Monday, November 18, 2013

Miracles are REAL!!

So... adventures last week. Starting with my companion waking me up at 12:30 to make an E.R. trip. That was just the start of our exciting week but I'm not going to go into that. 
Something else exciting, on Sunday I had the chance to speak to all of the Stake Presidents in the Idaho Boise Mission. Not intimidating at all. It was actually super fun. I got to meet back up with Sister Johnson and we shared about a family in the Paramount Stake that we had grown close with and their daughter was my first actual baptism. 
We had Zone Conference yesterday and it was Amazing. Our purpose was a big focus. I love meetings like this.  One of the Stake Presidents that was there at the meeting on Sunday spoke to us. He said that most likely our reaction when we all opened our call and read the words "Idaho Boise Mission"... yeah.. most of us were not pleased. Now, we realized (most of us at least) how much of a blessing this is to us. We have the chance to teach more than most in our mission and see results from our labors. We are serving in an area where the church is fully establish and the work is hastening. He went on to list several other things that just were amazing and I had never thought about things.
                                    Not to brag but... The IDAHO BOISE MISSION is the the best mission in the world
Also, a straight-up miracle happened last night. We have an investigator who is 14 (1/2) and has been taught for over a year. She is absolutely golden! Her mother won't allow her to be baptized until she is 16 (it was 18 but they lowered the age). Sister Bozant and I have been trying to get into see her mother and have had a few door stop visits but nothing really productive there. Last night we finally got in! Over the course of an hour or so we talked and calmed some of her worries and she actually agreed to let us teach her what her daughter has learned. Her mom says she is firm in her catholic faith but wants to know what she can do to help her struggling daughter and has realized it might just be by understanding her faith. It was amazing. We have an appointment with her for next week and we might have her daughter come teach with us to know how she really feels about this major choice in her life. Last night was just amazing.
Hope all is well and sorry for the abrupt end but I'll write you next week!

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