Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hello from Sunny--I mean Stormy Suburbia!

It's Crazy, Crazy, Crazy! but in a good way:) - except for the rain today..
Just finishing out the week so it's been fun. My companion, Sister Dicky, and I are opening up a new area so it's been a fun ride:) I guess not technically opening an area but before us, was an Elder's area so we're not familiar with the area in any way.

We are covering 5 wards with between 150-300 members each so it's a pretty member dense area in 2 square miles. Everyone is a member, was a member or their parent/spouse was a member so basically they all have a pretty good knowledge of the church. The elders before us, Elder Mayer (only been out three months now) and Elder H....I don't know how to spell his name, worked mostly with the members. Teaching them the lessons and such so I feel that is was we will be doing a lot, as well. We also are going to try and recontact some part member families (PMF) that we think might respond better to sisters than elders (no offense to those elders out there but- we can get into some doors you can't).
Our district is the Paramount Ward with us and then Elder Welch and Elder Mayer. Mayer was the one who covered our area before us (we live in the same room as the elders when they live in our area.. it smells like boy in our room. Not stinky boy smell but more like-- Axe i guess you could say.. or knowing Elder Mayer it's some expensive version of it). Then we have 3 districts in our zone. Oh! I get to see Elder Usevitch in our district meetings since he is companions with our zone leader. It's nice to see a familiar face now and then.
Getting to know everyone that we can is hard enough but then we also have to know the name of the streets. I miss the grid system of Utah.. But the area is gorgeous here! We drove down one street (I believe it was Cagney) and we were looking around for a camera! Seriously! Perfectly manicured lawns, trees lining the streets, people walking their dogs and the sun setting very colorfully behind it. All I can say is if I were ever to live in a subdivision (which I probably won't) this would be the place. Perfect Suburbia. (We figured there was a reason that this area is named Paramount)
We hope to really have it pick up with the members and investigators in the area. It has been a long couple of days. When I think about it, it doesn't feel that long but my companion and I both fell a sleep during our studies this morning.. and slept for close to an hour. We're exhausted and it's only the first week. We figured that it is probably because of the fact we are trying to get everything down now since we are both new in the area. 8 hours of sleep is totally not enough time to sleep when you work each day as hard as we do. Our third day out here was really discouraging but It's starting to pick up a bit. We do have one new investigator that really reminds me of Jaime Hansen so I thought that was really fun. Also, we're trying to do a switch up on an Eternalgator family (Eternal Investigator). They have been reading the BofM a lot with the Elders but don't want to take that last step. We're hoping to get them to it. We met with a PMF for a few minutes but hoping to get back to them this week. Those are really the only families we've been meeting with. Mostly members here so it's still really good.
P-day was today and it was.. Interesting.. I saw Sister Haas for the first time in a week so that got me excited! And.. as you all know very well.. I SUCK at sports. Like.. yeah we'll not go into how bad I am.. We played ultimate Frisbee today and I basically just walked up and down the field. I didn't really get the Frisbee that much until Elder Jones and  Sister Edstrom took pity on me and told everyone to throw it to me.. It was pretty sad.. they meant well but yeah.. don't need to point out how bad I am! haha So I went and sat by Sister Allen after I made the "play of the game". A.K.A. when they all made a perfectly straight path for the Frisbee to come to me then off to some one else.. it's soooo pathetic I know.. but volleyball next week so hopefully it will be better.. probably not.. but at least I know how to play the game this time haha but I'm still pretty bad.. Funny story, I was talking to Elder.. Tinkle I think his name is.. anyways He asked my name and I said " Sister Hatch.." Everyone laughed haha... Well.. it's a missionary thing if you all aren't laughing right now.. It's hard to switch. That is actually the first time I have said, or almost said, my name from my past life. Crazy.. Oh, I learned Sister Dickey's name is Chelsy so were were like, ya know, meant to be together:)
Anyways, write you all again next week!

Love, Sister Hatch:)

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