Friday, July 18, 2014

Miracles! (July 14)

Soooooo.... Total miracle week! I've never had so many happen in one week! Let's see if I can recall them all..
Starting with Monday.
        Remember Charlie? The one who didn't come to church last week and pushed his date back to August sometime? That's him. Ever since he pushed his date back, we've been trying to get a specific date to work towards so we gave him the assignment last week to get in touch with his family and set a date for the Family Reunion/Baptism. We had a lesson with him Monday night and he was acting a little odd at first. Well, he's an odd ball but even more so. We got talking and we asked him how his assignment went for the past week. He said, "Sisters, I've got some bad news for ya. It's not going to be in August." I was super confused and my comp just froze. Charlie got up super quick, walked across the room to their calendar and pointed to a square. "The 26th," he said. "Of what month?" Sister Metcalf asked. Charlie paused. In his nonchalant way he said, "July." pause.. WWHHHHHAAAAAATTTTT!?!? This guy, who's been taught for over 4 years and been a potential for who knows how long, is getting baptized in 12 days? Yes! And he's counting down! (Talked to him yesterday and Charlie said he wasn't but he totally is).
    Not in my area but in the Boise North Stake, I was on exchanges with Sister Bawden and we put one of their newest investigators on date for next month! Amazing!
     Next lesson with Charlie (We're meeting with him more now that we have a date and it's closer than we thought but luckily he's taken them who knows how many times).  We went through the next set of lesson and he didn't make ONE inappropriate joke! If you know Charlie or have ever taught him, that's a miracle in and of itself. He also called us before the lesson and said he read ALL of the pamphlets! He CALLED us to tell us he's keeping up and exceeding on the homework. Are we sure this is the Charlie that's been taught for the past forever?
     Ummmm... nothing noteworthy. It's a miracle all of our plans worked out:)
     Exchanges with Sister McClellan. I got to see on of my former investigators. She moved out of our stake and into theirs and I totally forgot! I love Elizabeth so much and she would have been baptized months ago but legal issues are keeping her from being baptized. She's still trying to keep strong and working to be the most active non-member in that ward. (She hadn't been to all 3 hours of church since she moved)
     We had dinner with a Part member family for the second time and, I will say, the Lord works in mysterious ways. The husband, Rene, isn't a member and every time we would go over he would leave the room or even the house. He avoided us like no one I've ever met! And then his wife signed up for us to go eat with their family and he's the cook. He was stuck with us for at least the next hour! It was actually really good. He has one of the original Roadsters and loves to talk cars. Doors open everyday. We went over on Saturday and he talked to us for a while but then after we told him we had an appointment at seven... he's gone. Rene is someone who doesn't want to be just a check mark on a list so you have to make him feel like you really did come to see him and not just to scratch him off a list.
     We got to talk to Rene again as we were walking to his part-member family neighbor and it seems all is well again. It's fantastic to see how people change. And his neighbor who we went to see was home, too! Miracle! We know the wife really well but her husband not as much and we chatted with them for over half an hour. Fantastic!
It's been a super rough time in this ward but it's starting to pick up. Work in progress. These aren't even half the miracles we've witnessed but the biggest and the grandest of the week.
Love you all and talk to you next week!

(i love my job)

I forgot to add a part under Wednesday.

     Not really a miracle to start off our morning but.. I died. Seriously.... Okay. Not really. Our District Leader likes to go off and do what he wants in his own random way... The training was on Ch. 12 of PMG "Baptism and Confirmation" and got stuck on the point of how our church is strange if we don't explain everything clearly and simply. He took other religions that are weird to him like one who "sacrifices" people for their religion.. I don't know quite what to do..
      Next lesson with Charlie that night (We're meeting with him more now that we have a date and it's closer than we thought but luckily he's taken them who knows how many times).  We went through the next set of lesson and he didn't make ONE inappropriate joke! If you know Charlie or have ever taught him, that's a miracle in and of itself. He also called us before the lesson and said he read ALL of the pamphlets! He CALLED us to tell us he's keeping up and exceeding on the homework. Are we sure this is the Charlie that's been taught for the past forever?

(i love my job)

Fun Times (July 7)

Isa been a super fun week!

