Friday, July 19, 2013

What OFF Season!

Two weeks left of this transfer.. That's crazy! Not only until the end of the transfer but until I train! We have 9 English speaking sisters coming in and then 2 Spanish speakers. Guess what sisters we have right now. 11 English speaking! (Well, one learning English. I love Sister Chen) We will be getting at least 15 new companionships every transfer. That's a lot! We don't know if there is this much growth in every mission or just ours.We are lucky for sure.
I just saw a guy walk through the library with a shirt that said "What Off Season?" and it makes me think of my family who just drove through my area on their way to a basketball camp for my siblings.. Never an off season haha but while they drove through they also stopped at a families house in the area.
The Flanery's live in the McMillian ward in Meridan and I love them! So laid back and I'm hoping Bro Flanery didn't say anything inappropriate.. he's kind of known for that.. but Ava (their little 6 year old girl) loved them more than anything because my mom said I would share AAAALLLL  of my candy with her. She think she's so cute.. that's probably because she is!
Sigh.. This week has gone by so fast.. We've had some kind of meeting every day this week and I can't believe it's P-day already.
Not much to really report for this week except I finally feel like I may be ready to train this next transfer.. May.. Never know until I get my new trainee:)    (everyone may have to pray a little for that poor girl haha)
Well that's pretty much my life. Just working and being exhausted all the time but a good type of exhausted - if there is such a thing. Love you all!
-Sister Hatch:)

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