Sunday, June 29, 2014

Another Week (March 17)

How's life??

So things are totally switching up here. In a good and a bad way. The people we have been working with are struggling more than they ever have before and the members are starting to really understand what Member Missionary Work is and means to them. 

We created a "Family Mission Plan" to give out and so far we've committed 18 families in the past week to start it. We've been seeing they all want to do missionary work but aren't quite sure how to do it. So it's just a basic out line/spreadsheet of what to invite them to or what to give them. Every family has been really excited for it. We're going to follow up with them the week before Conference to see how it's going and also to keep missionary work on their minds as the watch General Conference. We have a goal to commit 30 more families this week:)  Reaching High!

As a mission this month, we've committed to find 425 new investigators. It's odd because when ever we have a set finding goal everything in my area goes silent. Gets kind of annoying but we're working on it. Seriously hoping that the F.M.P. bring some people out. 

We've also been working with some Less Active members who have said that they would love to house missionaries.. but each of them have something in the way. Working on it and it will hopefully be a tipping point in their lives. It's super fun to see.

The work is not easy but totally worth it and loving every minute.

Talk to you guys soon!

-Sister Hatch

I love my job.

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