Monday, November 3, 2014

"Wouldn't it be nice if it came back? Yeah, I guess. It has. What?!?!?" -E. Godoy talking about his conversion

So basically it was one of the best weeks ever! So much has happened (including transfers) but my least favorite part would have probably been when Sister Smith got a member of the first quorum of the Seventy to give me the $2 that we've been passing back and forth.. grrrr..

Rewind a bit. We had some pretty amazing lessons this week. We took one of our progressing investigators to walk around the temple grounds in the evening. We went over again the purpose of this life and the purpose of temples. It was spirit packed and he told us he knows that "something" is true but needs the knowledge now. Total golden guy and is just finding his way.

Back to the member of the Seventy: Elder Godoy

We had Zone Conference on Halloween and it was probably the best way I could have spent my day! So this was not your typical Zone Conference. Since it was my very last zone conference I had to give my departing testimony (aka trunkimony). Usually we do them last so I figured I was good to go but guess what! First thing on the agenda! Not cool. I am sloooooowly getting used to the idea of going home but I'm really not ready. One more transfer! We had several good speakers first but Elder Godoy is probably my favorite in the history of Ever. I've heard him speak in several MLCs over the months but this is the first time he's come to talk to the entire mission. 

The theme of his address was "Every phase is building the future of you". He really focused on marriage and future families. Now as an 'older' missionary, whenever these topics come up I'm usually like "Lalalalalala! I can't hear you!" attitude because that step is closer than I like it to be but he applied it to other phases of life, as well. As missionaries we've all gone through the stages of being a new greenie/missionary. Some of us have been a new leader or trainer. One day we will all be new RMs, new couple, new parents or grandperents, new dead person on the other side (he mentioned how he's pretty sure there is a MTC for the newly deseased). One day we will all be new gods talking classes like 'How To Create Worlds 101'. Elder Godoy brought up the idea that as important as DOING what you're supposed to in what ever phase of life is BEING who the Lord wants youto be. "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." No one can be perfect in every phase as Christ was but we each have a level that we are perfect at. An apple is perfect as an apple should be. A banana is perfect as a banana. One should not look at the other and judge according to what they see as perfection (And then he started to go off on the Barney song about apples and bananas. I told you, he's crazy in the best possible way). So we all are given a level that we have to achieve at that time and no more. Just a brilliant talk. He then brought up that the baptisms in the world have gone up 11% across the world and 13% in the United States. How much in the Idaho Boise Mission? A grand total of 31%! Wooh! Just random tidbit he threw in:) Quote in the Subject box is from Elder Godoy talking about his conversion with "his sister missionaries"

The best part came later. I was eating lunch in the cultural hall and one of the APs came up to me and said in a hushed tone "Elder Godoy has asked to speak with you privately when you have the opportunity." You can probably guess what was running through my mind at that point.. The second thing that went through my mind was something like this.. Sister Smith don't you dare tell me that you gave him the $2 to give to me! She said she hadn't (but as you could see from the opening in my e-mail she was lying..)

I went in and we talked for a little while. He asked me about myself and my family. He then asked me some more personal questions and it was quite amazing. One of my worst fears of going home is that I'm not who the Lord expects me to be when I go home. I didn't have that fear when I came out but I'm not the same person I was when I came out either. Elder Godoy's idea on DOING vs BEING really hit home for me and I let him know that. Speaking with him really helped me feel better about going home at the end of this transfer. I'm not ready yet, still have a long way to go but I'm getting there. (He also tried to set me up with his single-byu-attending-RM son but I don't know how that would go..)

Anyways, I hope this all made sense. I took about 4 pages of notes and just pulled some things that I felt like I should share. Go read his talk from this past conference.  Love you all!

(i love my job)

1,2 Pumpkin carving last p-day!
3,4,5 "Helping" the Lloyd's out a bit with the yard:)
6, 7 Sister Smith and her planner. She's awesome!
8 METCALF! (and Elder Hunt's hand..)


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