Mission Leadership Council was on Wednesday since we had transfers and the new missionaries came in on Tuesday. We almost reached our goal of a baptism in every ward in 4 months. 112 of 130 so only 18 short. That's pretty fantastic if you ask me! As a council, we decided to set another goal of 100 baptisms by the end of next transfer (September 21st). Super high goal but we can reach it with the Lord's help!

So the Line up for our District for this transfer:
Boise South 1 - E. McAdoo and Garside (the latter is new to the district and he stutters, too!)
Boise South 2 - S. Metcalf and Me:)
Boise South 3 - E. Bodine and Lowe <~ Greenie!!
Boise South 4 - E. Xoumphonphackdy and Mecham
Boise South 5 - S. Clegg and Moncada (New Area!! and Sisters)
Boise Spanish 4 - Hma. Galarza and Pecjak

We have 6 companionship in our District! That's as big as the Starr Zone! Huge District and not quite sure how it's going to work. We had Zone meeting this past week and our first district meeting will be this week so we will see what it will be like. Hopefully a lot better. President sent all the difficult missionaries to our zone the past 3 or 4 transfers and it's been a hassel to say the least. It looks like it'll be good, though.

Anyways, we've been working with this Less Active/Part Member family for the past few months and their son and his friend who lives with them (Mikey and Ryder) are about 20 so we had the idea to get the Assistants to the President in on the family since they cover the Young Single Adult Ward. We've heard this family was putting up a fence so we really pushed for them to do it this past week and they did. Now this family is very perticular about certain things so we worked on it Thursday night and the A.P.s got hung up so they couldn't come but it was okay because we still didn't finish the fence. We worked on it Friday morning and the A.P.s didn't show up but  still weren't done so it was okay. Saturday night they showed up but we only finished about 6 feet of the fence in 2 hours but they talked a lot with them so we're thinking "Okay! This is good!" Mikey said he would try to go to the YSA ward the next day with his Parents (LA and Investigator). Ryder was a no go. Sunday came and we have been getting some random Less Actives come back after we stop in once which is pretty awesome. In the midst of this crowd of new people in walks Ryder. No Mikey. No Kent or Thyrza. He came by himself. Really random. It was testimony Sunday, too, and this ward usually needs some focus so we get up. He was on edge for most of the time but he shared in Sunday School that it was actually the first time he went to church and actually paid attention. Not sure if that's a good thing or not but he came! We'll try again for next week but at the YSA ward because there is NO youth in our ward. Just the Newly Weds and the Nearly Deads haha

I was super sad this past week because we can't do anything with fireworks:( so we got glow sticks from our Bishop and had a party instead!

Hope all is going fantastic and talk to you later!

-Sister Hatch

(i love my job)

TRANSFERS!!!! Drum roll please... (July 3)

TRANSFERS!!!! Drum roll please...

We're staying a third transfer!!! What?!?! So pumped! We were soo excited when we got the transfer voicemail and it said we were staying. No changes so we're good.

Baptism this weekend, too! Just keeps getting better and better. Mary's baptism is something I will truly never forget.... you'll have to ask me the story in about 6 months or so..

Nothing much really happened this past week. LOTS of exchanges, which is pretty typical for the last transfer. We just added two more sets of Sister Missionaries that we are over so more exchanges this transfer! We are over a Spanish set of sisters so I can officially say I've served in Spanish now. It was pretty neat because I could keep track pretty well and teach. Sister Pecjack, the sister I was with, appreciated it a lot because the other STLs that went out with them just sat there the whole day and had no clue what was going on. Maybe I'll be transfered next time to Spanish.. I think I could handle it:)

Anyways, Love you guys and talk to you next week!

-Sister Hatch

(i love my job)

Tender Mercies (June 23)

Who thought that Russian Hats would be a tender mercy?
I'll get back to that in a minute.

