Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Boise Roller Coaster Ride

I am starting to get the feel that a mission is just a roller coaster.. One bad week, then a good,  and then a meh week, and amazing week the next! Just saying..
So last week looked like it was going to be a pretty good week. Then came Tuesday. I was so excited because we were going to set two baptismal dates and everything and then I woke up and.. I was so sick. Not that much fun but we went to all of our appointments because I'm stubborn and I don't like to cancel but we got a call around 3 from our WML saying our 2 appointments had cancelled on us (the ones where we were going to set the dates) so.. Yeah I'll just spare the details but we just contacted the rest of the day. We rescheduled one of the appointments for Thursday but they cancelled again. We were totally alright with that because we just happened to find an new investigator that night! Super excited! 
Anyways, all you future missionaries, prepare for a roller coaster of a ride for 2 years:)
I just want to add that I really don't want to leave this stake anytime soon! We just had a stake conference and.. Wow! Totally revamping the way they do member missionary work! Love it! Every family is to make a Family Mission Plan and he just gave several ways to improve those missionary opportunities:) Our mission president also spoke and.. You can just feel the hastening going forward. At full speed!
I could go on for a while about the greatness of the work but I'll stop:) I'm sure I'll have more to add next week. I get to go to a leadership training this week for all of the Zone, District, Area (me) Leaders and such. I'm so excited. It's tomorrow and Wednesday so I'm going on exchanges with Sister Wightman who is also going. Super excited and pumped to see what new training they have in store for us.
Love you all and see ya next week!
-Sister Hatch

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