Monday, November 18, 2013

It's always a Good TIme!

It's always a good time!
In the Idaho Boise Mission!
This week has been a blast! Sister Johnson and I have just had fun for the past few days as we've had our VERY FIRST BAPTISM through a reactivation of a family, The General Relief Society Broadcast, 2 Primary Programs, and just a full slate the past few days. We love days that are just filled:) We feel so much more useful.
And today, once again, it rained! We are really enjoying the rain. Except today it is freezing so we've had to pull out our winter coats. Yeah. Our bulky-huge-warm winter coats haha and then we came to the library and everyone else has done the same. So we don't feel so much like pansies anymore. I may be from Utah but what most people don't realize is you never get used to the cold no matter what.
Oh! And as I said before, we had our FIRST BAPTISM like.. 2 days ago! It was amazing! It was through a reactivation of a family and we are hoping that they keep the fire that they have right now to continue doing the things that we've taught them. I totally forgot my camera today with pictures from our baptism but in the mean time (and for the next week) enjoy this picture of my amazing MTC district:D
Anyways, Hoping life is good for everyone and thanks for the letters:) Always love to read them and still see life is progressing on the outside haha love you all!

-Sister Hatch

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