Sunday, October 19, 2014

Meet the Mormons!! (October 13)

If you haven't gone to see the film Meet the Mormons, go! As missionaries, we had the opportunity to see it before it hit theaters and it is one of my favorites! Just a truly inspiring story in so many different ways. How it ended with the missionary mom made most of the Missionaries in our mission cry haha.

Conversation between Sister Bottomley and another Elder:

Elder: (teasingly) Did you cry, Sister Bottomley?
Sister Bottomley: No.
Elder: You sure.
Sister Bottomley: Pretty sure... Did you?
Elder: I... (walks off)

It was the best 30 second conversation ever!

Nothing really happened on Monday.. We were stuck in traffic FOREVER! It took us about 45 minutes just to go a 3 miles from the Mission Office to our house. No bueno..

Tuesday we had a brilliant Relief Society Activity! I wish we could have gotten more Less Actives and Investigators to go. Only had a few come but it was great for those who did. The Relief Society of the Boise North Stake came and spoke on Women in the Scriptures. Not to bash on the guys but there were some pretty outstanding women in the Scriptures. Over 170 named and many more were just mentioned through out the Bible. Just a few were Huldah, The Shunamite Woman, Puah, Cloe, Haggart, Louis, Eunice, Pilate's Wife, Eve and many more. It was just fantastic!

Wedenesday was mostly taken up by watching "Meet the Mormons" and I got to see Sister Metcalf and Sister Smith! Best Ever Day Ever! I only saw Sister Metcalf for a second because she was there right before my group came in but it was good:) Sister Smith and I just sat with our bag of treats the whole time.

Thursday was our last lesson with Sam. We officially passed him off to the Elders over there. He's going to be baptized so I'm not too worried.

Zone Meeting on Friday! I'm pretty sure the Assistants just really like our District or something. They came to our District Meetings the First and Second week of the transfer and then they came to our Zone Meeting and now we have interviews with President this next week at our District Meeting and they will be there.. hmmm..

Saturday and Sunday we didn't do much. Still got 6 official lessons in but I did something to my back so I basically did nothing those two days except go to our appointments. It was Awesome!... not. 

But today is a new day and the member across the street from us is a chiropractor so he's going to help me out later tonight! 

Hope you all have a fantastic week and go see "Meet the Mormons"! (unless you're a missionary... then wait until after your mission to go see it. Sorry!)

(i love my job)

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