Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bikes, Boards, and Bednar (August 25)

Woo Hoo! Week 2 down in the transfer! Seriously, where has the time gone. It feels like I've been with Sister Houseman forever but then again like we've just come together. Crazy feeling.

We finally got the date for when we're going to the Temple: September 19th! Far away but it'll be great. 

Speaking of Temples, guess what Saturday was.. 
Elder Bednar came and spoke to 36 surrounding stakes. Sadly, we couldn't go to the actual site because of size/location. Each Stake was given about 30 tickets to pass to members and leaders. Elvira and her two kids had the opportunity to attend at the actual site. I can only imagine what it was like in real life. Elder Bednar spoke about the importance of Gratitude and how true gratitude is shown even when things are easy. When church members hear there is a temple being built close by they are excited. They make plans to go as often as they can. After 1 or 2 years after it is built, that excitement wears off. He explained that even though the temple is so close by, we shouldn't put off the time to go. He basically rebuked everyone because if everyone in our mission boundaries (16 stakes) went to the temple ONCE a year, there wouldn't be room for everyone to go. Once a year. Easy right? So easy that we can go next week or next month. Naturally we put things off but in order to show true gratitude to the Lord for the blessing of a Temple, we need to go as often as we can. It was just amazing to hear him be so bold and loving at the same time. 

Tuesday was a usual day of bike riding, meeting new move-ins and members. It was Sister Pecjak's birthday so we went out to lunch to Olive Garden. My favorite:)

Exchanges and District Meeting on Wednesday (amazing what you can do with half sisters in the district). I felt bad though because I was sick most of the day. One thing I haven't shared yet with anyone is that I'm now basically lactose intolerant :( sad day.. no ice cream or joy.. The night before, one of the Sisters asked me to try something that she bought on Monday and I (not thinking) tried it. Next day.. bleh... Not a fun day but we still worked as much as we could..

I'm not going to go into Thursday because it was just a rotten day..

Friday we went to the Cannery! So everyone has seen that episode of "I Love Lucy" when Lucy and Ethel get a job at the chocolate factory. When they first get there things are going smooth and then they start cranking out more and more chocolate. Basically, that was what happened the 4 hours we were there. Except we didn't start eating things. It was intense but we survived (barely).

Saturday was the ground breaking and we also built a fence! Well, we built the fence about 2 months ago but we stained it.  One of the same families I mentioned last week. Ryder is friends with their son and is basically over there all the time so we invited the Missionaries who are over the YSA wards (A.K.A. The Assistants) to come help and get to know Ryder. One of them who just got transferred there clicked with Ryder almost immediately because they both skate board or something like that. Pretty awesome. We had to leave early because we were on bikes and had to get home on time. We got an excited text from the Elders because Ryder had said they could teach him.. If they ever caught him around or at the house. They were super excited so we couldn't exactly tell them that's what he said to every other missionary who as asked to teach him. Tricky guy but he's now come to church 4 weeks in a row. He just need a lot of prayers that something with happen.

Sunday was an awesome lesson with a less active family. Basically, they're coming back to church. Whaaat! Loving it!

It's been a crazy looooooong week but lots of work put in. Love you all and sorry for lack of pictures.. Nobody got time for that!

(i love my job)

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