Sunday, June 29, 2014

Eating Jam Never Lets Wise People Consume Raspberries Excitedly. (March 31)

Sooooo..... Transfers are coming up this week! We actually get transfer calls between the first and second sessions of General Conference! Crazy! And it's my 10 month mark, too. Just an exciting day! We'll probably find out transfers (at least who is staying) Saturday morning because we all are having breakfast at the Stake President's home. They tell the Stake Presidents a head of time. 

Funny story. I always try to get to know my companions families the best I can so I know who they are talking about. It's been hard because S. Dickey was 8th of 16, S. Johnson 6th of 6, S. Bozant 8th of 9 and S. Pratt is 10th of 10... Big families. I found a way to memorize S. Pratts Family: Eating (Emron) Jam (Jannette) Never (Nadine) Lets (Laruen) Wise (Weston) People (Parker) Consume (Christian) Raspberries (Robin) Excitedly (Sister Pratt). Crazy good, right?

This past week, we did the unthinkable... We surpased the Food Comma! Sister Pratt and I developed Food Cancer this week! How you might ask? One word... AZITA! She's this crazy sweet lady from Iran. We love her so much but every time we go over there she gives us a feast. This past week, she invited us over to teach her boyfriend who isn't a member and we thought it was really weird that she didn't mention anything about dinner plans. We were stoked! After a full course dinner by the Alsy's we went over to teach. We talked with Mir for about an hour then they both said "time for dinner!" Sister Pratt and I had these horrified looks on our faces. We never got the text she sent about dinner! (Dumb Sprint Network....) So, We went right home afterwards and went to bed. No joke. We can STILL feel it! 4 days after! It was bad....

Love you all!
- Sister Hatch

P.S.the left picture is a typical Boise Sunset.

Right Picture is with a sister I came out with. We had the chance to go on exchanges this past week which was super fun.

The Bottompicture is super neat! We had a Sisters conference this past week and I snagged this group of beautiful sisters:)
So, there's me in the middle then to the right is Sister Bozant (daughter) and Sister Cabrea (Granddaughter). On the Left is Sister Johnson (daughter), Sister Morris (granddaughter), Sister Delahaught (GREAT-granddaughter) and Sister Smith (Step-granddaughter). Pretty neat! I have another granddaughter serving in Australia, too! (she was a visa waiter)

(i love my job)

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