Saturday, October 18, 2014

S'more S'mores (August 18)

Hey everyone!

I don't think I have to mention it's been a crazy week because it's always a crazy week on a mission! Loving it! 

Sister Houseman is fantastic! We probably have a little TOO much fun together sometimes. We made s'mores with some members and then figured out that you can make s'mores on a regular electric stove:) good times!

Exciting news! We got cut 100 miles for the month! Wooh!... not really.. So the way the mission controls where/how we drive is by giving us an allotment of miles every months. As STLs, we usually have about 700 for all 7+ exchanges and getting back and forth between our apartment and area. We went about the first half of the month just like we would have with that many. Then came Wednesday (duh, duh, duuuuuuhhh!) We found out we lost miles and immediantly parked our car at the church and haven't driven it anywhere until this morning. Crazy times! 42 miles on the bikes plus a little extra that we've walked. We've never been this tired since about the beginning of our missions when we were still adjusting. Sister Houseman and I basically come home and plan for our next day and then go right to bed. Also, using our lunch hour to catch up. It's been a long week.

Despite that, we've seen a lot of miracles! As we bike around our area we've been able to see people who have been busy (a.k.a. avoiding us) and haven't been able to meet. Nothing successful has come out of it yet but at least we've been able to see them and  remind them of the gospel.

Funny story. We're working with a Part-member family and one of there son's has a friend, Ryder, who has been living with them. Sisters have been trying to get him to come to church for months but he hasn't.. until last month on fast Sunday. It was interesting to say the least but he stayed for the second hour but didn't show up the next few weeks. He randomly showed up to church again this month ON FAST SUNDAY and he realized which day he had come but endured it well. We truthfully thought he wouldn't come again but he has the next two weeks. Fun kid. When we don't tell him to come to church he does but when we tell him he doesn't.  He's fun but "doesn't want to learn". Working with him .

Another cool story. There is a Part-member family in our ward and when I first came to the area and we went to their house he would leave the room. Wouldn't say a word. He would just get up and leave when ever we would come into the house. His wife was smart and signed them up to feed us dinner and he's the cook of the house so he was stuck with us for a solid hour. Ever since then, he's loved us! We even went over there with the Mission President's Wife and he walked INTO the room! That's a huge thing. Our dinner cancelled on us Saturday Sister Houseman and I took a leap of faith and asked if they could feed us. They said YES! Great night with them:) We were talking and they mentioned they just got an 8-ft. projector screen and projector. I joked about us coming over to watch a movie and he said he would love that. We set up a time and said we would bring a movie to watch and it's a date! He joked about our crazy Mormon movies but he said he would be there. This is a complete change from just 2 months ago. Loving my job still!

Love you all and hope all is going good!

(i love my job)

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