Friday, July 19, 2013

1 Month Down and I still LOVE my Job!

I really cannot believe I've been out 1 month! It really is crazy! Then I look back and sometimes the only reason I can't believe that is because it feels longer! It's not bad though:) Really loving it out here- Except for that one day were it was close to 120 degrees outside and we were smart and decided to walk.. yeah.. not our best idea..
Well, I have basically 3 weeks of being a 'greenie' and until I find out where I will be next transfer and I cannot wait! We are thinking that our stake will be split. At the moment, our stake is split in half missionary wise. Sister Dickey and I are in Paramount 1 and Elder Welch and Elder Meyer are in Paramount 2 (just the names of the areas. We have 5 wards and the Elders have 4 or 5- not sure). Elder Welch is leaving at the end of this transfer meaning there will be three of us left who know of the area and they have been searching for another place to house the missionaries so... we hope that it will just be us three here hopefully haha we will each just have a new trainee:) 
I don't know how the missionary work is going in Utah but here it's going like crazy in most of our wards. The McMillian Ward is definitely the most into it. It make our job a whole lot easier when we have ward members like they do. Sister Stevenson (wife of our WML) just found out that I was training next transfer (she served in..Virginia I believe..) and she said "I know how you feel.. I trained as well- second transfer out. Except she barely knew english, we were on bikes in the winter, driving through snow and -- We had to wear panty hose!" haha You just have to know her. She is so bubbly and funny but then she has those times when she tries to be serious and.. it doesn't work. Her children are going to be soooo solid one day! No joke. We sat in on their family night meeting and.. wow! Her oldest, Asia, is ten and the cutest little girl you have ever seen but she knew it. Everything. We read Alma 26 and she explained it and said thing I never realized about that chapter! Her younger boys (8, 5, 3) will be there soon, as well. But love Sister Stevenson. Going on exchanges with her on Tuesday to a couple of members houses.
I would just like to make it known now that I completely love my job:) I cannot even explain how great it's been so far! My favorite experience so far has been working with this one investigator. I really enjoy it when ever we go over because it really feels like a good home. She has two kids and they are as funny as can be! Last week when we went over we played the cup game (where you do a rhythm as the cup gets passed around. don't know how to really explain it but if you know the game you know what I'm talking about) with her youngest girl who is about 6. Funnest time ever. We are teaching their family tonight how to do a family home evening night so I'm super stoked for that. Everything just seems to be put in place for her. She does like to drink wine and that is possibly what might be the hardest thing for her but as she grows in her testimony like I know she can, I know she will know what is right.
My companion is trying to get me to start a video journal right now. It wouldn't be a huge step because I film different parts of our area on our way home so you might be getting few of those soon haha 
I just want to say thanks to everyone who sent me those "Green"ie packages.. Ha Ha Ha.. very funny.. but my district and mission liked all of the candy:) we made the green cookies for last p-day and everything else just got passed around during volleyball. Thank you all again and I hope life is great and yeah.. Love ya!
-Sister Hatch:)

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