It's not all as bad as I first thought. The only bad thing was we set up all of our appointments last week when we still had our car so we've been biking hard between them. And skirts. Bikes were not made to be rode with skirts on..
We finally got an investigator to church! I cannot tell you how happy it made us! They have to come to church 2 consecutive times before their baptism so one down and hopefully next week as well as we head for the 28th. We are finally building up our teaching pool and have some good strong leads that we hope will turn into strong investigators. Several have been so prepared to receive the gospel, they have no idea. I wish I could tell you everything about every person we are teaching.. It's so amazing. There are still some hard days but still loving it.
Sorry for the shortness but the library is really cramping down on times so gotta go but stay awesome!
-Sister Hatch:)

The "J" and "H" Adventure Continues. . . .

This week has been an exciting one to say the least.
Right now, our district is in a competition called "THE MASTER FINDER!!!!!!!" (Yes, with 7 exclamation points t0o haha) I think that we should be getting extra points because both my companion and I have been sick for a couple days so haven't been able to work that much. We did get 570 pts the very first day out so we were hoping to beat Elder Tingle (our diligent yet insane district leader who has won every transfer for the past year..) and his companion.
The rest of the past week has been interesting to say the least. We were going to set to baptism dates two weeks ago but those appointments both fell through. Then last week we decided that we were going to turn one of them over to the Nampa Mission because that is where she is living right now. Her plan was she was going to move here after her baptism but that is most likely not going to happen so yeah.. Those Nampa Missionaries get a PURE GOLD investigator. Lucky them. We will still try and see if we can go to her baptism buuuuuut since that's in another mission.. I really doubt it. Even though her stake center is two miles from where I'm living at the moment. The other one we did set a date with for the 7th which was awesome! We told her parents that she NEEDS to be to church on Sunday (she's 9 and parents are coming back to church) but things got understandably crazy for them so they couldn't make it. We decided to push her date back a few weeks to let her parents know that she needs to be to church every week.
I don't know if many of  you remember my first letter home but my first week at the MTC I became a Professional Missionary Kickboxer! It was so legit! Last Monday you will never guess what else I am now professional at.. RUGBY! Totally haha one of my new favorite sports. I will tell you that it was touch not tackle. We missionaries aren't THAT apostate.. JK but it was a blast. Not sure if I will play when I get home but we'll see. It is a whole lot simpler than I thought. A member in our ward, her granddaughter came up this past week and she said she could hook me up;) so we'll see. I think I'm too much of a wimp, though haha
Other than that, nothing really new or surprising.. Except it's pouring right now! Super excited! I hasn't really rained here since I came out:) My companion is really excited because she's from Arizona and they really don't get this kind of weather.
Oh dangit.. I was going to share what I learned at our amazing Leadership conference but I'll do that next week. Exciting things are happening in the Idaho Boise Mission:) and times up for this Sister. Love you all!
-Sister Hatch:)

My Boise Roller Coaster Ride

I am starting to get the feel that a mission is just a roller coaster.. One bad week, then a good,  and then a meh week, and amazing week the next! Just saying..
So last week looked like it was going to be a pretty good week. Then came Tuesday. I was so excited because we were going to set two baptismal dates and everything and then I woke up and.. I was so sick. Not that much fun but we went to all of our appointments because I'm stubborn and I don't like to cancel but we got a call around 3 from our WML saying our 2 appointments had cancelled on us (the ones where we were going to set the dates) so.. Yeah I'll just spare the details but we just contacted the rest of the day. We rescheduled one of the appointments for Thursday but they cancelled again. We were totally alright with that because we just happened to find an new investigator that night! Super excited! 
Anyways, all you future missionaries, prepare for a roller coaster of a ride for 2 years:)
I just want to add that I really don't want to leave this stake anytime soon! We just had a stake conference and.. Wow! Totally revamping the way they do member missionary work! Love it! Every family is to make a Family Mission Plan and he just gave several ways to improve those missionary opportunities:) Our mission president also spoke and.. You can just feel the hastening going forward. At full speed!
I could go on for a while about the greatness of the work but I'll stop:) I'm sure I'll have more to add next week. I get to go to a leadership training this week for all of the Zone, District, Area (me) Leaders and such. I'm so excited. It's tomorrow and Wednesday so I'm going on exchanges with Sister Wightman who is also going. Super excited and pumped to see what new training they have in store for us.
Love you all and see ya next week!
-Sister Hatch