So it's been one of the most craziest weeks of my mission so far. First.... TEMPLE TRIP! Best P-day ever!
I told you all last week about our "June Harvest" Challenge that's been going on for the past few months. We've had the goal to have a baptism in every ward by the end of June and our ward had been struggling with that. We had several eternigators (eternal investigators) but no body really solid. At the beginning of June we sat down and decided to go with a man named Charlie. He's a total punk... He's been taught by the missionaries for about 6 or so years and never really progressed much. He was active in church but stopped going about 2 years ago and never really thought of coming back. Until we came, that is. His wife is a less active... Well, they were less active until Sister Metcalf and I got paired up back at the first of April and they've been to church every week. We decided that it was time to take the next step with him and we put him on date for June 28th. Everything was right on track until last Monday. I won't really go into what happened but basically he broke our hearts and pushed his baptismal date back to August for his family reunion, not an unrighteous desire. Now, truthfully, I don't really care about some "June Harvest" or numbers or whatever. We watched him progress so much those 2 weeks that he had the date set. More that the 2 months I had been here and definitely more that the 5 plus years he had been taught. We didn't want to him to loose that drive he had to make that sacred covenant with our Father. We had tried to talk him in to still doing the baptism the 28th then he could baptize his daughter in August at the reunion because we thought that would be great for his family to see the progress he made but he said no. We're still praying for it but not sure if it's going to happen.
Now here is where the tender mercy comes in.
We had a member just get married to a friend in another state. She came up last week and had been taught by the missionaries since February. Not only that, she had been going to church every week since she started to take the lessons. We met her and she asked to be baptized and we set a date for June 28th. She accepted and now it's going to happen this weekend. When something falls, the Lord will provide. We're still super bummed about Charlie but which ever of us will be here after transfers will keep him on track for August. 

Now about the Russian Hats. 
We had a baptism this past weekend. Told you a bit about her last week. She is from Bosnia and for her baptism we made her a Bosnian dessert called "Russian Hats". When we brought them to her after her baptism she started to cry. Why? I will tell you. Russian Hats really are something that you can't buy. They need to be freshly baked and when we made them it took a looooot longer that we thought it would... 4 HOURS!!!! Totally worth it. I can see why they are her favorite. They are the best!

Love you guys! 

(i love my job)

I Love to See the Temple! (June 18)

Waaaaaaaaaiiiiiiittttt.... Why is a missionary e-mailing on Wednesday and not Monday.... What's up here...

I'll tell you what's up!

We're going to the temple today!!! And today is the best day for it. I arrived in Boise one year ago today! Pretty exciting:) When we are going to the temple, they move our p-day to what ever day we are going since the temple isn't open on Monday.

So, this week has been crazy.. Well, the past 3ish months have been crazy. Back in December we did a mission challeange where, as a mission, we committed to find 500 NEW investigators. Now that's a tall order in the middle of winter but we did it. Then, starting in March we had a goal to "harvest" by June (reference to Doctrine and Covenants 4). The goal was for every ward to have a baptism by the end of June and the ward I'm in, lets just say, hasn't had a baptism in a looooooooooong time. We've been working super hard as there is only a week and a half left of this month. Yikes! We've had an eternal investigator start to progress and is on date for the 28th.. but he's thinking of waiting for his family to come down... in August... not acceptable for right now.. Working with him still but doesn't look like the 28th any more. But the Lord has a sense of humor. We had someone move into the ward last week who was being taught by missionaries in Corpus Christie, Texas. She's awesome and is now on date for the end of the month! Miracles around every corner!

Another miracle: Elvira. She's the investigator I've alluded to for the past few weeks. Not entirely sure why I've never mentioned her name but she's amazing. I met her around my second week in this area. She's actually in another ward but wanted to be taught by Sisters so that's us. We haven't really been able to get her to progress until she attended church that first fast Sunday and then we've met with her at least twice every week. Totally golden! We taught her the Word of Wisdom last week knowing she had an issue with coffee and she said, "It'll be hard but I know that I don't really need it and can live without it." What?! Love! Then we taught Tithing on Saturday and she said, "Can I start paying at church tomorrow?" Double what?! And she's followed through on everything. She had a rough time with the coffee but she's still holding strong while working some super intense hours at the hospital. Elvira's getting baptized this weekend and just and has an amazing story. Her husband passed about 2 years ago from a rough fight with cancer so she's a single mom with two kid (11/13). She wanted to learn first because her kids have never really been exposed to the idea of "God". Elvira knows that her kids will follow her example and they already have. I'd say by the end of the summer, they will join her in the church. My only fear is that there are 2 other kids their age right now in the ward. Oh well. It gives them an excuse to bring a friend to church:) Cool story though, when we taught her on Saturday she told us a dream she had. In the dream her husband came to her and she said he looked beautiful. The cancer had left him scarred and very sickly so it hasn't been the best way for her to remember him but when he came to her in the dream he was... perfected, I guess you could say. He came to tell her and told her that she was doing the right thing. You can't ask for anything better than that for an investigator.

