Monday, November 18, 2013

Finding Our Amulek!

So we just had an AMAZING Zone Conference with Elder Martino of the Seventy. Can I just say.. I don't know what to say! It  was just that great! But let me back up a little before I get on to the fun part:)
Bikes were not meant to be rode while wearing a skirt... I just want everyone to know. It is way to difficult and I don't know why we even tried some days. I have holes in several of my skirts and.. yeah.. just not the best time. Although, it was all totally worth it because, after only being on a bike for 7 days (7 to long if you ask me...) we receive the keys to a brand new car! Seriously! When they gave us the keys there wasn't even 5 miles on the thing. I loved it:) It still only has about 80 miles on it. Going to break the 100 since we have to go into Boise today to the Mission Office.
Anyways, back to Elder Martino. He read with us about Almulek before he was Alma's mission companion and basically shows us one way to interpret the story. Almulek was a Less Active Member of the Church and he just taught us beautifully how to help those who were once strong in the church come back to what they once knew. It was amazing. I wish that everyone heard what he shared with us.
Not much to mention about teaching this week. It's been probably one of the slower weeks of my mission but this week is looking to be the opposite which I'm super glad to be. Tonight, we have lessons booked from 6-9. Tomorrow has a few empty spaces but hoping to fill those later tonight.Wednesday is the same. Thursday through Sunday is completely filled with meetings and appointments with mostly member families so we are looking forward to that:) All of our investigators seem to like to take vacations all at the same time so we are refocusing this week to the members of our wards. Next transfer, each ward with only be sharing with one other ward so the members really need to step it up. One of our wards, the transition will be easy but in the other two... After the baptism this Friday, they have not really any strong potentials.. 
Oh yeah! Baptism coming up! Woot! We are so excited.. hehe Details next week on how it went.
The weather is finally starting to cool down. I warned Sister Johnson that there will be no warning at all. It will just be cold. That is what happened haha I'm so nice.. We were on splits (When we still had our bikes) So after the correlation meeting we went outside and Sister Johnson literally screamed! It was fall and you could tell. So we rode a mile and a half home and.. Love Sister Johnson. She was Freezing! I'm a wonderful companion to her haha
Anyways, Congrats Gunnison on your homecoming win! (Don't know who you played but great job!)
Hope all is well in Small Town, USA!
Love you all!
-Sister Hatch:)

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