Monday, July 22, 2013

Talking about Tithing and the Celestial Kingdom at the BAR!

THE KITCHEN BAR:) haha not what you're thinking.. oh great times at the Flannery's.. :)
              LAST WEEK!!!! (BEFORE TRANSFERS)
I get to meet my new trainee a week from tomorrow!! I won't know exactly who it is until a week from Wednesday but I meet them on Tuesday for a fun activity;)
It has now been confirmed that the Paramount Stake is getting a third set of missionaries. The four of us (Elder Meyer and Welch and My companion and I) think that they will give us three new missionaries since Elder Welch goes home on Saturday. The three of us will be the only ones who know the area still after the area split. Sounds pretty reasonable to us.. We won't know for sure until Saturday.
Life on the mission is pretty great:) lots of adventures for sure. We topped our last weeks lessons by 7, which is a HUGE increase and we are pretty excited about that:) Hoping to do it again this week, since it's our last and one of us won't be in half of this area after Monday. We're going for it!
I've realized one of the hardest things for me will be saying goodbye to some of the members here. There are so many that are completely awesome! I was sitting at dinner with the Mathews- eating Swedish Pancakes:)- and I realized that I would so miss them when I leave. Same with several other families that I've met and come to really love! I can't believe I've been in Meridian for almost 6 weeks already! I would be perfectly fine serving my whole mission here:) It's constantly changing to. In our area, which is half the stake, we get about 2 or 3 new families each week! Most of them are members which is great!
Another thing I've been doing out here is making a list. A list of what? Things I've discovered while I've been on a mission. Here we go. (No judging me)

1.Eighteen months with out guys is EXTREMELY difficult! Especially when you are surrounded by some of the most spiritual, not to mention good -looking, young men that are on the face of the earth. (I know this is so apostate of me..)
2. Naps are impossible on a mission:)
3. A companionship IS like a marriage.. only worse haha. In a marriage, if you both are struggling with each other, you can go for a drive or something. Can't do that on a mission. BIG no-no..
4. You can only get that  warm right-out-of-the-dryer feeling once a week:\
5. I used to want a cat or dog for a pet... I don't anymore.
6. Missing my kitchen where I can cook fancy meals.
7. Working out right after you wake up is super hard for me.. Need a couple minutes before I can function..
8. Walking in 100+ degree weather for multiple hours is not fun BUT. . . is more successful than if you drive. (We get a referrals, meet non members, as well as several other great experience every time we walk)
9. I love Swedish Pancakes:)
10. The mission really does go by fast - and I'm not even at the point where it starts to fly by! Almost 2 months already!!!
So that is the start of my list:) More will be added every week! Hope life is going great out in the real world and I will write next week!

-Sister Hatch

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  1. Sounds like you are doing well, Kelc! I love reading your blog updates! I will have to have the girls sit down and write you some letters this week, so we can send you some love from AZ!