Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tablerock Hike (April 28)

Hey my peeps!
Hope everything is going well. This past week in Boise South has been nothing but hectic. Truly.
We're on at least two exchanges a week with other sister's in our Zone and the Boise North Zone. It's great because we're starting to get to know the other missionaries areas and what their struggles are pretty well and we're helping them out with that. The only down side of focusing on the other Sisters as much as we are is that we can't quite find the balance in our ward. Sister Metcalf has only been in the area a transfer longer than me so we are both fairly new to the area. This area is totally different from the wards that we've both worked is so we're reassessing out battle plans, I guess you could say.
So I'm a slacker and I forgot my camera at the apartment but we hiked the craziest mountain I've seen in my life! Missionaries hike to Tablerock as a tradition and it is insane to say the least. BUT when you get to the top, you can get the sweetest pictures in the world. Which is why I'm super sad I forgot my camera. Next week and I'll share some stories about that:)

Anyways, hope you all have a great last month of school!

-Sister Hatch
(i love my job)

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