Monday, November 18, 2013

Shotgun Training!

Gotta say that training is difficult. Opening an area (shotgunning) is hard. Both at the same time when your 4 months out... I'm just happy I'm getting out of bed every day haha
So Sister Bozant is my new comp.  Super exciting for her. We do have our struggles but it's all good haha The work is going incredibly great for being in this area for less than a week. We set a baptism date last night! I just love to see people being introduced to the gospel and running with it! Pure joy as you see the spirit touch them and really help them recognize the truth of things. As our lesson went last night, you could see the spirit working with our investigator... Love it!
I'm going to back up a little bit. So, last week was transfers. Crazy busy! We are now living with a member family. The Miranda's are amazing. Bro. Miranda is in the Bishopric and is hillarious. He is from Guatamala and has a little bit of a different type of humor but I love to see him laugh at his own jokes.
Oh, so I'm cursed, apparently. In the Paramount Stake, 5 of the 6 wards I served in got a new ward mission leader. Since I've been here (5 days or so) one has already been released! I should really warn them when I come in haha so now 6 of 8 I've served in have done that. Hmmm....
Well, my letters are going to be a lot smaller. The library I'm at now only allows 1 hour to be on instead of two like the Meridian Library. Kind of annoying. I'll send pictures next week and hope all is going amazing with everyone!
-Sister Hatch

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