Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week Uno (February 24)

Transfers are today.. We're staying!!! Wooo! 
Sister Pratt and I totally thought I would be moving on but when Saturday came and we heard the words "Sister Hatch and Sister Pratt will be staying," We were sooooo excited! Best news ever! Especially because we are working with several less actives starting to come back to activity and we have a few investigators that are so close to baptism. We both want to see them through. 
So we had a fantastic lesson on Tuesday. We are teaching our Bishop's son's girlfriend, Christine. She is amazing. She's really mature for her age and is looking for something else in her life. We've been teaching her for a few weeks and she has been coming to church, as well. Christine has really been growing in her faith as she continues but is still not sure of baptism. We know that she will eventually so we're taking it slow. She finally accepted to pray this past week and it was one of the sweetest prayers I've heard.. ever! We'll see what happens.
Not much has really happened this past week. 
We did have a ping-pong tournament on Saturday night with some investigators at a members house. Funny story about that.
Rewind 2 weeks. We were visiting the Barnett's who are a less active family. We just talked about life and school, just trying to get to know them. In the middle of this, I got the prompting to just ask why they weren't coming to church. It caught me off guard because we usually try to lead them to tell us. We kept talking and then I got the feeling to ask them again. I didn't want to ruin what we had going. We were laughing and having a good time at the moment. I ignored it again and we kept talking. You think if I had the thought twice I would have listened. The stories continued and you guessed it! I thought to ask them again. "So why are you not coming to church anymore?" Everyone went silent and Sister Prat just gave me this look like "I'm gonna kill you.." I guess it was really, "I'm gonna beat you up in your sleep," (I've been getting a lot of mystery bruises..) But Brother Barnett said, "I've been waiting 10 years for someone to ask us that," Long story short, they are still not coming to church but we broke through the ice with them. The Porters (an awesome active family) used to be really close with them and have LEGIT ping pong tournaments so we set one up and yeah... I should not play ping pong with the masters.
Well, I gotta get off to sports. It's the FIRST time we get to play outside in months! Love it! The Church is true!

Sister Hatch.

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