Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tablerock Hike (April 28)

Hey my peeps!
Hope everything is going well. This past week in Boise South has been nothing but hectic. Truly.
We're on at least two exchanges a week with other sister's in our Zone and the Boise North Zone. It's great because we're starting to get to know the other missionaries areas and what their struggles are pretty well and we're helping them out with that. The only down side of focusing on the other Sisters as much as we are is that we can't quite find the balance in our ward. Sister Metcalf has only been in the area a transfer longer than me so we are both fairly new to the area. This area is totally different from the wards that we've both worked is so we're reassessing out battle plans, I guess you could say.
So I'm a slacker and I forgot my camera at the apartment but we hiked the craziest mountain I've seen in my life! Missionaries hike to Tablerock as a tradition and it is insane to say the least. BUT when you get to the top, you can get the sweetest pictures in the world. Which is why I'm super sad I forgot my camera. Next week and I'll share some stories about that:)

Anyways, hope you all have a great last month of school!

-Sister Hatch
(i love my job)

Happy Easter (April 21)

HAPPY EASTER! (Yesterday)

Hopefully everything went great out in the real world. My first/last Easter in the field was great to say the least. It was hard getting 
into homes because people were either eating dinner, with family or go to who knows were. The evening was better, though. We 
dyed eggs with the sisters we live with and it was an adventure I will say. We got the cheap PAAS dye and it wouldn't color our 
eggs... super ganka! But oh well, there must be opposition in all things.. even in dying eggs! Working on it though. It's hard to reach 
perfection when only coloring one egg compared to the dozen I would do at home. We got creative I will say:)

This week has been great. We had a family come to church for the second time and it was a miracle for this area. They were coming 
regularly about two years back but not since. The Husband isn't a member and family is less active. They know so much about the 
gospel but something is stopping them. We're hoping since they have been coming since I've been here, this could be the turning 
point for them. Going to set a date hopefully tonight. He said he wants to be baptized but we haven't been able to set anything firm 
for the past 2 years. It's going to happen!

You know what is the worst. When a missionary gets on to e-mail home and nothing truly exciting comes to mind. I'm a slacker haha
I'll repent and work on it:)

Hope things are going fantastic for everyone!

-Sister Hatch

(i love my job)

Shoshone! 1/8 (April 14)

Week one of transfer 8... DONE! Can't believe it's been a week already! Time goes by so
 fast out here, it's crazy. Loving it! I'm now with Sister Metcalf and she is Amazing! The 
Shoshone ward is great, too. Members are fantastic (except for the fact they asked us to
 speak in church yesterday. Still not a fan of that)

The work is going out here. Maybe not as fast as we would like but it's going. As a District, 
we are doing a Stake BBQ with the members to try and get them to invite their friends. We
 just decided on this last night and we are super stoked for it. Some of the Elders are 
getting a little too excited. Pictures to come soon!

This week has just be so discombobulating! I think the only normal day was Tuesday. Other
 than that, everything has been thrown out the window. Thursday morning, we get a call from
 the Elders saying they needed some help with a service project. We ended up moving furniture 
at the coolest place on earth (besides the temple) for about 6 hours. This place was a vintage
 store that had everything from Danish wood carving to a 6 foot tall swatch clock. It was 
crazy. They even had one of the first snowmobiles, a Skee Horse is what  they're called. Built 
in the 70's and it still works! What?! Awesome.

I went on my first exchange as a Sister Training Leader with Sister Park. So sweet! She's from
 New Mexico and amazing. We arrive a little early at the Mission Office to exchange back so 
we took some pictures at the temple:) super fun!

Hope all is going fantastic! Sorry for the shortness but p-day awaits! Love ya!
-Sister Hatch

(i love my job)

Just an update on life in the fantastic IBM. (April 7)

Okay, Who didn't love conference the past couple days? No hands? Good. Because It was fantastic! Loved every minute of it! It was an insane weekend between conference and transfers but I think we survived.There was just so much! Loved every minute of it. Have to say I can truly relate to the story shared about the Sister's rejection but those are the times you have to look back and smile on. Bednar's talk was phenomenal, as well, about the load we carry. There are those things that bring us higher and then those trials that are meant to hurt us the most in life but it's great when you can turn it around to help  and bless the lives of others. I had the chance last week to share and testify of a huge trial I had before I came out and it was exactly what was needed to get this family back to church.. well not yet. It was conference weekend but hoping  they'll pull through. .

Conference. Gotta love it:)

Transfers were today and I'm finally leaving the Boise East Stake. I shouldn't say finally. It's really bitter sweet because I so want to move on but I know pretty much everyone in the two wards I covered. It's crazy! Going to miss it but excited for the new challenge! I'm still in the same Zone but switching Districts to the Boise South District serving with Sister Metcalf. She came out the transfer after me so we've wanted to serve together forever! And finally getting a partner for Sister Training Leader! Both stoked to work with the sisters we'll be over. Kind of nervous for so much so fast but the Lord always knows what he's doing so I'm trusting in that. I'm still in the same zone just switching districts. I'm actually going to the area I went on exchanges to this area last week and I was there on exchanges the past transfer to. When I go on exchanges I'm usually a little bolder than normal because I'm never going back to the area so when I was on exchanges I was really bold with some of their investigators... Now I get to work with them more so we'll see how it goes. Maybe that's just what they need! BE BOLD! haha we'll see how it goes.

And Sister Metcalf just updated me to the fact that we're speaking in Sacrament on Sunday AND teaching the Youth in the ward. Fantastic. I actually am super excited:)

Hope everything is going well and happy summer!
-Sister Hatch
(i love my job)

Eating Jam Never Lets Wise People Consume Raspberries Excitedly. (March 31)

Sooooo..... Transfers are coming up this week! We actually get transfer calls between the first and second sessions of General Conference! Crazy! And it's my 10 month mark, too. Just an exciting day! We'll probably find out transfers (at least who is staying) Saturday morning because we all are having breakfast at the Stake President's home. They tell the Stake Presidents a head of time. 