Basically going to end with I love you guys and I LOVE MY JOB!

(i love my job)

Can You Believe It?? (June 9)

It's been a fuuuun week... It actually was but I've hit the mark I never thought I would.. and that's my one year mark. I literally never thought I would come to this point.  It's weird.. Only 28 missionaries in our mission have been out for over a year now and I'm apart of that group. It's sad...

On Thursday, I went out to lunch with all the Sister's that I came out with. It was crazy to think how far we've come in the past year. I'm totally going to be companions with my MTC companion this next transfer. I call it! Probably won't happen but I can hope right? Unless they pull up some new STLs, I have 3 options and one has already served in my area so I'm going to take the option of Sister Hass. This transfer we really don't know what will happen. We have 2 sisters that only have 1 1/2 transfers left and we're usually together for 2 transfers so we really don't know what will happen. They might drop down and 2 new will be pulled up or the Lord has something secret up His sleeve.. I will guess the latter.. but we still have a few weeks of the transfer left. Sister Haas and I were just imagining about a perfect world where things would just work out in a particular way.

The investigator I shared about last week is still going strong. We met with her Wednesday and Thursday and had plans to meet with her Friday and Saturday buuuut she got the stomach flu. No bueno. When we were meeting with her, we just watched her eyes light up. She's ready and the Lord knows it. So does the adversary. She was still sick so not able to come on Sunday but hoping to see her this week!

Still on bikes. Still getting a work out. Still keeping on keeping on. Aiming for 3 baptisms at the end of this month. 2 for sure and fighting for that 3rd. Going to be fantastic!

Love you all and talk to you later!

-Sister Hatch

(i love my job)

Whirlwind Week (June 2)

So, I'm sitting at this computer desk and on the other side I see books entitled "Infinate Jesus", "The Lonely Polygamist", "Echo of God" and some other pretty sweet title books haha

Anyways, this week has been a whirlwind! So many things have happened! (As always!) I'll try and do the week justice.

Monday was an amazing day. Not just because it was P-Day but we taught an investigator who we think things finally clicked for him. No promises yet but hopefully things start to work out for him and he stops being stubborn! The spirit worked with his wife amazingly and she put the pressure really on him to become a member (she's coming back to activity). Not just for her but for their kids who they really want to now have a strong foundation in the church. We're working on that.

Exchanges with Sister Capitan, again! Sweetest girl ever. Super shy when around people but her style... Uh-uh. You betta watch out! We went to teach one of my most favorite investigators and Sister Capitan was just what she needed. Sister Capitan went through some of the experiences that our investigator is now. So great!

We had a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy come speak to the Mission Leadership this week. Last time he came, I guess he basically chewed out everyone because the Mission was really slacking. I was a little nervous I guess you could say. It was totally the opposite. Elder Godoy was fantastic! He brought up a scripture (can't think of the reference right now) but it basically showed the way that Christ taught the people of the America's. He taught them the commandments AFTER he explained the plan of redemption. He didn't just throw out all the rules and said, "Good Luck with that!" He explained the 'why' first. Why we do what we do. Why we need Him in our lives. Why we are sent here. He gave them the vision that our Heavenly Father had laid out. And then, and only then, he gave us the specifics. After they caught the vision and were excited to put it in to practice. When they became unsure about all the rules and guidelines, he showed the vision again. They got pumped up for it then back into the specifics. We need to keep that Vision and the "Spirit of Why" in our minds. It was just fantastic and just what we needed to help those that we are serving over.

Sunday had to be my favorite day, though. We had an investigator (the one I mentioned before) come to church that we have been trying to get to come for a long time. We were sort of nervous because it was fast Sunday and some people when they get up.. you all know what I'm talking about, right? They are great but go into more detail or miss the object of actually sharing the testimony sometimes. It was about half and half for us but she loved it! In Gospel Principles class, she was telling everyone how she was getting baptized on this and this day. She was super cute. It was also hard because we have another investigator in that class who would have been baptized a looooong time ago but some issues with the court are keeping her back. Sigh.. Working with both still, though.

Well hope everything is going great and talk to you guys next week!

-Sister Hatch

P.S. We're biking now and we go anywhere between 4-12 miles a day! Woot!

