Monday, August 19, 2013

One Day at a Time

First I want to say...
Super exciting times up here! The past month there has been a has been a HUGE debate. We've been fasting and praying that it would be approved and it was on Thursday at 6:54 (I think). The ground breaking should be happening soon.. So excited!
Anyways, this week was another hard week. I just have to start admitting to people that I have no clue what I'm doing and just go with it. Because that is the truth! I'm just thankful that Sister Johnson is understanding of that and we are learning together. We are still getting along and working really well together. Actually, we had an AMAZING lesson with a less active and... Ah! I love it! We finally figured out, after months of her being taught, why she doesn't want to move forward. The spirit was so dense in the room, it was crazy! She started to ask us questions about the Temple and why everything is so 'secret'. Sister Johnson and I tried to explain that it is 'sacred', not secret. That was getting no where. Then I was prompted to ask if she wanted to work towards the temple and it just.. ah! Opened up everything! I love all of the inspired questions! That has been my biggest weakness the whole time I've been out but I really feel like yesterday, everything clicked. Long-story-short.. We are going to meet again on Saturday and challenge her to start coming back to church.. and teach her more about eternal families. She started to tear up when we were answering her question about marriage in the temple so getting the feeling that it is the place to start.
I don't have much time, sadly, but I am so grateful that I know what I know. Saturday was probably the hardest day I've been out so far but Sunday totally made up for that. Out here is so great to learn, I have learned so much about the gospel. The thing that most of us are needing to learn now is how to teach those things that we know. We know so much but it's sharing those thoughts and feelings and truths that we know.
Anyways, just a thought.
Hope life is great for everyone and I'll write again next week!
Sister Hatch

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