Monday, August 19, 2013

Exciting Times Ahead

Just saying.. It has been such a good week! I've been kind of down because when our area split, the Elder's took all of our investigators that we found pretty much.. So we've had to start over on the finding process and haven't really had any luck with that until this past week.
We have 2 new investigators that we found and they... are going to be interesting to teach. Both are strong in their beliefs and subborn but they said they would be willing to let us teach them. We are really going to have to rely on the spirit to soften their hearts and we'll just do our best with teaching them. And then there is the other investigator... She's just making everything more difficult for us. Love her to death, though! She has been taught for the past couple months and been going to church for over a year. She is going to get baptized but not until after her wedding. But she lives in Nampa which is in a completely different mission. She's been going to our ward for over a year with her fiance and his family and they say that they want to move here but I don't know if they can do it for the next while so... all sorts of confusion with the bishop here and the bishop there and the Mission President here and the one there...  It's going to happen though. Setting a date tomorrow night for the 28 of September. Actually we're setting 2 dates tomorrow. The other is with a girl who is turning 9 on Saturday so 'technically' she is our jurisdiction after that. We want to have it the first weekend in September with the stake youth baptism because she is still that age category.
Other than that, not much excitement. haha It's all exciting actually! And Sister Johnson is amazing! She's getting old though.. It was her birthday and she turned 20 so I have to give her grief for it:) I'm actually still one of the youngest sisters in our mission so everyone here is old compared to me. But we have fun. We bought her a BSU shirt last Monday since football season is about to start and those Idahoans.. Boy! The love their BSU! I can't wait for October because there are a lot of BYU fans here as well and I guess it's always a HUGE deal when they play each other. I had a BSU shirt from the AMAZING Larson's who buy all the missionaries who stay with them a shirt to remember them. I love it!
Oh! We both bought new scriptures! The new 2013 Version. Sis Johnson had a little incident with some hand sanitizer and.. she needed a new set lets just say. 
We have a lot of fun:) But we do get a lot of work done. We've exceeded our teaching goals this week which are already above our actuals for the week before which is amazing! We're really getting into the swing of things here. We are starting the 4th week of the transfer which is CRAZY! Sis Johnson and I are hoping we stay together next transfer, as well. Don't wanna separate!
Anyways, It's so amazing to see the miracles that happen being on a mission. I love how the Gospel can truly change the lives of all those who are willing to receive it. Truly it is just the greatest thing to be a missionary and be an instrument in the lords hands. Well I hope all is going well for you! Take care and I wish you all the best :)
Sister Hatch

One Day at a Time

First I want to say...
Super exciting times up here! The past month there has been a has been a HUGE debate. We've been fasting and praying that it would be approved and it was on Thursday at 6:54 (I think). The ground breaking should be happening soon.. So excited!
Anyways, this week was another hard week. I just have to start admitting to people that I have no clue what I'm doing and just go with it. Because that is the truth! I'm just thankful that Sister Johnson is understanding of that and we are learning together. We are still getting along and working really well together. Actually, we had an AMAZING lesson with a less active and... Ah! I love it! We finally figured out, after months of her being taught, why she doesn't want to move forward. The spirit was so dense in the room, it was crazy! She started to ask us questions about the Temple and why everything is so 'secret'. Sister Johnson and I tried to explain that it is 'sacred', not secret. That was getting no where. Then I was prompted to ask if she wanted to work towards the temple and it just.. ah! Opened up everything! I love all of the inspired questions! That has been my biggest weakness the whole time I've been out but I really feel like yesterday, everything clicked. Long-story-short.. We are going to meet again on Saturday and challenge her to start coming back to church.. and teach her more about eternal families. She started to tear up when we were answering her question about marriage in the temple so getting the feeling that it is the place to start.
I don't have much time, sadly, but I am so grateful that I know what I know. Saturday was probably the hardest day I've been out so far but Sunday totally made up for that. Out here is so great to learn, I have learned so much about the gospel. The thing that most of us are needing to learn now is how to teach those things that we know. We know so much but it's sharing those thoughts and feelings and truths that we know.
Anyways, just a thought.
Hope life is great for everyone and I'll write again next week!
Sister Hatch

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Still Surviving!!

Actually, just in a daze right now. We made our teaching record that we usually have with our usual 6 1/2 days in 4 so it was really great I think.
Anyways, I've survived my first week of training! So great! Sister Johnson is amazing and I can't believe how much so since she's only been out a week now. Hopefully I can keep up.. But it really has been a great week.
UPDATE about our mission:) The former Paramount 1 Area covered the Paramount, Crosby Park, McMillian, Baldwin Park and Coppercloud wards but Elder Tingle and his new missionary just had to come in and take Paramount, Crosby Park and Coppercloud from me.. actually it's okay. Those were our more productive wards but I'll get by. We also picked up the Tully Park Ward from Elder Mayer. So we now cover 3 wards but it is still the same size as when I covered the 5 wards. Tully Park is the last ward that is a full square mile still and also they have a 60% inactivity rate.. so have some work to be done there.. We're excited though:) Trying to build up member trust since the Elders before Elder Meyer and Welch kind of.. to put it lightly.. killed it. There was no member trust I guess when Meyer and Welch got assigned there and we are still feeling it now but we will get on that:) Super excited for a new ward and a new adventure!
The place where we are living now is pretty nice. We just have the whole top floor of the house to ourselves! Including my own Queen size bed:) haha the only thing I pulled rank on.. but it's great. We live with the Young's now who are almost too nice. going to be an interesting transfer.  

