Saturday, October 18, 2014

Another Week in Boise (September 8)

This week has honestly been rough.. in a good way:)

Monday I was introduced to this very interesting game called "Munchkin".. only way to describe it is interesting.

Tuesday was Mission Leadership Council. They invited the District Leaders to come so we knew something big was going to happen. Before the meeting started, our Mission Prez comes walking into the room with a box full of something. We're all thinking IPads so some of the Elders were figitting in their seats until halfway through the meeting, he reaches in and puts on these hipster looking glasses. We were all super sad we weren't getting IPads but the entire mission got these funky glasses which is almost as cool:)

Wednesday was exchange day with Sister Peckham in her area! She's from Sanpete County and going to Snow College so we had some fun talking about all the things small town. For all who have served missions, you know there are things you write home about and somethings you don't. It was that kind of day. BUT we did end up talking to a pastor and committing him to to read the BofM. Not our smoothest contact but he said he would.

Thursday everybody decided to cancel on us but it's all good. We had pizza for dinner from Papa Murphy's so that makes up for everything.

Friday was ZONE MEETING! Sister Houseman and I split up to cover both Zones that we're over. It was a really great meeting but the Miracles came after. I went on exchanges with Sister Zelaya to my area. We first stopped by one of our investigators who lives in a questionable part of our district and we really didn't know where to go with her. She came to church for the first time this past week and when we walked into her apartment we both knew we were leaving with out a baptismal date. Super cool experience. She was just glowing. Sister Zelaya and I set up an appointment for Saturday to teach her the stop smoking lesson because she wanted to be baptized on September 20th but needs to be smoke free for 2 weeks. On our way, we felt amazing. We started walking out to our car and passed this one older guy in a wheel chair smoking. We both turned around and started talking to him. Come to find out he was an active member who just had a bad smoking problem. The Elders were supposed to be there the hour before to read the Book of Mormon with him but they were and hour late.. But we started talking to him and asked if we could help him quit. the lady we were teaching lives a floor above but their friends so he said we could. The Elders showed up finally (we gave them a little bit of greif for being late) and they agreed to let us teach this man. We told him that the cigarette he was smoking was his last and we would be over after teaching his neighbor the lesson. Friday night: que the rough part of our week.

Saturday Sister Houseman and Zelaya woke up sick. We called the other sisters in our district to see how they were and one of them were sick too so we had them come over to our apartment. We watched General Conference. We all left around noon or so to get to work a little bit. Then I started to get sick and basically, when Sister Houseman was sick I felt good and when she felt good I was sick. Perfect couple. But we had a baptism Saturday night so basically nothing could completely get us down:) We did go over to teach the Stop smoking lesson to our investigator but she was sick.. but the man from the Elder's ward gave us the rest of his cigarettes and his lighter and committed to be done smoking. Fantastic! We told him we would check up with him at church the next day.

Sunday we only had Ryder come to church. Kent and Thyrza's van broke down so they couldn't get all of their grand kids ready in time to walk over and everyone else was sick. Oh Satan is a tricky one.. The man from the Elder's ward said he was still good to go and is committed. It's funny how things work out. After church, since it was fast Sunday, we went home to take a short nap but we were both so sick we slept though our alarms until just before our dinner appointment.. not so fun..

We woke up today feeling a lot better. Still not a hundred percent but good. It's going to be a good day:)

Love you all and talk to you next Friday!

(i love my job)

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