Monday, November 18, 2013


Plain and simple, that's what has been happening in Meridian. Miracles.

I have been in the same area my whole mission (with the exception of loosing/gaining different wards with additional missionaries in the stake) and some thing amazing happened. One of our wards, where we really have taught only members or "eternal" investigators, we found THREE new investigators this week! Crazy, right?

After the last session of conference, Sister Johnson and I we're thinking of ways to get the wards more enthused about the Lords work and really couldn't think of anything besides what we were already doing (Sad, I know.). We decided to finish handing out invitations to the before mentioned ward's harvest festival to some of the really active members. Our WML's goal was to have them invite one family who was either LA or not members to the party and spread the word that way. On our sixth house, the father came out and said, "Why don't I just take you over to my neighbors right now? I'm pretty sure she would be interested in this ." And so we went over because we weren't about to pass down a chance to meet a non member family. When he asked her to come he also invited her to take the missionary lessons! Guess what she said.. YES!! Sister Johnson and I just gaped at each other. We had no clue he was going to invite her but he did. Talk about taking the lead!!! So that's just one of the many miracles that's happened in the Paramount Stake. It truly is one. We haven't had a new investigator in the ward since before I was here so close or over 6 months! And we have 3!
One of the highlights of my week, though, (besides conference. nothing beats that) was when I met the Doctor. Seriously! We went on an adventure and you never knew I left because he's a time traveler! Jk.. I wish. But the T.A.R.D.I.S. was parked outside someones house:)
General Conference was pretty amazing this year. Partly because it fell on my 4 month mark:) Hopefully everyone had the chance to hear at least part of it. For me, the main message that I received was that God really needs everyone's help in sharing the message of the Gospel with those that don't have it. The apostles promised us blessing and miracles would occur based on our effort to keep the covenants that we have made with God. They promised that there will be nothing to stop the blessings of heaven if we will simply and completely act in faith.
I'm working on my faith even more. We can always do better. As missionaries strive to find those searching the gospel, their are some really hard times but keep that faith. Investigators are coming but still none progressing as much as we would like. We have 9 kids who are really excited to be baptized but one of their parents won't allow it or isn't willing to commit to what they have to do. We are still working with them but it's hard to see their smiling faces and their excitement when we teach them about the gospel and know they won't have the chance for several years to really feel of the blessings that the Gospel can offer them. We pray that their parents hearts will be soften and will know that they will get the chance when the time is right. We have two weeks left in the transfer and I will most likely be moved since I will have been in this area for 4 1/2 months. Never know, though. 

Thanks to everyone and hope you all have a good week:)

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