Sunday, June 29, 2014

Crazy Stuff (March 10)

Things are crazy busy out here and this past weekend I feel like I was spiritually slapped. It was pretty great. 
We had Ward Conference and it was amazing. Our bishop talked about space (as he always does) and the miracles of God. 
So you better get used to funny stories because her comes another one. About a month back we received a media referral for a girl who wanted to be taught by sisters. Since we were the only sisters in the stake we got her. Totally golden! Long story short, we ended up turning her over to the Elders about 3 weeks ago and on Friday they told us she was getting baptized on Saturday. They didn't tell us until the day before! Punks.. But it was fantastic:)
It's raining out here... again... We were going to go hiking (and some still are) but it's too muddy to safely go up without being completely . We convinced our District Leader to go again next P-Day. Sister Pratt and I are going to the Old Boise Penitentiary instead with another group of Elders in our Zone. "Is for fun."
 Love you all and sorry again for short letters. I will repent one of these days:)
-Sister Hatch

I love my job.

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