Monday, October 27, 2014

Let them eat cake!

Hey everyone!

So crazy busy week as always but even more so this week. We double our lesson count and investigators! 14th Ward is picking up!

So last Monday was amazing! We have a member in our ward who is a professional cake decorator and she showed us some of her tricks. We made a cake for our awesome Zone Leaders because they saved us on Saturday before the baptism.  We also started doing a FHE with a Less Active Family in the ward. They want to start on the path towards the temple and we're helping them with that.

Tuesday was funny. I was sitting in the waiting room of this one place and I thought I recognized one of the songs that came over the speakers from my past life. I listened and finally realized it was "Cello Wars" by the Piano Guys! Super random but it made my day. From smooth jazz elevator music to cello dub step with a nerdy twist.

Wednesday a member took us to meet her friend. As we talked, we realized she was super firm in her faith in Christ. We got really excited because things were just working out great!.. Then we switched the restored gospel and.. It wasn't so fun. She was going into this and that. We just let her talk and then asked her friend her feelings about the church and the Book of Mormon. You have to realize the back story on this visit. This member is seriously afraid of sharing something so precious to her with someone she had no clue will take it. After weeks of getting a prompting to invite her friend to learn she did and her friend accepted to listen. The member got excited and told missionaries.. That was several months ago. The member was sort of down how she got the courage to invite her friend and then nothing happened. She brought the subject up with us and we met with her friend the next week. I have never heard a more sweet, sincere, powerful testimony my whole mission.  I loved it. It was the only time her friend wasn't interrupting with some random fact about our church. Nothing progressed but  it was a good visit and challenge for the member. Who knows what will happen next.

Thursday we met with Jason Cherrill's family and figured out the details there. He'll be out of jail in about a year and then would like to continue learning. We also met with the Elkin's family. We taught Lesson 3: The Gospel of Jesus Christ and at the end, one of the girls asked if she could be baptized. We'll see what happens.

Friday was an adventure... we met Tia, Jed, Jeremy, Dave and their families. All tender mercies and interested in learning more. Woohoo!  Later that night we made a campfire with a Less Active Family. They seriously have the coolest back yard ever! Bother Cary left because the BYU vs. BSU game was on (don't mess with the Bosie residents and their BSU games.. no bueno) and we had a really good talk with Sister Cary. Then she got off talking about all these different times someone had broken into her different homes or different stalkers she's had.. it was a weird night. Then we got home and I thought I saw Sister Petzinger walk into her room and close the door. Not thinking anything about it we planned and got ready for bed. About 10:15 I realized it was Friday. Why is this important? Friday is Game Night. Sister Petzinger WAS NOT home! It just led into an adventurous night to say the least but there was someone in the house when we got home. Yikes!

Saturday we carved pumpkins with a Recent Covert family. They are crazy! Love them to death haha I worked with Bella and Sister Bottomley worked with Patrick. They were pretty creepy to say the least. The Ward Halloween Party was that night. I saw some of the most crazy and legit costumes ever! What did we dress up like? Well, I was dressed up at Sister Bottomley and my companion was dressed up like Sister Hatch. Probably the best costumes ever!

Sunday was just fantastic several less actives came to church again. None of our investigators, which was a bummer but it was a good, long week.

Hope you all have a fantastic week!

1&2. "Where there is cake, there is hope!" -Chance Burns, Shoshone Ward EQP
3&4. Sister Bottomley having a little to much fun with fire..
5&6. Bella and her Pumpkin
7. Jaedyn buried by 2 of her brothers:)

(i love my job)

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