Sunday, June 29, 2014

Birthday Surprise (February 3)

So much to share with so little time!
First things first. I've been keeping something kind of a secret because I don't know if it was really going to happen or not but we're having a baptism! We were going to have it on Saturday the 1st but the missionaries who baptized his mom wanted to come so we pushed it back a week so they could make it. All you former missionaries stop shaking your head at us! It all is going to work out.
Things are going crazy here in Idaho! We found 4 golden investigators last week so a lot of work to do with them but they really have been prepared to receive the gospel and we are so excited for them! Hopefully we will have one baptism by the end of the month:) 
One of the most interesting experiences on my mission happened this past week. We had the opportunity to teach in Arabic! I gotta tell ya that the Gift of Tongues is real! Jk. It is real but we had a translator with us. It was the craziest thing I've ever experienced. I'm sooo glad I'm serving English. I think we just got a taste of what the foreign missionaries feel like.. But the thing that I got out of that lesson is the spirit can speak to anyone. Expect a baptism soon!
So between Elder's being mad at us for teaching one of their investigators because they want sisters, Sister Pratt being sick for days on end, Snow that comes everyday and melts by 2 PM and any other craziness that has happened... It's been a pretty great birthday weekend:) Except for the fact I couldn't watch the Super Bowl. Broncos got hammered, though I was told. 
Thanks for the birthday wishes! Love you all!

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