So about Sister Johnson. We are so alike it is not even funny. Seriously. Except she is a little more quiet compared to me. We make the same comments, jokes, think alike, LOVE the same kinds of food (which could be a huge problem) and just a bunch of other things. It's going to be a real fun couple of weeks. Hopefully we don't drive each other crazy. It's a strong possibility.
Nothing too crazy has happened this week except for traffic this morning.. we're not going to talk about that.. but I hate driving in the city.. especially when construction is being done.. worst 20 min of my life..
So yeah. That's my week. Training, trying to find my way around Meridian and such. Also, going to the temple this week with my district because they have a new film! Can't wait. A lady in one of my wards works at the temple with all of their tech and said it came out on Tuesday and we've heard a lot about it. Wednesday is a long ways away!
Hope all is well where everyone reading this is and I'll try to have a more interesting week coming up.. Oh! With my things that I've learned..
14. Running at 6AM for service is great. Just prepare to get soaked by all of the sprinklers.
15. The church keeps FANTASTIC records on everything and everyone!
16. Carrots are my new favorite snack:)

-Sister Hatch

It's the Best of Times...It's the Worst of Times (But mostly the worst)

So.. It's been a crappy week..
Simply put. I'm not going to hide or deny it. 

On Monday, I started to drive.. In the city.. which I have never done.. and it was.. Interesting. Monday was also probably one of the hardest days of my mission so far. I just did not want to do anything. We went to P-Day sport and I thought that it would make me happier. and it did! We played volleyball for a bit but then my (bossy) companion wanted to play dodge ball so we started a game of slaughter ball and none of the Elders would hit me! Not that that is a bad thing usually but the only time I got out was when I was standing by Elder John who had the ball. He started to throw it at me but then stopped. I just told him to hit me! Oh I was so mad.. I understand to a point where you can't really play as rough with sisters but you still got to play with them.. This happens every week by the way but I was having a hard day and yeah.. I was done. Then I snapped at one of the A.P.s.. Okay, not really snapped but I wasn't happy. I was sitting in the overflow area and he told me to come play (as A.P. Elder Jones always does with people on the out skirts of games) and I told him I didn't feel like it. He kept telling me to come play and I simply (and a little more curtly) said I didn't want to because I didn't want to be patronized while playing sports. Defeats the purpose of the whole game! Anyways.. yeah.. I felt horrible after that but he said that the next week he would smoke me  at dodge ball when we played again... we made zucchini bread after that, though:) I was still really down but we went over to the Flannary's  and yeah. We made zucchini bread. Super good. Then we went back out to work that night again. Our day off isn't really our day off.. and then.. Tuesday came.

A story first. When I was in the MTC, I started having this really bad chest pain and had several test done but they gave this huge long explanation that basically sums up to be that I have it because I'm stressed. So now, if I get even a little stressed, it feels like a heart attack almost and just sucks. 

Now on to Tuesday. I woke up and I could sort of feel it but wasn't to bad so I just went on through my day.. Around 10 I was just curled up on my couch and didn't want to do anything just  because it hurt so bad. Luckily, and thanks to some help from upstairs, the A.P.s came over to get an Elder's bike. My amazing companion asked them to give me a blessing. She didn't tell them what was up but it was one of the most spiritually moments of my life. Elder Denton (who was going home at the end of the week so he's in Arizona now) gave me the blessing and.. he knew.. It was amazing. I don't know why I need to always be reminded of the power of the priesthood (I also had a blessing in the MTC) but I guess I do. And I am so grateful that I am surrounded by so many spiritual young men who hold this gift and I love it! And I love the sister, too:)

Wednesday was a little better but not much. I could still get out to work which was the most important thing.

The rest of my week was pretty normal. Until Saturday.

Saturday was a fun day because of *drum roll* TRANSFER CALLS!

Totally crazy this transfer!!! We are getting 35 new missionaries and 12 of them are sisters. For me, I am loosing 3 of my current 5 wards to Elder Tingle and his new Missionary and then picking up a ward from Elder Mayer who covered 4 wards in the stake. We now have 3 sets of missionaries in the Paramount stake instead of 2 so exciting times! And I would be happy to stay in this Stake for a while:) The stake presidency are amazing and really have a heart for Missionary work. The goal for next year is 120 baptisms! Insane! I am so excite though:) They will have 10 wards next year in this stake so one baptism every month in each war. wont be too bad:) I'm so Excited!
So a quick addition to my list before I have to go:
11. A no-carb diet never works (unless your Elder Jones who gets skinnier and skinnier every day!)
12. When you walk everyday, you really do get holes in your shoes (need to buy a new pair today)
13. When you walk everyday you also get funky tan lines..
Anyways, I'll send more to add on the list later.
In the mean time, check out Mormon.Org. It is super neat to watch the lives of others. I love this one:mormon.org/lindsey
Love you all!
Sister Hatch

Monday, July 22, 2013

Talking about Tithing and the Celestial Kingdom at the BAR!

