Sunday, June 29, 2014

Love These Kinds of Weeks... (February 10)

This has probably been the craziest week of my mission... just saying.. don't fall asleep by my boring layout of my week. It was so spiritually energizing! Loved it:) These are just a few of the highlights.

Sunday was one of the most interesting birthdays ever but it was the best:)

Monday (P-day) was crazy! Sister Pratt and I bought water guns and attacked the other missionaries at Zone Sports. Be jealous:)  We then got back to work in the evening with a lesson with Tom (his daughter is dating a LDS member and he has been really impressed by this young man and would like to know really what makes him so great). We had planned on going over the Book of Mormon and really just get to know his beliefs. Little did we realize how prepared he was to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We dove in to the Restoration. Later in the lesson, we asked him to read Joseph Smith's First Vision. He said he would but after he had a thought. Sister Pratt and I just looked at each other with disappointment as he read, expecting him to drop us. After he finished reading, he said," I know this is true. It just makes sense.. I don't know why but I know it is true." So did not expect that. This happened several times after that. Golden! We checked up with him last night and he's still reading and praying. Fantastic!

Tuesday we taught Christine. Background: We are teaching discussions to members so we can keep improving on this new style of teaching that Salt Lake is having us Pilot. Back to Tues night. We started to teach the discussions to one of our Bishop's family and they had the BRILLIANT idea of inviting one of their son's girlfriend. We really didn't know how to approach this lesson so we taught the group as a whole. As the night went on, we realized it was a dumb idea and we focused on her. She is on a total different level and wants to know more. She said she know that she is missing something in her life and that this might be it. Love it! We have a lesson set up with her but we just discovered that she lives in another Elder's area in our district. Trying to coordinate there and decide if they should teach her or if we should...

Wednesday was just weird. Our miles were cut from 700 last transfer to 450.. can you say bikes?..... again??

Thursday was Mission Leadership Council. Anyone who says I'm going STL is crazy! But I got an invite to MLC none the less. We had the Director of Proselyting and the Director of Missionary Service come to speak and train us. These are men that speak with the Twelve on a weekly, if not daily, basis. I wish I could share EVERYTHING that they shared with us. These men are geniuses. I will say that everything they talked about went back to the basics of Our Purpose (Principles of Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End) and Simplifying. I have about 6 pages of notes from that 7 hour long meeting. It was amazing and so spiritually energizing!

Friday was Zone Meeting and a Lesson With Olivia. Zone meeting was just a retraining on what we learned Thursday. Olivia is an investigator I think I haven't shared much about with anyone. She's not in our area but wants to be taught by Sisters so that's us (just makes everything complicated when you add in the fact she's golden as well! Baptismal date set for middle of march). Anyways, We love her and it was a fantastic lesson!

Saturday was the baptism of Jeffery! The best days of the mission are those watching the people you teach enter into the waters of baptism. 

Sunday was.. yeah let's not go into Sunday..

Other than this past week, things have been pretty much the same. Can't believe this is the 4th week of the Transfer! It's gone by so fast! Hopefully Sister Pratt and I will be able to work together for one more Transfer but we'll see what the Lore has in store:)
Love you all and Happy Valentines Day!

Sister Hatch

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