Saturday, October 18, 2014

Zone Conference (September 1)

Now time to type a little bit.

I didn't add part to my e-mail last week mostly because I didn't have pictures for it but we've been working on this project and we did a trial run before the groundbreaking broadcast for the Meridian Temple. There is a story of a group of missionaries in New York City who put on a street event. They drew the Plan of Salvation with Chalk and then taught people about it as they walked by. Super successful but sadly we don't have an area like that in our area so we're flipping it a little. We're having the youth put on an event called "Graffitti the Lot". It sounds pretty cool, right? Missionaries are going to out line the PofS before and everyone can come fill in the lines and add what ever drawings they want after. The point of the night is to have them invite their friends out, have fun, and teach about God's plan.  If it goes all according to plan (see what I did there) it's going to be amazing!

Now to this past week. We've had a lot going on. 

 Monday was P-Day and basically we had a No-Activity-Pday Fest or also known as the NAP fest:) It was pretty great. 2 hour nap for the first time on my mission. Loved it:) We got out to work that night teaching the Wilson's and the LeJune's. Wilson's was just the new member lessons but the LeJune's was were the fun happened. He's not a member and she's super active so we set up a time to come watch a church movie with them. We thought he would come watch with us since it was HIS idea but we sat the first 45 minutes of the movie and he was no where to be seen. He finally came in for the last 10 and, for any of you who know the testaments by heart know that the last 10 are the most important, he sat down and watched. It was perfect timing because he came in on the part we all always make fun of. Not that great but at the end of the movie is when Christ comes. I was sitting by their little girl and she was asking me questions about what was going on but he told her to stop talking so he could listen. Bonus! We don't know what will happen but the Lord is involved in that family so we'll see.

Tuesday night was splits with the Relief Society and that's always fun to go out and do.

Wednesday we saw an investigator that we're teaching. Baptism is scheduled for this Saturday so we'll see what happens. Having some struggles but she REALLY wants to go through with it so it's happening right now.

Thursday was ZONE CONFERENCE. Focus was on the Law of Sacrifice and Concecration. Pages and pages of notes. Soooo good. So good. Even better because we didn't have to train! But we did have to sit up on the stand with all the Zone Leaders but that's not too bad.

Friday I was on exchanges with the One and Only Sister Park. Loved it! She is one of my favorite sisters in the mission. I hope I get to serve with her before I leave.. doubt it though. We get along fantastic and have the perfect balance of work and fun. 

Saturday was hectic. I am so over peaches after canning at the Cannery and with several members. Bleh..

Sunday we taught the combined Young Women/Young Men class.

Sorry super short but gotta run or Bro Willard will be upset! (FHC manager who opened up just for us 10-12)

Love you all!

(i love my job)f

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