THE KITCHEN BAR:) haha not what you're thinking.. oh great times at the Flannery's.. :)
              LAST WEEK!!!! (BEFORE TRANSFERS)
I get to meet my new trainee a week from tomorrow!! I won't know exactly who it is until a week from Wednesday but I meet them on Tuesday for a fun activity;)
It has now been confirmed that the Paramount Stake is getting a third set of missionaries. The four of us (Elder Meyer and Welch and My companion and I) think that they will give us three new missionaries since Elder Welch goes home on Saturday. The three of us will be the only ones who know the area still after the area split. Sounds pretty reasonable to us.. We won't know for sure until Saturday.
Life on the mission is pretty great:) lots of adventures for sure. We topped our last weeks lessons by 7, which is a HUGE increase and we are pretty excited about that:) Hoping to do it again this week, since it's our last and one of us won't be in half of this area after Monday. We're going for it!
I've realized one of the hardest things for me will be saying goodbye to some of the members here. There are so many that are completely awesome! I was sitting at dinner with the Mathews- eating Swedish Pancakes:)- and I realized that I would so miss them when I leave. Same with several other families that I've met and come to really love! I can't believe I've been in Meridian for almost 6 weeks already! I would be perfectly fine serving my whole mission here:) It's constantly changing to. In our area, which is half the stake, we get about 2 or 3 new families each week! Most of them are members which is great!
Another thing I've been doing out here is making a list. A list of what? Things I've discovered while I've been on a mission. Here we go. (No judging me)

1.Eighteen months with out guys is EXTREMELY difficult! Especially when you are surrounded by some of the most spiritual, not to mention good -looking, young men that are on the face of the earth. (I know this is so apostate of me..)
2. Naps are impossible on a mission:)
3. A companionship IS like a marriage.. only worse haha. In a marriage, if you both are struggling with each other, you can go for a drive or something. Can't do that on a mission. BIG no-no..
4. You can only get that  warm right-out-of-the-dryer feeling once a week:\
5. I used to want a cat or dog for a pet... I don't anymore.
6. Missing my kitchen where I can cook fancy meals.
7. Working out right after you wake up is super hard for me.. Need a couple minutes before I can function..
8. Walking in 100+ degree weather for multiple hours is not fun BUT. . . is more successful than if you drive. (We get a referrals, meet non members, as well as several other great experience every time we walk)
9. I love Swedish Pancakes:)
10. The mission really does go by fast - and I'm not even at the point where it starts to fly by! Almost 2 months already!!!
So that is the start of my list:) More will be added every week! Hope life is going great out in the real world and I will write next week!

-Sister Hatch

Friday, July 19, 2013

What OFF Season!

Two weeks left of this transfer.. That's crazy! Not only until the end of the transfer but until I train! We have 9 English speaking sisters coming in and then 2 Spanish speakers. Guess what sisters we have right now. 11 English speaking! (Well, one learning English. I love Sister Chen) We will be getting at least 15 new companionships every transfer. That's a lot! We don't know if there is this much growth in every mission or just ours.We are lucky for sure.
I just saw a guy walk through the library with a shirt that said "What Off Season?" and it makes me think of my family who just drove through my area on their way to a basketball camp for my siblings.. Never an off season haha but while they drove through they also stopped at a families house in the area.
The Flanery's live in the McMillian ward in Meridan and I love them! So laid back and I'm hoping Bro Flanery didn't say anything inappropriate.. he's kind of known for that.. but Ava (their little 6 year old girl) loved them more than anything because my mom said I would share AAAALLLL  of my candy with her. She think she's so cute.. that's probably because she is!
Sigh.. This week has gone by so fast.. We've had some kind of meeting every day this week and I can't believe it's P-day already.
Not much to really report for this week except I finally feel like I may be ready to train this next transfer.. May.. Never know until I get my new trainee:)    (everyone may have to pray a little for that poor girl haha)
Well that's pretty much my life. Just working and being exhausted all the time but a good type of exhausted - if there is such a thing. Love you all!
-Sister Hatch:)

