Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Englishman, The Dane, and The Cricket

Sounds like a start of a bad joke, right?
That's what we said.  This past week we received, 41 new missionaries into the Idaho Boise Mission and one of them was paired up with our Co-Zone Leaders. This transfer our Zone Leaders are Elder Birk and Poplin with Elder Hughes as their third companion who just came out. Funny thing is Elder Poplin can make that annoying cricket noise, Elder Birk is from Denmark and Elder Hughes is from London. So we have the Englishman, The Dane and The Cricket, literally. It's going to be an interesting transfer to say the least.. We now have missionaries from Australia, Puerto Rico, Zimbabwe, UK and several different countries. I wonder what their reaction was when they heard they were going to Boise.. Hmmm..
 The bikes are going great! -ish. It's not all as bad as I first thought. The only bad thing was we set up all of our appointments last week when we still had our car so we've been biking hard between them. And skirts. Bikes were not made to be rode with skirts on..
We finally got an investigator to church! I cannot tell you how happy it made us! They have to come to church 2 consecutive times before their baptism so one down and hopefully next week as well as we head for the 28th. We are finally building up our teaching pool and have some good strong leads that we hope will turn into strong investigators. Several have been so prepared to receive the gospel, they have no idea. I wish I could tell you everything about every person we are teaching.. It's so amazing. There are still some hard days but still loving it.
Sorry for the shortness but the library is really cramping down on times so gotta go but stay awesome!
-Sister Hatch:)

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  1. Just wanted you to know how much we love Sister Hatch here in the Boise Mission. I was lucky to get to go on splits with her every Wednesday night before she was recently transferred out of our ward. She is wonderful! She carries such a sweet spirit and incredible courage. She will continue to be a great missionary in the area! Looking forward to reading her updates here :)