Friday, July 5, 2013

It's True..........

You may be asking yourselves "What's true?" and I mean the gospel, of course haha!
But there is another thing that I've discovered in my two weeks of living in Meridian and that is.. I live on Pinterest. What?! Let me explain.. no....It'll take to long.. Let me sum it up. If Pinterest was an actual place, like tangible and right in front of you, Meridian Idaho would be it. Seriously. I'll send pictures when I can but yeah.. amazing here. I realized this last Tuesday. Everything is perfect and no two houses are alike. It's insane. Lots of home projects, beautiful landscaping and there is this one family (The Impomeni's) that cook amazing Italian food like I did back at college. I was just experimenting but they are just Pros at it! So yeah.. I still live on Pinterest even when I'm out in the Mission field.
Oh! I learned last Monday (after I sent my e-mail) that something crazy is happening in 4 weeks.. So today, our missions officially split. We knew as soon as we received our first assignments what mission we would be in but today is the official day. Now in our mission we have 12 sisters but one is leaving at the end of this transfer so in reality we have 11. I learned on Monday that our next transfer we will be getting 12 NEW SISTERS! Do you know what that means?!?!?! I'm going to be a trainer in 4 weeks!!! Ah! It's crazy.. But I'm excited:) (maybe not so much for the new sister.. haha you all might want to pray for her that she doesn't go crazy because of her new trainer). When we were in the MTC we had the thought that we might be trained by someone who had only been out for 6 weeks but I don't think any of us thought much about being the actual trainers after our first 6 weeks. Insane. The amazing part about this whole ordeal is that in the next 3-6 months our total number of missionaries will TRIPLE! I'm sooo excited:) at the moment, we have 72 missionaries covering our mission (Boise, Meridian, Star, Eagle and soon in Idaho City). We will have over 200 missionaries in 6 months. The work is moving forward fast! We are all so excited here for that:) I'm not sure if I will still be in my area or if they will have me open an area (yikes!) because of the sheer number of missionaries coming out. They will most likely split our area and.. sadly.. we most likely will lose our car :'( we have the smallest area in the mission so pffft. There goes our car.. Oh well haha to a better cause I guess:)
Work is still going out here. We're mostly teaching member families the discussions.  We teach to investigators and everyone we meet. I really didn't notice until now that it was so much easier to share the gospel before my mission. I had a lot of friends who I could have and didn't. I guess I was afraid they might have been offended by it but I really wish I would have because they wouldn't have been. On a side note, there is this amazing book everyone should read. It's called "The Everyday Missionary" or something like that. All the wards bought a few copies up here and it's going around to everyone. It is really good I hear so start reading! Members are really the key in missionary work now. Everything you saw at the broad cast last week goes with what I and every missionary will now learn. If you haven't watched the broadcast, it is on and it's amazing.
I'm not quite sure what else to share. I can't believe it's already been a week again! Well, then I think about how tired I am and then I believe it's been a week.. I love it out here though:) Not a fan of the 110+ degree weather but it works (beat that heat Utah!). It's been really humid out here for some reason, too. I believe it's because someone is always watering their lawns.. Sister Dickey thinks otherwise.. Speaking of Sister Dickey.. We are awesome today, and everyday, and we match:) We are that cool haha!
I hope everyone is doing GREAT and love you all!!!

Sister Hatch:)

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