1 Month Down and I still LOVE my Job!

I really cannot believe I've been out 1 month! It really is crazy! Then I look back and sometimes the only reason I can't believe that is because it feels longer! It's not bad though:) Really loving it out here- Except for that one day were it was close to 120 degrees outside and we were smart and decided to walk.. yeah.. not our best idea..
Well, I have basically 3 weeks of being a 'greenie' and until I find out where I will be next transfer and I cannot wait! We are thinking that our stake will be split. At the moment, our stake is split in half missionary wise. Sister Dickey and I are in Paramount 1 and Elder Welch and Elder Meyer are in Paramount 2 (just the names of the areas. We have 5 wards and the Elders have 4 or 5- not sure). Elder Welch is leaving at the end of this transfer meaning there will be three of us left who know of the area and they have been searching for another place to house the missionaries so... we hope that it will just be us three here hopefully haha we will each just have a new trainee:) 
I don't know how the missionary work is going in Utah but here it's going like crazy in most of our wards. The McMillian Ward is definitely the most into it. It make our job a whole lot easier when we have ward members like they do. Sister Stevenson (wife of our WML) just found out that I was training next transfer (she served in..Virginia I believe..) and she said "I know how you feel.. I trained as well- second transfer out. Except she barely knew english, we were on bikes in the winter, driving through snow and -- We had to wear panty hose!" haha You just have to know her. She is so bubbly and funny but then she has those times when she tries to be serious and.. it doesn't work. Her children are going to be soooo solid one day! No joke. We sat in on their family night meeting and.. wow! Her oldest, Asia, is ten and the cutest little girl you have ever seen but she knew it. Everything. We read Alma 26 and she explained it and said thing I never realized about that chapter! Her younger boys (8, 5, 3) will be there soon, as well. But love Sister Stevenson. Going on exchanges with her on Tuesday to a couple of members houses.
I would just like to make it known now that I completely love my job:) I cannot even explain how great it's been so far! My favorite experience so far has been working with this one investigator. I really enjoy it when ever we go over because it really feels like a good home. She has two kids and they are as funny as can be! Last week when we went over we played the cup game (where you do a rhythm as the cup gets passed around. don't know how to really explain it but if you know the game you know what I'm talking about) with her youngest girl who is about 6. Funnest time ever. We are teaching their family tonight how to do a family home evening night so I'm super stoked for that. Everything just seems to be put in place for her. She does like to drink wine and that is possibly what might be the hardest thing for her but as she grows in her testimony like I know she can, I know she will know what is right.
My companion is trying to get me to start a video journal right now. It wouldn't be a huge step because I film different parts of our area on our way home so you might be getting few of those soon haha 
I just want to say thanks to everyone who sent me those "Green"ie packages.. Ha Ha Ha.. very funny.. but my district and mission liked all of the candy:) we made the green cookies for last p-day and everything else just got passed around during volleyball. Thank you all again and I hope life is great and yeah.. Love ya!
-Sister Hatch:)

Friday, July 5, 2013

It's True..........

You may be asking yourselves "What's true?" and I mean the gospel, of course haha!
But there is another thing that I've discovered in my two weeks of living in Meridian and that is.. I live on Pinterest. What?! Let me explain.. no....It'll take to long.. Let me sum it up. If Pinterest was an actual place, like tangible and right in front of you, Meridian Idaho would be it. Seriously. I'll send pictures when I can but yeah.. amazing here. I realized this last Tuesday. Everything is perfect and no two houses are alike. It's insane. Lots of home projects, beautiful landscaping and there is this one family (The Impomeni's) that cook amazing Italian food like I did back at college. I was just experimenting but they are just Pros at it! So yeah.. I still live on Pinterest even when I'm out in the Mission field.
Oh! I learned last Monday (after I sent my e-mail) that something crazy is happening in 4 weeks.. So today, our missions officially split. We knew as soon as we received our first assignments what mission we would be in but today is the official day. Now in our mission we have 12 sisters but one is leaving at the end of this transfer so in reality we have 11. I learned on Monday that our next transfer we will be getting 12 NEW SISTERS! Do you know what that means?!?!?! I'm going to be a trainer in 4 weeks!!! Ah! It's crazy.. But I'm excited:) (maybe not so much for the new sister.. haha you all might want to pray for her that she doesn't go crazy because of her new trainer). When we were in the MTC we had the thought that we might be trained by someone who had only been out for 6 weeks but I don't think any of us thought much about being the actual trainers after our first 6 weeks. Insane. The amazing part about this whole ordeal is that in the next 3-6 months our total number of missionaries will TRIPLE! I'm sooo excited:) at the moment, we have 72 missionaries covering our mission (Boise, Meridian, Star, Eagle and soon in Idaho City). We will have over 200 missionaries in 6 months. The work is moving forward fast! We are all so excited here for that:) I'm not sure if I will still be in my area or if they will have me open an area (yikes!) because of the sheer number of missionaries coming out. They will most likely split our area and.. sadly.. we most likely will lose our car :'( we have the smallest area in the mission so pffft. There goes our car.. Oh well haha to a better cause I guess:)
Work is still going out here. We're mostly teaching member families the discussions.  We teach to investigators and everyone we meet. I really didn't notice until now that it was so much easier to share the gospel before my mission. I had a lot of friends who I could have and didn't. I guess I was afraid they might have been offended by it but I really wish I would have because they wouldn't have been. On a side note, there is this amazing book everyone should read. It's called "The Everyday Missionary" or something like that. All the wards bought a few copies up here and it's going around to everyone. It is really good I hear so start reading! Members are really the key in missionary work now. Everything you saw at the broad cast last week goes with what I and every missionary will now learn. If you haven't watched the broadcast, it is on lds.org and it's amazing.
I'm not quite sure what else to share. I can't believe it's already been a week again! Well, then I think about how tired I am and then I believe it's been a week.. I love it out here though:) Not a fan of the 110+ degree weather but it works (beat that heat Utah!). It's been really humid out here for some reason, too. I believe it's because someone is always watering their lawns.. Sister Dickey thinks otherwise.. Speaking of Sister Dickey.. We are awesome today, and everyday, and we match:) We are that cool haha!
I hope everyone is doing GREAT and love you all!!!