(i love my job)

Fun Days Ahead (May 27)

Hey Everyone!
So not much time today. Since it was Memorial Day yesterday, the place where we usually e-mail was closed. We have been given a little time to e-mail today so I'm making the most of it!

First off, shout our to the C1 ward! You guys are awesome! I received the package on Friday and got right to work on giving them out. In my last area, I had a goal to place one Book of Mormon everyday. Since I've arrived at my new area, that goal has sort of slipped away. Then I received the copies of the Book of Mormon with all of your beautiful testimonies and family pictures in them and I recommitted all over. I'm still working back to my peak but I've passed out 2 already.

1) Vickie- On Saturday, we went on exchanges so I spent the day with Sister McClellan in my area. Super sweet girl from Florida. We were contacting Less Actives that the ward either hasn't seen in a while or they have absolutely no clue who they are. We ran into a potential who moved in to one of the houses so it was good. But when we were walking down the street to contact another LA and we saw this older guy fixing his car and we thought to just go for it. So we start talking to him and find out that he attends on of the many churches within our ward boundries. We share with him some gospel principle and ask if we can come back to share a message about Christ. He said he would be fine with it but that we should ask his wife. At that moment his wife, Vickie, walks out. "Are you Jehovah Witnesses?" She asked us sort of harshly. "No," We replied, "We are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." "Never heard of you." "Oh, well do you mind if we share a message with you about Christ and his love for all of us?" She pauses, looks at our badges and back at us. "You're Mormons, aren't-cha." We explain how it's a nickname from a book that we believe is a companion volume of scripture with the Bible and helped her understand some of her conceptions of about our religion. It was also her birthday so we asked if we could give her a birthday present. Sister McClellan (who has only been out a couple weeks) eloquently presented the Book of Mormon to her and she accepted it. It was a really neat experience and the testimony within, I know, will touch them.

2) Garrett- That same day, we were continuing our quest to see what less actives still lived in the area. I had the feeling we should knock on the doors around this one house. The first door, the only word the man knew was "No". The second door, they had the weird metal screen doors that you can't really see through and we hoped that we were looking somewhere near her face. She also said no. The third door was of this pretty bad green colored house. We knocked and this guy answered the door. " Hi! We are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and we are new to the area... "So on and so forth. He just looked at us for a while before he said, "You know, this is ironic in a way because I'm Mormon myself." What?! Where have you been? Missing out on all the blessing! We didn't say that of course. "Oh really?" Is what we did say. We talked with him for a while. His whole idea was about faith. If we are given logic, why are we allowed to use it? It is a fair question to some. I could go on about our conversation for a while but at the end I committed him to an experiment. An experiment is logical, right. Sister McClellan and I committed him to read a single verse each day, just one verse. Not too hard. Then pray. Easy experiment. The first verse we gave to him: Alma 32:27. We gave him another one of the copies of the Book of Mormon from the ward. 

Thank you all so much for you thoughtfulness in the hastening of the work!

I don't have more time to write but I am including pictures that should some up the week fairly easy:)

Love you all!

(i love my job)

Transfer Time (May 19)

We just had transfers this weekend and I'm staying with my companion! We were super stoked when the transfer call came out. We had to move apartment, though. We both felt like it was the end of the school year because we had to clean out everything and move out. Remember that last year? It's been a pain the last few days packing up and moving. We were going to an Elders apartment so we couldn't take things in until they left. We just had the Elders put our stuff in the front room. Super annoying but we're in a super nice place now (and don't have to smell the neighbors smoking weed everyday...) It's going to be great! Except, certain Elders who just moved out didn't really clean out and we've found some less than desirable items in our new room.. eww.

So, it's been a fun week besides that. We had the opportunity to train at Zone Conference this past week. The training went better than I thought. It is unspoken by the Assistants buuuuuut they "said" our training was the best. Just saying:) I really like teaching to bigger groups. We talked about Our Purpose and the Doctrine of Christ. We really focused on the first part "Our Purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ" and flipped it to we need to be at that point were we can invite them. It makes no sense to invite to somewhere we've never been or are at currently, right? Right. We didn't think so. We need to be working our way to Christ so we can help others. It was really awesome. Sister Metcalf and I were nervous be cause we had two of the most...  I guess you could say "difficult" zones. We were just blunt with everyone in our training. It was really good we feel like.

