Sunday, October 19, 2014

Another Week in Amity (October 6)

How great was conference?! Seriously. We were watching each session with one of our investigators and it just always seemed to fit right with what they needed. 

Monday was one of the best P-days ever! I'm really going to like this new zone (I was in the Boise South Zone for pretty close to a year..). We had a dart wars tournament and my team pretty much rocked it the whole day. It was fun until Elder Morgan got dart crazy and started to shoot randomly which resulted in me being shot in the eye.. But it's okay because not even 30 seconds later he got hit in the same place. He accepted it as Karma.
Tuesday was freezing! Fall is definitely here. We were teaching one of our less actives, Nephi, outside and his neighbor, Kathy, wanders right up and joins our discussion. She had to leave after a couple minutes but we continued teaching Nephi. After the lesson, we walk over to our car and we realized we had parked in front of Kathy's house. We saw her outside and I had an interesting prompting to ask her if I could give her a Book of Mormon. I shrugged it off but it came again so I walked up to her (my companion wasn't real sure what I was doing) and simple asked if I could give her this book. To my surprise she just says nonchalantly, "Oh, thanks but I already have one." and that led into her inviting us in and having a pretty lengthy visit about her crazy Mormon relatives but she invited us back and wants to learn more. Miracle!
Wednesday morning was priceless. Picture this in a way. I was exercising, like we do every morning, and I look over to my companion. She was sitting on the couch eating a double chocolate chip muffin. It was just ironic at the time:) Or maybe it was just funny to me because it was 6:30 in the morning..

Thursday was a really sad day.. I got a package for college and my flight information for December. Just sad.. Started to register for classes when I get home so it's been a week but we're staying busy! Sister Bottomley is new and ready to work! On the bright side, we had one of our investigators commit to quit smoking:) He's been great so far!

Friday we met with a Recent Convert family that a set of Elders asked us to teach and I'm sort of frustrated. They were baptized almost 2 months ago so we were doing the New Member Discussions. We went over to teach and they didn't know what the Plan of Salvation was. Elders! Come on! They're basically investigator status. It's all good and will work out eventually..

Saturday and Sunday was conference and that's all that needs to be said. I am sad that it's my last one on the mission but it was fantastic!

Hope everything is going fantastic with everyone and I'll talk to you next week!

 (i love my job)

 1 & 2 & 3. Dart wars! My amazing companion taking on Batman and Elder trying to knock down some darts that were stuck. You can sort of see the field we played:)
4. Sadest day of my mission..
5. Sister Bottomley tried to share a message but Tiffany told her to share something else.
6. Our investigator's bird loved the MoTab and was dancing:) The church is true!

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