Sister Hatch:)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hello from Sunny--I mean Stormy Suburbia!

It's Crazy, Crazy, Crazy! but in a good way:) - except for the rain today..
Just finishing out the week so it's been fun. My companion, Sister Dicky, and I are opening up a new area so it's been a fun ride:) I guess not technically opening an area but before us, was an Elder's area so we're not familiar with the area in any way.

We are covering 5 wards with between 150-300 members each so it's a pretty member dense area in 2 square miles. Everyone is a member, was a member or their parent/spouse was a member so basically they all have a pretty good knowledge of the church. The elders before us, Elder Mayer (only been out three months now) and Elder H....I don't know how to spell his name, worked mostly with the members. Teaching them the lessons and such so I feel that is was we will be doing a lot, as well. We also are going to try and recontact some part member families (PMF) that we think might respond better to sisters than elders (no offense to those elders out there but- we can get into some doors you can't).
Our district is the Paramount Ward with us and then Elder Welch and Elder Mayer. Mayer was the one who covered our area before us (we live in the same room as the elders when they live in our area.. it smells like boy in our room. Not stinky boy smell but more like-- Axe i guess you could say.. or knowing Elder Mayer it's some expensive version of it). Then we have 3 districts in our zone. Oh! I get to see Elder Usevitch in our district meetings since he is companions with our zone leader. It's nice to see a familiar face now and then.
Getting to know everyone that we can is hard enough but then we also have to know the name of the streets. I miss the grid system of Utah.. But the area is gorgeous here! We drove down one street (I believe it was Cagney) and we were looking around for a camera! Seriously! Perfectly manicured lawns, trees lining the streets, people walking their dogs and the sun setting very colorfully behind it. All I can say is if I were ever to live in a subdivision (which I probably won't) this would be the place. Perfect Suburbia. (We figured there was a reason that this area is named Paramount)
We hope to really have it pick up with the members and investigators in the area. It has been a long couple of days. When I think about it, it doesn't feel that long but my companion and I both fell a sleep during our studies this morning.. and slept for close to an hour. We're exhausted and it's only the first week. We figured that it is probably because of the fact we are trying to get everything down now since we are both new in the area. 8 hours of sleep is totally not enough time to sleep when you work each day as hard as we do. Our third day out here was really discouraging but It's starting to pick up a bit. We do have one new investigator that really reminds me of Jaime Hansen so I thought that was really fun. Also, we're trying to do a switch up on an Eternalgator family (Eternal Investigator). They have been reading the BofM a lot with the Elders but don't want to take that last step. We're hoping to get them to it. We met with a PMF for a few minutes but hoping to get back to them this week. Those are really the only families we've been meeting with. Mostly members here so it's still really good.
P-day was today and it was.. Interesting.. I saw Sister Haas for the first time in a week so that got me excited! And.. as you all know very well.. I SUCK at sports. Like.. yeah we'll not go into how bad I am.. We played ultimate Frisbee today and I basically just walked up and down the field. I didn't really get the Frisbee that much until Elder Jones and  Sister Edstrom took pity on me and told everyone to throw it to me.. It was pretty sad.. they meant well but yeah.. don't need to point out how bad I am! haha So I went and sat by Sister Allen after I made the "play of the game". A.K.A. when they all made a perfectly straight path for the Frisbee to come to me then off to some one else.. it's soooo pathetic I know.. but volleyball next week so hopefully it will be better.. probably not.. but at least I know how to play the game this time haha but I'm still pretty bad.. Funny story, I was talking to Elder.. Tinkle I think his name is.. anyways He asked my name and I said "Kelc...er Sister Hatch.." Everyone laughed haha... Well.. it's a missionary thing if you all aren't laughing right now.. It's hard to switch. That is actually the first time I have said, or almost said, my name from my past life. Crazy.. Oh, I learned Sister Dickey's name is Chelsy so were were like, ya know, meant to be together:)
Anyways, write you all again next week!

Love, Sister Hatch:)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Still Alive!!!

