Saturday, October 18, 2014

Transfers (August 11)

So basic run down on the week.

Tuesday: Mission Leadership Council. We were warned that for transfers they were going to mix up leadership roles.. and they did! More on that later. But it was a really good meeting and the training for the month is a follow-up of Last Months. Moving from Effective Study to Effective Teaching. I like it:)
Thursday: Boise South Zone Meeting! It was moved from Friday to Thursday because there was an Elder in our Zone who was going home Friday. Everyone is going home now!!! It's weird..
Friday: Since we had our ZM on Thursday, we went to the other Zone we are over: the Boise North Zone. It was good:)
Saturday: Transfer Calls!! Craziest day of the transfer when you know something is going on. 
Sunday: Sooooo.. here's a secret.. I played the piano in church! Scariest thing ever! My stutter transferred to my piano playing haha that's what Charlie's wife told me and I think she was right. Wasn't that bad for my first EVER performance:)
Monday: SISTER HOUSEMAN!!!! I can't express how excited I am right now. It's going to be a good transfer. We have three dates set and then all of our investigators will have been baptized. Doing really well at that part.. Need to work on the Finding aspect of the work. It's a process.

Well, I'm off to the Boise Zoo so talk to you all later!

Sister Hatch

(i love my job)

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