Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's the Best of Times...It's the Worst of Times (But mostly the worst)

So.. It's been a crappy week..
Simply put. I'm not going to hide or deny it. 

On Monday, I started to drive.. In the city.. which I have never done.. and it was.. Interesting. Monday was also probably one of the hardest days of my mission so far. I just did not want to do anything. We went to P-Day sport and I thought that it would make me happier. and it did! We played volleyball for a bit but then my (bossy) companion wanted to play dodge ball so we started a game of slaughter ball and none of the Elders would hit me! Not that that is a bad thing usually but the only time I got out was when I was standing by Elder John who had the ball. He started to throw it at me but then stopped. I just told him to hit me! Oh I was so mad.. I understand to a point where you can't really play as rough with sisters but you still got to play with them.. This happens every week by the way but I was having a hard day and yeah.. I was done. Then I snapped at one of the A.P.s.. Okay, not really snapped but I wasn't happy. I was sitting in the overflow area and he told me to come play (as A.P. Elder Jones always does with people on the out skirts of games) and I told him I didn't feel like it. He kept telling me to come play and I simply (and a little more curtly) said I didn't want to because I didn't want to be patronized while playing sports. Defeats the purpose of the whole game! Anyways.. yeah.. I felt horrible after that but he said that the next week he would smoke me  at dodge ball when we played again... we made zucchini bread after that, though:) I was still really down but we went over to the Flannary's  and yeah. We made zucchini bread. Super good. Then we went back out to work that night again. Our day off isn't really our day off.. and then.. Tuesday came.

A story first. When I was in the MTC, I started having this really bad chest pain and had several test done but they gave this huge long explanation that basically sums up to be that I have it because I'm stressed. So now, if I get even a little stressed, it feels like a heart attack almost and just sucks. 

Now on to Tuesday. I woke up and I could sort of feel it but wasn't to bad so I just went on through my day.. Around 10 I was just curled up on my couch and didn't want to do anything just  because it hurt so bad. Luckily, and thanks to some help from upstairs, the A.P.s came over to get an Elder's bike. My amazing companion asked them to give me a blessing. She didn't tell them what was up but it was one of the most spiritually moments of my life. Elder Denton (who was going home at the end of the week so he's in Arizona now) gave me the blessing and.. he knew.. It was amazing. I don't know why I need to always be reminded of the power of the priesthood (I also had a blessing in the MTC) but I guess I do. And I am so grateful that I am surrounded by so many spiritual young men who hold this gift and I love it! And I love the sister, too:)

Wednesday was a little better but not much. I could still get out to work which was the most important thing.

The rest of my week was pretty normal. Until Saturday.

Saturday was a fun day because of *drum roll* TRANSFER CALLS!

Totally crazy this transfer!!! We are getting 35 new missionaries and 12 of them are sisters. For me, I am loosing 3 of my current 5 wards to Elder Tingle and his new Missionary and then picking up a ward from Elder Mayer who covered 4 wards in the stake. We now have 3 sets of missionaries in the Paramount stake instead of 2 so exciting times! And I would be happy to stay in this Stake for a while:) The stake presidency are amazing and really have a heart for Missionary work. The goal for next year is 120 baptisms! Insane! I am so excite though:) They will have 10 wards next year in this stake so one baptism every month in each war. wont be too bad:) I'm so Excited!
So a quick addition to my list before I have to go:
11. A no-carb diet never works (unless your Elder Jones who gets skinnier and skinnier every day!)
12. When you walk everyday, you really do get holes in your shoes (need to buy a new pair today)
13. When you walk everyday you also get funky tan lines..
Anyways, I'll send more to add on the list later.
In the mean time, check out Mormon.Org. It is super neat to watch the lives of others. I love this one:mormon.org/lindsey
Love you all!
Sister Hatch

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