So.. yeah:) I'm still alive! Sorry I couldn't pick up the phone if you did call the airport. I got put on the first direct flight thankfully! (I was able to sit by Sister Haas. Seriously, we think we were just meant to be together) I was going to try and call from the Boise Airport since we were going to wait for the second direct flight but the Mission President was there when we arrived so I didn't get the chance. But I'm here in Boise:)
When I first arrived, they threw all the bags in a trailer and since most of us weren't there, they took us out to Cafe Rio (usually they have pizza but.. not everyone was there). Then off to the Mission Office to find out who our temporary companion would be. I was paired up with Sister Tonuu (Ton-oo-oo haha) loved her! She was from Samoa and had been out for a year. We went out tracting as soon as we were paired up! Crazy! No break but they said they rarely went tracting it was just a fun experience. Then we had dinner and another meeting before packing an overnight bag to sleep at a member's home.
Next day, we arrived at eight for breakfast and to start training and around one we were paired up with our trainers! And my trainer is..... *drum roll*... Sister Dicky! Love her:) She is from Ohio Kirtland Area and I believe eighth in her family out of 15 kids.. yeah 15! Kinda fun haha but she is great:) went straight to work after. Not really, actually.. She was new to the area that we are serving in. Oh yeah, you don't know where I'm serving! Well... at the moment we are in the Paramount Stake in.... Meridian, Idaho! Still Idaho Boise Mission! Told you I would still be here;) It's great! But anyways, she is new to the area as well so we're both learning but it's only about 1X2miles so really small but 5 wards. We met with 2 Ward Mission Leaders (WML) yesterday and stopped by some members homes but really going to start working today after I'm done with this e-mail.
Oh another funny story. One of the A.P.s (Elder Jones) is from Richfield. He is from Dad's ward, actually. Elder Jones says he remembers me coming to the ward some years ago haha connections are really great:) but he played against Gunnison in Soccer before he graduated in 2010 and was friends with several of them.
But everything is going really great so far:) Overwelmed but Sister Dicky is great. Really lucky I got her and yeah.. Still in the Boise Mission even though that doesn't change for most until the first. Hopefully meeting our Mission Presidents either this weekend or next. The new president is actually related to our current mission president so it's kinda sorta really funny:)
Anyways, I'll e-mail you all again on Monday! Hope everything is still going good and stuff.. OH! One more thing. So you know when I was in Washington how we got to drive that brand new Camero that only had like 72 miles on it? That is like the car we are driving now. Not a Camero (Chevy Cruze) but still brand new:) It is really nice and I really like it haha but I'll write again on Monday!
Love, Sister Hatch:)

If you want to know where I'm serving, the streets within the area are Ustick, Meridian, Ten Mile and Cherry Lane I believe. It's the suburb area. One street in the middle of our area is Bell Tower. I love Meridian and if I wanted to live in the Suburbs (which I really don't), this would be the place. It's beautiful!
Love you!!

T'was the Night Before (Monday June 17)

Looks like I do get to e-mail you again:)
Anyways, just doing a last load of laundry before I head out to Boise! So excited I cannot wait. We have to be at the travel office at 4:30 but before that we have to eat, dress and pack all of our things out of our room.. talk about a lot to do waaaay to early in the morning! But I am so excited:) I really want to send.. oh! One of my instructors sent us all a picture and I will forward it to you. Brother Fuller was one of our teachers that we said today. Sister Knowlten was the other and she taught us the 14th Article of Faith: We believe in spiritual Karate and round house kicking Satan in the face! we love her! I will send more pictures hopefully when I get to Boise and get access to a computer that is not on a deadbolt... 
I cannot wait to talk to you all tomorrow! Just the thought of it makes me sooo excited! We land in Portland at 9:22/10:22 so be ready around then. Only if our plane isn't delayed because that would just not be good.

I really can tell you that I now feel like a missionary! My companion, Sister Haas, and I had a really cool experience this week that I so want to share but I'll do it when I get home in a few months because I can't express how great it feels. I hope that I can feel like that again sometime soon and I will because that is my purpose here. I cannot wait!

Oh! I have a song that I want Macady to sing for me:) either just cuz she can or for my homecoming. You choose. I don't know what it is called but an Elder sang it last night and it just melted my heart. I believe it's called "I Know" and some of the words are (in random order. left my journal in my room sooo.. yeah) -I know and he knows I'd give my life for it. I cannot deny it. The world may hate me The truth of it sets me free I want the world to know what I know. Something like that.

 Cade- I want you to learn this! Please, King Julian?? haha oh loved how you signed that letter btws..

I'm trying to think what else you might want to know.. Everything is really good... I wish I had my journal but left it back in my room. It had a list of things I wanted to tell you but I guess you'll just have to wait;) it's okay haha
ahhhh... the smell of laundry..
I really can't believe I'm leaving my district peeps for possibly the rest of my mission.. I guess it's okay since half of them are attending BYU but still. It won't be the same. I feel I have always had real good luck when I'm starting out things. This first year of college, I had the best roommates that I could possibly ask for! Now, I have the best (and most likely the best singing and loudest) district at the MTC. Speaking of singing, so last week I sang in sacrament with sisters from our zone and then this week our district sang since it was our last week. I cannot tell you, and I don't mean to brag but, we were good haha really good. In our sacraments, there are about 36 so not very big (and 11 of us sang) but there was not a dry eye.. It was cool.. need to stop saying that word.. but I can't think of a different way to say it. The spirit was so strong in that small room and I was just so grateful to be apart of it.
But I gotta get going so I'll talk to you tomorrow:)

