Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Still Surviving!!

Actually, just in a daze right now. We made our teaching record that we usually have with our usual 6 1/2 days in 4 so it was really great I think.
Anyways, I've survived my first week of training! So great! Sister Johnson is amazing and I can't believe how much so since she's only been out a week now. Hopefully I can keep up.. But it really has been a great week.
UPDATE about our mission:) The former Paramount 1 Area covered the Paramount, Crosby Park, McMillian, Baldwin Park and Coppercloud wards but Elder Tingle and his new missionary just had to come in and take Paramount, Crosby Park and Coppercloud from me.. actually it's okay. Those were our more productive wards but I'll get by. We also picked up the Tully Park Ward from Elder Mayer. So we now cover 3 wards but it is still the same size as when I covered the 5 wards. Tully Park is the last ward that is a full square mile still and also they have a 60% inactivity rate.. so have some work to be done there.. We're excited though:) Trying to build up member trust since the Elders before Elder Meyer and Welch kind of.. to put it lightly.. killed it. There was no member trust I guess when Meyer and Welch got assigned there and we are still feeling it now but we will get on that:) Super excited for a new ward and a new adventure!
The place where we are living now is pretty nice. We just have the whole top floor of the house to ourselves! Including my own Queen size bed:) haha the only thing I pulled rank on.. but it's great. We live with the Young's now who are almost too nice. going to be an interesting transfer.  

So about Sister Johnson. We are so alike it is not even funny. Seriously. Except she is a little more quiet compared to me. We make the same comments, jokes, think alike, LOVE the same kinds of food (which could be a huge problem) and just a bunch of other things. It's going to be a real fun couple of weeks. Hopefully we don't drive each other crazy. It's a strong possibility.
Nothing too crazy has happened this week except for traffic this morning.. we're not going to talk about that.. but I hate driving in the city.. especially when construction is being done.. worst 20 min of my life..
So yeah. That's my week. Training, trying to find my way around Meridian and such. Also, going to the temple this week with my district because they have a new film! Can't wait. A lady in one of my wards works at the temple with all of their tech and said it came out on Tuesday and we've heard a lot about it. Wednesday is a long ways away!
Hope all is well where everyone reading this is and I'll try to have a more interesting week coming up.. Oh! With my things that I've learned..
14. Running at 6AM for service is great. Just prepare to get soaked by all of the sprinklers.
15. The church keeps FANTASTIC records on everything and everyone!
16. Carrots are my new favorite snack:)

-Sister Hatch

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