Monday, November 18, 2013

A New Chapter

So transfers were this weekend and you could probably guessed what happened. I'm finally getting transferred out of my Greenie Area.
I'm leaving the Paramount Stake for the Boise East Stake and the Oregon Trail and Columbia Village wards. The BE Stake is about half of our mission and my two wards are more than 6 times the size of the Pmt Stake. Crazy! Oh.. and I'm training a brand new sister missionary, too! They flew in yesterday morning (I'm getting to that). Going to be a whole new adventure. I'm not quite sure who exactly is in my District/Zone except Elder McKenzie (my District Leader) and his two companions, Elder Martin and Elder Ficiur. Hopefully we will have another set of sisters in the District, as well. I rather doubt it:(
They say the first transfer is the most bitter sweet. It's so true. I have loved to be in the Paramount Stake for the past 5 months (I've served in 6 of the 9 wards). The people out here are crazy. Just saying. But I love it all the same. Hopefully not all transfers are going to be as hard as this one but we'll see. Sister Johnson and I (yes we were still together for a few days) said goodbye to people for the past few days and taking some questionable pictures... as I've said, people are crazy out here:) in a good way. Okay, questionable with only one family and just because they are that A-MAZ-ING haha and they have a dog that can do a Joker impression that is pretty dead on. I'm going to have to send that picture next week. Everyone is amazing though. If I had enough time I would tell you all about ever one of them.
Anyways, I have to appologize for not sending this out on Monday! I'm horrible I know. But my new companion is... drum roll please....
She is sooo cool:) love her to death. She's from Las Vegas and just super awesome. I'll have to send a pic on Monday but super fun stuff:)
Hope all is well in small town, USA!
-Sister Hatch

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