Sunday, October 19, 2014

New Stuff (September 22)

So I'm actually going to start doing a weekly e-mail. Usually I just have everything on a blog and e-mail everyone separately. One e-mail for everyone? Too easy. It'll never work..  Just can't keep up with all the e-mails. To popular, I guess;)

Crazy stuff is happening here. Transfers happened today but I'll get to that later. Here's just a quick recap of the last week or so.

Monday was not p-day.. The End

Tuesday we had exchanges with Sister Park and Francies again. I had Sister Francies in my area. This is her first transfer so we basically focused on teaching. We had District Meeting so that took up most of the day but we got out and did several street contacts with a lesson she lead. She taught one of our potentials who we've been having a hard time getting through to. His dad is our main contact because he really does want to be baptized but has made some choices that is making him having to wait for a while. Working on it though!

We had a Special Sisters Training on Wednesday. Sister Houseman and I had to train but it all went really well. I never thought I would say talking for 15 minutes would not be enough time until my mission. It's not! It went really well though and later had a full night of appointments again.

Thursday I was with Sister Bennett out in her area. I went on several exchanges with her when she first came out. She served in the ward I'm in right now so we had a lot to catch up on. It's been really neat to see her grow in the last 10 months or so.

Friday was finally P-Day! It was been a long week of exchanges, meetings, working in two areas on and off and just a lot of busy things. The temple is worth the wait:)

Transfer calls came on Saturday and I'll get to that at the end. We also tried something new. Our Zone Leaders gave us the idea of Service Tracting. In the IBM, we try to stay away from tracting as much as we can but this was super fun actually. We went around with our service clothes and name tags offering to do service. Didn't have much success in actually DOING service but we talked to a lot of people who probably wouldn't have listened to us unless we were in, well, pants haha. There was this one cute couple that we were able to convince to let us help them and we got a time to come back and rake up their acorns. They took a Restoration pamphlet from us so some potential there hopefully.

Sunday was just a sad day. Never gets easier telling a ward goodbye.

Something else that has been going on is kind of a battle between Sister Smith and I. Three weeks ago, we were at Deseret Book together and we saw these fantastic rings. She bought them and I tried to give her the two dollars I owed her. She tried refusing but I just stuffed it in her bag. A few days later, I go to look in my wallet and the two dollars were back! With a note from Sister Smith. I then mailed them to her in this super awesome envelope. While she was in the ER last week, she had Sister Winder (Wife of the Mission President) write me a note about how great of a missionary I was and then put the two dollars in there with a gotcha. I couldn't let her one up me on that. So (this is soooo mean) on Wednesday at the Sisters Conference, I had President Winder (since we're so tight haha) pull Sister Smith into his office to give her an envelope and ask her to explain it. When she opened it, even in his sound proof office, you could hear her scream of frustration on the other side of the building hahahahahahahahahaha... It was good:) President told the story over and over during lunch. It was pretty great. Then Thursday night, I walk into my room and it's completely filled with balloons and notes of love and insults.. needless to say, the two dollars have been floating back and forth for the past couple days. I love that chika:)

Now to transfer calls.
I'm now in the Amity Stake with Sister Bottomley. She's fantastic! 3 months out and ready to work! I've stepped down from the responsibilities of a Sister Training Leader and it's bitter sweet. I loved going out with my Sisters and seeing them do the Lords work. I learned so much from them but I am really worn out with all the work it took for it. 14 Sisters. 7 twenty-four hour exchanges. 1 or 2 emergency exchanges (about 10 this past transfer-Sister Smith is a handful.....). Nightly texts to everyone. Monthly and weekly call-in reports. We're really just the Sister Emotional Support Leaders haha it was a lot of fun. I am sort of relived at the same time because I realized last night how tired I really am. So it'll be good to just focus on the work for my last few months.

Anyways, love you all and talk to you later!

(i love my job)

-Our waiter at Denny's! She was awesome and she let us give her a BofM:) 
-Making s'mores on our stove
-The attack.. pt. 1
-The one and only, Sista Smith
-Sister Smith's board at St. Luke's last week #missionarylyfe
-Boise South District: The Sistahs!

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