Thursday, June 20, 2013

Still Alive!!!

So.. yeah:) I'm still alive! Sorry I couldn't pick up the phone if you did call the airport. I got put on the first direct flight thankfully! (I was able to sit by Sister Haas. Seriously, we think we were just meant to be together) I was going to try and call from the Boise Airport since we were going to wait for the second direct flight but the Mission President was there when we arrived so I didn't get the chance. But I'm here in Boise:)
When I first arrived, they threw all the bags in a trailer and since most of us weren't there, they took us out to Cafe Rio (usually they have pizza but.. not everyone was there). Then off to the Mission Office to find out who our temporary companion would be. I was paired up with Sister Tonuu (Ton-oo-oo haha) loved her! She was from Samoa and had been out for a year. We went out tracting as soon as we were paired up! Crazy! No break but they said they rarely went tracting it was just a fun experience. Then we had dinner and another meeting before packing an overnight bag to sleep at a member's home.
Next day, we arrived at eight for breakfast and to start training and around one we were paired up with our trainers! And my trainer is..... *drum roll*... Sister Dicky! Love her:) She is from Ohio Kirtland Area and I believe eighth in her family out of 15 kids.. yeah 15! Kinda fun haha but she is great:) went straight to work after. Not really, actually.. She was new to the area that we are serving in. Oh yeah, you don't know where I'm serving! Well... at the moment we are in the Paramount Stake in.... Meridian, Idaho! Still Idaho Boise Mission! Told you I would still be here;) It's great! But anyways, she is new to the area as well so we're both learning but it's only about 1X2miles so really small but 5 wards. We met with 2 Ward Mission Leaders (WML) yesterday and stopped by some members homes but really going to start working today after I'm done with this e-mail.
Oh another funny story. One of the A.P.s (Elder Jones) is from Richfield. He is from Dad's ward, actually. Elder Jones says he remembers me coming to the ward some years ago haha connections are really great:) but he played against Gunnison in Soccer before he graduated in 2010 and was friends with several of them.
But everything is going really great so far:) Overwelmed but Sister Dicky is great. Really lucky I got her and yeah.. Still in the Boise Mission even though that doesn't change for most until the first. Hopefully meeting our Mission Presidents either this weekend or next. The new president is actually related to our current mission president so it's kinda sorta really funny:)
Anyways, I'll e-mail you all again on Monday! Hope everything is still going good and stuff.. OH! One more thing. So you know when I was in Washington how we got to drive that brand new Camero that only had like 72 miles on it? That is like the car we are driving now. Not a Camero (Chevy Cruze) but still brand new:) It is really nice and I really like it haha but I'll write again on Monday!
Love, Sister Hatch:)

If you want to know where I'm serving, the streets within the area are Ustick, Meridian, Ten Mile and Cherry Lane I believe. It's the suburb area. One street in the middle of our area is Bell Tower. I love Meridian and if I wanted to live in the Suburbs (which I really don't), this would be the place. It's beautiful!
Love you!!

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