Thursday, September 26, 2013

The "J" and "H" Adventure Continues. . . .

This week has been an exciting one to say the least.
Right now, our district is in a competition called "THE MASTER FINDER!!!!!!!" (Yes, with 7 exclamation points t0o haha) I think that we should be getting extra points because both my companion and I have been sick for a couple days so haven't been able to work that much. We did get 570 pts the very first day out so we were hoping to beat Elder Tingle (our diligent yet insane district leader who has won every transfer for the past year..) and his companion.
The rest of the past week has been interesting to say the least. We were going to set to baptism dates two weeks ago but those appointments both fell through. Then last week we decided that we were going to turn one of them over to the Nampa Mission because that is where she is living right now. Her plan was she was going to move here after her baptism but that is most likely not going to happen so yeah.. Those Nampa Missionaries get a PURE GOLD investigator. Lucky them. We will still try and see if we can go to her baptism buuuuuut since that's in another mission.. I really doubt it. Even though her stake center is two miles from where I'm living at the moment. The other one we did set a date with for the 7th which was awesome! We told her parents that she NEEDS to be to church on Sunday (she's 9 and parents are coming back to church) but things got understandably crazy for them so they couldn't make it. We decided to push her date back a few weeks to let her parents know that she needs to be to church every week.
I don't know if many of  you remember my first letter home but my first week at the MTC I became a Professional Missionary Kickboxer! It was so legit! Last Monday you will never guess what else I am now professional at.. RUGBY! Totally haha one of my new favorite sports. I will tell you that it was touch not tackle. We missionaries aren't THAT apostate.. JK but it was a blast. Not sure if I will play when I get home but we'll see. It is a whole lot simpler than I thought. A member in our ward, her granddaughter came up this past week and she said she could hook me up;) so we'll see. I think I'm too much of a wimp, though haha
Other than that, nothing really new or surprising.. Except it's pouring right now! Super excited! I hasn't really rained here since I came out:) My companion is really excited because she's from Arizona and they really don't get this kind of weather.
Oh dangit.. I was going to share what I learned at our amazing Leadership conference but I'll do that next week. Exciting things are happening in the Idaho Boise Mission:) and times up for this Sister. Love you all!
-Sister Hatch:)

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