Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Two Week Marathon (September 19)

Crazy. Crazy week! I don't even know where to start! Here's a quick re-cap.

So the last time I e-mailed (almost 2 weeks ago) everyone was starting to get over some crazy virus that has been sweeping the Treasure Valley. On Monday, we thought we had all pretty much gotten over it.

 Until Tuesday. 

Tuesday I had Sister Capitan on exchanges with me in my area but Sister Smith was still sick from the weekend. She was pretty bad  so I sent Sister Capitan with Sister Clegg to go out and work in her area  because she had some set appointments she couldn't miss (good thing about being a Sister Training Leader is we can authorize exchanges with other sisters) and I ended up going into the Urgent Care just to make sure everything was alright. Nothing showed up as different so we just went home to let her sleep.

Wednesday was District Meeting. Pretty good. Sister Smith was still on edge but okay for the meeting. After District Lunch, we went to Sister Clegg & Smith's home because we were going to do another exchange. We got over to their place and found out our mission president's wife had finally gotten authorization for us to head over to the emergency room with Sister Smith. Sister Houseman took her out there and I went with Sister Clegg to the middle of nowhere for a lesson. As the day continued, we realized that our companions wouldn't be back for the evening like we thought so we quickly arranged for some impromptu splits and we didn't see each other for the next 3 or 4 hours. Sketchy but we worked with the members we could get out with us:) We finally got a text around 9 saying Sister Smith would be spending the night in the Hospital. She had something that mimicked appendicitis but it couldn't be remedied by quickly taking something out. We just had to wait. Sister Houseman got a ride back from the Hospital with Sister Winder and Sister Clegg spent the night with us. Crazy day but we accomplished all we had scheduled to.

We went to see Sister Smith in the Morning but got right out to work again. We worked in both areas most of the day but in the evening Sister Clegg had a member go with her to her set lessons. We met up for dinner at a family they are teaching who is getting baptized tomorrow. They are the funniest family I've met in a long time.  Love them!

Friday we went to lunch with one of our potential investigators with another set of sisters. We passed him off to them but we're they only ones who can really get a time to meet with him. He's dating a member of our ward and is basically like my favorite uncle. He's crazy... After lunch we went on exchanges and I went with Sister Pitkin to her area. We had a few really amazing experiences that have just reaffirmed to us the importance of serving a mission.

Saturday we spent most of the day setting up for an activity we were having that night. I sent pictures of the last time we did a chalk drawing but this was like... twice the size! I didn't get a picture of the finished product because it rained the next day.. It was super cool though.  We got the idea from some elders in New York who did a street contacting session with this idea. We didn't have that many from our ward show up but lots from the other wards and our investigators. It was really good. Sister Smith came home in the after noon. She was such a missionary while she was in there. In her eyes, she had someone (her nurses) to teach every hour or every two hours to teach. She had 9 official lessons where she taught a discussion and then prayed with them. I love her so much!

On Sunday, Sister Houseman got sick:/ we basically went to church, came home, and I watched Sister Houseman and Smith for the night while Sister Clegg went out with the Spanish Sisters. (Sister Clegg was called Spanish Speaking so it worked out great)

Monday was not p-day.. The End

Tuesday we had exchanges with Sister Park and Francies again. I had Sister Francies in my area. This is her first transfer so we basically focused on teaching. We had District Meeting so that took up most of the day but we got out and did several street contacts with a lesson. She taught one of our potentials who we've been having a hard time getting through to. His dad is our main contact because he really does want to be baptized but has made some choices that is making him having to wait for a while. Working on it though!

We ha a Special Sisters Training on Wednesday. Sister Houseman and I had to train but it all went really well. I never thought I would say talking for 15 minutes would not be enough time until my mission. It's not! It was really good though and had a full night of appointments again.

Thursday I was with Sister Bennett out in her area. I went on several exchanges with her when she first came out. She served in the ward I'm in right now so we had a lot to catch up on. It's been really neat to see her grow in the last 10 months or so.

Friday is finally P-Day! It's been a long week of exchanges, meetings, working in two areas on and off and just a lot of busy things. The temple is worth the wait:)

Something else that has been going on is kind of a battle between Sister Smith and I. Three weeks ago, we were at Deseret Book together and we saw these fantastic rings. She bought them and I tried to give her the two dollars I owed her. She tried refusing but I just stuffed it in her bag. A few days later, I go to look in my wallet and the two dollars were back! With a note from Sister Smith. I then mailed them to her in this super awesome envelope. While she was in the ER, she had Sister Winder write me a note about how great of a missionary I was and then put the two dollars in there with a gotcha. I couldn't let her one up me on that. So (this is soooo mean) on Wednesday at the Sisters Conference, I had President Winder pull Sister Smith into his office to give her an envelope and ask her to explain it. When she opened it, even in his sound proof office, you could hear her scream of frustration on the other side of the building hahahahahahahahahaha... It was good:) President told the story over and over during lunch. It was pretty great. Then last night, after another long exchange I walk upstairs to my room and you can see from the pictures what happened.. I am sooo going to get her back. I love my Sisters:)

Well, that's my recap of the past two week. Love you all!

(i love my job)
(ready for Picture Over load??)

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