Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Good Week (July 28)

So funny story.. Well a lot of them. I'll share a few.

 You know Elder Birk, right? Of course you do! Anyways, before he came to this zone, he sorta had a bromance going on with his last companion. When he came here, that companion had just left to go home and so he needed to find someone to fill the void. He latched on to Elder Bodine in my district. At first we were just whatever but this past Monday.. hmmmm... you'll have to look at the picture. It's gone beyond what we thought it ever would. I think he's just preparing for the girls he's going back to in two weeks;)

We go on exchanges at least twice week usually and one of the exchanges I went on was with Sister Clegg. We had made plans the night before that for our work out time we would bike to the train depot which is about a 7 mile bike ride. Not to bad. I woke up and I felt that we probably shouldn't go. Now, when any sane missionary wakes up and doesn't want to work out that's normal so we pushed through and rode to there. Beautiful! And we watched the sunrise, too:) Anyways, the time came to start to head back. Half way home, I looked back and Sister Clegg was waaaay behind me. It was weird because she kept up with me the way there. I stopped until she caught up and we rode again. About a minute later, I looked back and she was way behind again. I waited for her to catch up to me and looked at her bike and the back tire was flat! Did I mention she was riding my bike? Sister Metcalf's was too tall for her. It was weird since I ride that bike everyday and it's been fine. No goat heads or punctures that I can see. After we discovered that, being the great person I am... ha, I switched her bikes and went the last mile at an agonizingly slow and difficult pace.. It was fun. Oh well I got a good workout at least:)

Last funny-ish story ~> Charlie's baptism! Couldn't ask for anything better. He let his girls paint his toe nails for his baptism. Neon colored toes is Charlie's specialty when ever you see him in sandals or no shoes. He's a total stay at home dad! Anyways, Charlie finally told us what changed his mind to be baptized after 6 or so years. It was me (I'm not saying this to boast or brag because, trust me, I'm not the greatest teacher or anything). As you know, I stutter and I'm okay with that and whatever. Why my speech made the difference to him was because his daughter stutters, too. Charlie said that when the other missionaries tried to commit him to be baptized or anything else, he could see it coming from a mile away. When we taught him and I extended the commitment to him he said yes very enthusiastically and later after we left he thought "Wait... What did I just do?" Hahaha it was funny to hear him tell the story of how he was "roped into baptism by a little stutterer". If anything, he was why I was sent to the one and only Boise, Idaho. Yesterday after church, he received the Aaronic Priesthood and is well on his way to becoming an Elder. The change in him is greater than what I could ever hope for. We actually learned some pretty interesting things a few days before his baptism that showed us even more growth. He used to cook, grow and sell some rather undesirable things. Top dealer in the valley back in the day.. serious stuff going on in his past but thank goodness for repentance!

Anyways, hope all is fantastic and talk to you later!

(i love my job)

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  1. Read this story. Very impressive. Thank you for this comment. It is a memorable story.