Well.. I lost my camera in the move so I'll be sending some next week. We took some pretty legit ones and so I'm super bummed about it but oh well.

Hope all is well and stay Classy!

- Sister Hatch

(i love my job)
p.s. This 93 year old we have been visiting we just found out love monsters hahahahaha best day ever!

Mother's Day (May 12)

Crazy week this week! 

I had my first official Mission Leadership Council! (MLC) It was interesting to see how the leaders of the mission really worked. Some times it got a little tooooo intense. Lots of changes happening this next transfer but they only one I really care about is the fact we get to go to the temple this next transfer! Woot! Super stoked about that. The last time we had the opportunity to attend was back in January. My companion and I joked that if we ever became apostate missionaries it would be because we just want to go to the temple. How bad is that? The only rule we would ever think about breaking would be about going to the temple.. Not that we would actually ever break the rules.

Sooo.. Mother's Day Yesterday! (Don't know about you people but my moms the best no doubt). Got to Skype home! Insane stuff! Everyone is so freaking tall... Jealousy.

So back to MLC. After the meeting, our Mission President called my companion and I to his office. Now, the last time I was called in there we were told the mission ran out of cars so we were asked to give ours up to a new Zone Leader so I don't always like getting called into the office. But we talked for a minute or two and he then asked us if we would train at Zone Conference. Yikes! We said of course. The next day, we were at DLC (District Leader Correlation) planning Zone Meeting and were were asked to train again! It's a sign! For what I don't know but it must be! So This past Thursday we trained at Zone Meeting (about 20 Missionaries, 2 Districts) and we kind of used it as a crash run of our Zone Conference training. It went fantastic! I'm still super nervous but a little more at ease. As long as we can get the spirit going strong It'll be good. Sister Metcalf and I are super bold with some things so we're good for each other. Wish us luck!

Other than that, not much going on. Haters still gonna hate those who like to be obedient and receive those extra blessings. Oh well. They're the ones missing out! 
Love you all and Talk to you later!

(i love my job)

Psalms 119:156 (May 5)

Okay. I'm not going to lie. Last week (not the week that just ended but the week before) was probably one of the hardest weeks of my mission up to that point. My companion and I didn't get along that well, we were on exchanges every other day and it was just super hard week. Not to mention the fun times we have with the Sister's we live with.. I love them:)
So I was just hoping and praying that this week would be better. And it was! We found a family that is super prepared to receive the gospel, the ward is finally starting to work with us, we really came together as a companionship and focusing on the work a lot more and it was just a good week.

And then the weekend came and all heck broke loose.
All of our appointments fell through on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It wouldn't be to bad but Sister Metcalf and I are new to the area so we really don't know that many people so we start knocking on doors of less actives in the ward. Fun times. Then one of our sister that we were over had a break down so we had to take care of that. The one thing that was hardest for me this week was finding out that one of my previous investigators from my first area had passed away. He was so close when I was working with him and he knew it was true but let the ideas of men get in the way. The one thing I love about knowing the truths of gospel is that we know we never run out of chances to accept the gospel. It does get harder and harder as we go down the line but our Heavenly Father never gives up on us. I know Bill is talking to people like me on the other side while the missionaries are still meeting with his wife here. It doesn't make it any less painful but it does bring peace to know the truths that we do.

Anyways, yes this weekend was hard but we've have a lot of tender mercies oin the past few days. Last night, our dinner appointment never got a hold of us to let us know that they couldn't feed us so around 6:00 we were just wandering around our ward thinking of places we could stop to get a snack or something. It was Sunday so we couldn't go and buy something which was super hard. Oh! And our gas light came on right after church so we parked our car around 12:00 and walked clear until 9:00. Great day. Back on subject. We got the idea to pray to know where we could go or what we should do. We live about 1.5 miles out of our area and we were on the furthest edge so going home wasn't an option. We both had this feeling to go to a member home that we've been trying to build a relationship with. The husband is not active and we work out with her every week day early in the morning. We went over and when the wife saw us, she started to cry a little bit. I won't go into it to much but I truly think one of the best feelings in life is when we receive a prompting and obey it only to finally discover that it is the answer to someones prayer. Love it so much!

Aaaaaand then we had banana splits after which was just the best way to end our night
Sorry for the long e-mail but I had to share some of the experiences that has gone on haha love you all and talk to you later!

-Sister Hatch

(i love my job)