Sunday, June 29, 2014

Just an update on life in the fantastic IBM. (April 7)

Okay, Who didn't love conference the past couple days? No hands? Good. Because It was fantastic! Loved every minute of it! It was an insane weekend between conference and transfers but I think we survived.There was just so much! Loved every minute of it. Have to say I can truly relate to the story shared about the Sister's rejection but those are the times you have to look back and smile on. Bednar's talk was phenomenal, as well, about the load we carry. There are those things that bring us higher and then those trials that are meant to hurt us the most in life but it's great when you can turn it around to help  and bless the lives of others. I had the chance last week to share and testify of a huge trial I had before I came out and it was exactly what was needed to get this family back to church.. well not yet. It was conference weekend but hoping  they'll pull through. .

Conference. Gotta love it:)

Transfers were today and I'm finally leaving the Boise East Stake. I shouldn't say finally. It's really bitter sweet because I so want to move on but I know pretty much everyone in the two wards I covered. It's crazy! Going to miss it but excited for the new challenge! I'm still in the same Zone but switching Districts to the Boise South District serving with Sister Metcalf. She came out the transfer after me so we've wanted to serve together forever! And finally getting a partner for Sister Training Leader! Both stoked to work with the sisters we'll be over. Kind of nervous for so much so fast but the Lord always knows what he's doing so I'm trusting in that. I'm still in the same zone just switching districts. I'm actually going to the area I went on exchanges to this area last week and I was there on exchanges the past transfer to. When I go on exchanges I'm usually a little bolder than normal because I'm never going back to the area so when I was on exchanges I was really bold with some of their investigators... Now I get to work with them more so we'll see how it goes. Maybe that's just what they need! BE BOLD! haha we'll see how it goes.

And Sister Metcalf just updated me to the fact that we're speaking in Sacrament on Sunday AND teaching the Youth in the ward. Fantastic. I actually am super excited:)

Hope everything is going well and happy summer!
-Sister Hatch
(i love my job)

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