Love you all!
Sister Hatch

Okay.. few more minutes I guess:) Sorry you're not rid of me yet;)
There is only one thing I'm upset about right now.. We are missing a world wide broad cast that will be coming from here on Sunday. Well, I'll still get to watch it but I wish I would be here.. It's the first presidency so sorta a BIG deal around here. A historic event of sorts. Although, we have been apart of many of those these past few weeks. My group was the largest they have received ever in one day: 947 missionaries. Apart of the largest Relief society they have ever had: 1297. And I was there when the first gathering of all the missionaries in the MTC gathered from Main and West campus at the Marriot Center last Tuesday (as some of you already know). There have been a lot more first this past week but those are the main:) It's been quite a ride! 
And I realized in my past letter I never said what I wanted you to send. I did really love the candy but it's going to last a loooong time. Shared most of it with everybody but it's still going to last. I need to know how much is on my card. If you could just send me an update everyweek I would love that. I'm not going to spend it if I don't have to but I will need to buy some things in Boise when I arrive. I bought most of it here because the book store is 40% off! Love it! I bought a cheap set of scriptures because the more and more I taught with investigators I realized my scribbles on the side confused them.. So I just bought a soft back set. I would like those earasable highlighters. Also, I think I left my face wash there. Um.. I don't know.. I wrote it all down but back in my room. Maybe I'll tell you tomorrow. I do need another pair of jeans. We aren't supposed to wear super skinny jeans while on the mission..
But I'll talk to you guys tomorrow:0
Love you!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Life and Times of a Professional Missionary Kickboxer

Hey mom and everyone else!
Thanks for the letters! I've sent you a couple but need to wait to send more because I can't buy more stamps until tomorrow night but I've sent you 2 or three and have a few here that I've written that I can send. It's been crazy but done a little bit of writing every night so yeah.. :)
Today is P-Day for us actually and in the field is on Mondays. First thing is first.. I get to call you A week from today! We fly out of SLC to Portland then on to Boise. I think I will call you from the Portland airport which we get there around 9:22 am there so 10 something our time I believe... You figure it out haha but Yeah.. can't wait. I won't have much time so make sure everyone is there please! I will most likely have under an hour to talk to everyone. Can you make sure dad is there, too?
Anyways, on to your questions. Most of them are in the letters I've written but I'll tell you here to. My companion is one of the girls I did meet with:) Sister (Tessa) Haas and let me just tell you it was hard adjusting to calling everyone sister for a couple days but getting easier now. Oh just so you know.. I am now a PROFESSIONAL MISSIONARY KICKBOXER!!!!! haha It's legit I know;) they have classes here every morning at 6 and on Friday's it's kickboxing! that was our first and last time waking up early.. Mostly because we don't eat until 8:45 so we're up 3 hours before we eat.. food isn't that great here either.. like it's good but not as good as it is at home. And you have to be careful because there is soooo much that you can eat.. and you do.. Thank goodness I have Sister Haas and Sister Dodds (another sister in our mission with us) because those two are sooo health oriented its crazy! Like, our family is healthy and active but these two are just crazy! Freakin beasts.. I can't keep up with them even! (although that's not saying much..) any ways there were 12 in our district when we first arrived but we had one elder leave because of some health issues not worthiness but we pray for him every night as a district. He should come back soon.
Umm.. I'm trying to think what else you all might want to know. Oh.. This might be my last e-mail for about two weeks. I hope not but P-day in the the field is Mon and here is on Tues but we leave Tues morning so missing both but hoping they will give it to us Monday night to let you guys know whats up:) But can't wait co call you all! Which reminds me I need go pick up a calling card.. and there might be a drop on my card credit because I guess we have to pay for baggage but I don't know what is going on with that.. Don't get worried though with that. We get reimbursed.
So I guess I'll start at the beginning of my adventure here. I have about 15 minutes left until I have to go check my laundry.. Oh the joys of living away from home! JK I have to do laundry there to!
But we arrived and my Host took me to 1M (main building. don't ask me what the 'm' means. All the buildings are #M) and she took all of my bags, not sure how since she was so tiny and my bags are heavy, and I walked in alone down a really long hallway (My host is going to the same place as Chelsea Gubeli). About halfway down the hallway was a room that you walk into, give them your name and they gave me a small yellow envelope. I then waited in a line for a teach to be open where they can help you and show how to put on your tag and ask the basics of "have you been endowed," "have you been set apart" and many other questions that get asked a lot during a MTC stay. then heading to talk to another teacher who directs you to another line to get your agenda for the first day and a map. Following the line I walked an orientation room and it went from there.
I would write more but Want to tell you about my district a bit. So my companion is Sister Haas. With sisters we also have Sister Thomas and Sister Dodds (I'm friends with her on FB) and Sister Bailey (met her for lunch) and Sister Aamodt. Elders are Elder Thompsen, Elder Neilsen and Elder Shreeve and then Elder Boswell and Elder Usevitch. Usevitch reminds me of Ty. Reeeeaaaly tall and skinny, eats a lot but doesn't show it, plays basketball and just reminds me of him. He's also from El Paso so thought that was pretty neat. (Ahh 2 min!) Um.. um.. um.. Oh! we have the best district because we all sing.. like ALL the time. One time our teacher didn't show up for one of the orientations so we just sat and sang:) One of the teachers walked by and was very impressed since, according to her, most just leave. but yeah.. best district ever!
I might send you another e-mail in a bit but I am such a slow typer. this has been half an hour and now laundry!
Talk to you guys in a week!
Love you!
Sister Hatch:)