Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happy Easter (April 21)

HAPPY EASTER! (Yesterday)

Hopefully everything went great out in the real world. My first/last Easter in the field was great to say the least. It was hard getting 
into homes because people were either eating dinner, with family or go to who knows were. The evening was better, though. We 
dyed eggs with the sisters we live with and it was an adventure I will say. We got the cheap PAAS dye and it wouldn't color our 
eggs... super ganka! But oh well, there must be opposition in all things.. even in dying eggs! Working on it though. It's hard to reach 
perfection when only coloring one egg compared to the dozen I would do at home. We got creative I will say:)

This week has been great. We had a family come to church for the second time and it was a miracle for this area. They were coming 
regularly about two years back but not since. The Husband isn't a member and family is less active. They know so much about the 
gospel but something is stopping them. We're hoping since they have been coming since I've been here, this could be the turning 
point for them. Going to set a date hopefully tonight. He said he wants to be baptized but we haven't been able to set anything firm 
for the past 2 years. It's going to happen!

You know what is the worst. When a missionary gets on to e-mail home and nothing truly exciting comes to mind. I'm a slacker haha
I'll repent and work on it:)

Hope things are going fantastic for everyone!

-Sister Hatch

(i love my job)

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