Monday, November 18, 2013

The Master Finder !!!!!!!!! and Transfers Week!

So.. We totally destroyed the Elders. Simply put. Totally and completely.
Great Week.
You may now refer Sister Hatch and Sister Johnson as the Master Finders:) If you don't remember (and I didn't really explain the game very well last week) The Master Finder is a game of skill and spirituality.. and just to prove you have what it takes. You receive points from finding investigators, giving out materials (i.e. BofM, pamphlet, etc.) and doing some interesting contacts (like contacting an dwarf or a black person.. remember it's Elder Tingle who set this up) and at the end of the two weeks we had a total of 4310. The only other score that we know of is Elder Birk and Scot's which was 2325 and they were probably the next closest. Elder Tingle wouldn't tell us anyone but he did say we 'crushed' everyone.
Why did we get such a high score? Because of one reason alone.. We found 8 new investigators!! Crazy, right? In 1 1/2 weeks. Seriously. We knew that we probably weren't going to win because up until Thursday we only found 1 and hadn't contacted any dwarfs like we were supposed to apparently. Really low on points scale but we were still talking like we were going to beat everyone when we were at zone meeting because what else would you do if one of the Elders walks up to you and asks how the finding is going? "Oh, not very well. People aren't very willing..blah.." No! You tell them that you are TOTALLY going to win! Even if you were still at.. 725 points the second to last day of the competition..
After zone meeting is where the fun began.
It started to blow and pour so much but luckily we were inside (talking to some potentials) and didn't get wet the first storm. After it stopped we got out in our car and were going contacting because we didn't have any appointments with anyone. We went over to a family of LAs (less active) that we have been trying to see for a while but once again they weren't home. When we started to walk back to our car we noticed a recycle bin had been tipped over from the storm (because people are awesome here and have a garbage AND a recycle bin) and thinking we could help some people out a bit we decided to pick up the cardboard that had flown everywhere in the storm. We looked further down the street and saw several others tipped over and, both thinking this would be an awesome opportunity to contact people if they saw us picking up the tipped over bins, we ran down the street to continue the good work. No one was out so disappointment.. Then it started to rain a little bit. We jumped back into our car and headed to another persons house that we have been trying to contact. A couple blocks down we saw a few more tipped over and we thought again it would be a great opportunity to meet people. After picking up a few more bins it really started to rain but no one was out still and we jumped back in our car. A block down we saw a few more tipped over and we thought... last time.. we jumped out in the now pouring rain and picked up the items that had been thrown everywhere. While a truck did stop at a corner to watch us down the street, we still didn't get to talk to anyone (not that we thought any smart person would be out in the rain). We got back in our car, drenched, and headed to our dinner appointment.
 Why was this important you ask? Because later that night we found SEVEN new investigators!!! and that's how we won. By being crazing enough to get out in the rain and pick up cardboard and plastic. At least that's what Sis J and I keep telling ourselves.But it was fun. Flooded streets are scary to drive on but still a fun adventure.
Speaking of driving, those of you who really know me might not believe this but, in the three months I have been out I have become a master of city driving! Totally. Boise may not be a very big city but it is the land of the crazy roads. Seriously. I missed an exit today to got to the Mission office but I drove under this one bridge and there was the other side of the exit. The roads so do not make sense here.
Anyways, transfers were this week and it was another messy one. We are now getting 36 added on to the 100 missionaries we have now (35 of them have only been out 6 weeks) so it's growing super fast out here. Last transfer we had a new set of missionaries in our stake and 3 of the 6 missionaries were brand new. This transfer we are not getting a new set of missionaries (although next transfer we will be getting 2 new sets of Elders here) but a lot of the missionaries are getting switched up.  Elder Meyer is moving to another Meridian area and Elder Hook will be staying with Elder Merrill as his new comp and District Leader. Elder Tingle is leaving to be a Zone Leader in Boise for his last transfer and Elder Williams is training a new Missionary.
On a more important note (jk),Sister Johnson and I are staying together! We are so stoked! Now the sad news... We are loosing our car :'( Sad, I know.. We are the only Sisters in the whole mission who will be on bikes.. buuuuuuuuut it's only for 2 or 3 weeks until Salt Lake sends cars up here so we are going to get an even newer car! (Sister Dickey and I are the only people to ever drive this car) Totally worth it to bike. It is finally cooling down -if you can't tell from the rain storm- and I'm excited to bike and for the new car! Even though I will most likely be leaving this transfer, I still get to drive for a while:)
Anyways, Sorry for the novel. Just had a little/a lot of extra time to write today so hope all it well and love to hear from you all!
-Sister Hatch

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