Friday, July 18, 2014

Whirlwind Week (June 2)

So, I'm sitting at this computer desk and on the other side I see books entitled "Infinate Jesus", "The Lonely Polygamist", "Echo of God" and some other pretty sweet title books haha

Anyways, this week has been a whirlwind! So many things have happened! (As always!) I'll try and do the week justice.

Monday was an amazing day. Not just because it was P-Day but we taught an investigator who we think things finally clicked for him. No promises yet but hopefully things start to work out for him and he stops being stubborn! The spirit worked with his wife amazingly and she put the pressure really on him to become a member (she's coming back to activity). Not just for her but for their kids who they really want to now have a strong foundation in the church. We're working on that.

Exchanges with Sister Capitan, again! Sweetest girl ever. Super shy when around people but her style... Uh-uh. You betta watch out! We went to teach one of my most favorite investigators and Sister Capitan was just what she needed. Sister Capitan went through some of the experiences that our investigator is now. So great!

We had a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy come speak to the Mission Leadership this week. Last time he came, I guess he basically chewed out everyone because the Mission was really slacking. I was a little nervous I guess you could say. It was totally the opposite. Elder Godoy was fantastic! He brought up a scripture (can't think of the reference right now) but it basically showed the way that Christ taught the people of the America's. He taught them the commandments AFTER he explained the plan of redemption. He didn't just throw out all the rules and said, "Good Luck with that!" He explained the 'why' first. Why we do what we do. Why we need Him in our lives. Why we are sent here. He gave them the vision that our Heavenly Father had laid out. And then, and only then, he gave us the specifics. After they caught the vision and were excited to put it in to practice. When they became unsure about all the rules and guidelines, he showed the vision again. They got pumped up for it then back into the specifics. We need to keep that Vision and the "Spirit of Why" in our minds. It was just fantastic and just what we needed to help those that we are serving over.

Sunday had to be my favorite day, though. We had an investigator (the one I mentioned before) come to church that we have been trying to get to come for a long time. We were sort of nervous because it was fast Sunday and some people when they get up.. you all know what I'm talking about, right? They are great but go into more detail or miss the object of actually sharing the testimony sometimes. It was about half and half for us but she loved it! In Gospel Principles class, she was telling everyone how she was getting baptized on this and this day. She was super cute. It was also hard because we have another investigator in that class who would have been baptized a looooong time ago but some issues with the court are keeping her back. Sigh.. Working with both still, though.

Well hope everything is going great and talk to you guys next week!

-Sister Hatch

P.S. We're biking now and we go anywhere between 4-12 miles a day! Woot!

(i love my job)

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