Funny story. I always try to get to know my companions families the best I can so I know who they are talking about. It's been hard because S. Dickey was 8th of 16, S. Johnson 6th of 6, S. Bozant 8th of 9 and S. Pratt is 10th of 10... Big families. I found a way to memorize S. Pratts Family: Eating (Emron) Jam (Jannette) Never (Nadine) Lets (Laruen) Wise (Weston) People (Parker) Consume (Christian) Raspberries (Robin) Excitedly (Sister Pratt). Crazy good, right?

This past week, we did the unthinkable... We surpased the Food Comma! Sister Pratt and I developed Food Cancer this week! How you might ask? One word... AZITA! She's this crazy sweet lady from Iran. We love her so much but every time we go over there she gives us a feast. This past week, she invited us over to teach her boyfriend who isn't a member and we thought it was really weird that she didn't mention anything about dinner plans. We were stoked! After a full course dinner by the Alsy's we went over to teach. We talked with Mir for about an hour then they both said "time for dinner!" Sister Pratt and I had these horrified looks on our faces. We never got the text she sent about dinner! (Dumb Sprint Network....) So, We went right home afterwards and went to bed. No joke. We can STILL feel it! 4 days after! It was bad....

Love you all!
- Sister Hatch

P.S.the left picture is a typical Boise Sunset.

Right Picture is with a sister I came out with. We had the chance to go on exchanges this past week which was super fun.

The Bottompicture is super neat! We had a Sisters conference this past week and I snagged this group of beautiful sisters:)
So, there's me in the middle then to the right is Sister Bozant (daughter) and Sister Cabrea (Granddaughter). On the Left is Sister Johnson (daughter), Sister Morris (granddaughter), Sister Delahaught (GREAT-granddaughter) and Sister Smith (Step-granddaughter). Pretty neat! I have another granddaughter serving in Australia, too! (she was a visa waiter)

(i love my job)

Another Week (March 17)

How's life??

So things are totally switching up here. In a good and a bad way. The people we have been working with are struggling more than they ever have before and the members are starting to really understand what Member Missionary Work is and means to them. 

We created a "Family Mission Plan" to give out and so far we've committed 18 families in the past week to start it. We've been seeing they all want to do missionary work but aren't quite sure how to do it. So it's just a basic out line/spreadsheet of what to invite them to or what to give them. Every family has been really excited for it. We're going to follow up with them the week before Conference to see how it's going and also to keep missionary work on their minds as the watch General Conference. We have a goal to commit 30 more families this week:)  Reaching High!

As a mission this month, we've committed to find 425 new investigators. It's odd because when ever we have a set finding goal everything in my area goes silent. Gets kind of annoying but we're working on it. Seriously hoping that the F.M.P. bring some people out. 

We've also been working with some Less Active members who have said that they would love to house missionaries.. but each of them have something in the way. Working on it and it will hopefully be a tipping point in their lives. It's super fun to see.

The work is not easy but totally worth it and loving every minute.

Talk to you guys soon!

-Sister Hatch

I love my job.

Crazy Stuff (March 10)

Things are crazy busy out here and this past weekend I feel like I was spiritually slapped. It was pretty great. 
We had Ward Conference and it was amazing. Our bishop talked about space (as he always does) and the miracles of God. 
So you better get used to funny stories because her comes another one. About a month back we received a media referral for a girl who wanted to be taught by sisters. Since we were the only sisters in the stake we got her. Totally golden! Long story short, we ended up turning her over to the Elders about 3 weeks ago and on Friday they told us she was getting baptized on Saturday. They didn't tell us until the day before! Punks.. But it was fantastic:)
It's raining out here... again... We were going to go hiking (and some still are) but it's too muddy to safely go up without being completely . We convinced our District Leader to go again next P-Day. Sister Pratt and I are going to the Old Boise Penitentiary instead with another group of Elders in our Zone. "Is for fun."
 Love you all and sorry again for short letters. I will repent one of these days:)
-Sister Hatch

I love my job.

"Stupid songs get solos in Primary" (March 3)

So don't have much time but I want to tell you a funny story that happened yesterday.We only had 2 of our investigators come to church yesterday and we were kind of upset about it. While we were waiting before church we saw a family we didn't recognize. We talked to them and they told us they just moved in. After sacrament, the mom asked us what classes there were. We told her the Gospel Doctrine class and then the Gospel Principles class that we usually went to. She asked if she could come with us and we told her "sure," but that we would leave early because we were teaching sharing time in primary. After church I went up and complimented her on her shoes (they were like a pair I had at home) and we talked about just different things. She then said, " So actually, this is the first time I've been to church in 15 years and I really would like my family to come back to church. My son (10) hasn't been baptized yet but took the lessons before. Do you think you could help us figure out what we need to do?"
Gotta love it:)
See you all on the flip side!
-Sister Hatch

P.S. So Sister Pratt and I may of or may not of played a prank on the Elders.. We possibly found a huge box and painted each of the 4 Elders on each of the sides. If we did that, we may of filled the box with crumpled up pieces of paper with rebuking scripture on them mixed with glitter and rice then cut out the bottom and put the box in their front room. If that happened, they thought the best way to get back at us would be to cut out the ties and wear them..
And now, we possibly are teamed up with those 4 Elders and 2 others to prank the Zone Leaders and we are also maybe teamed up with the Zone Leaders to prank those 4 Elders haha We're that good:)(The 4 Elders leave their apartment door unlocked.. What do you expect will happen??)