Friday, July 18, 2014

Fun Times (July 7)

Isa been a super fun week!

Mission Leadership Council was on Wednesday since we had transfers and the new missionaries came in on Tuesday. We almost reached our goal of a baptism in every ward in 4 months. 112 of 130 so only 18 short. That's pretty fantastic if you ask me! As a council, we decided to set another goal of 100 baptisms by the end of next transfer (September 21st). Super high goal but we can reach it with the Lord's help!

So the Line up for our District for this transfer:
Boise South 1 - E. McAdoo and Garside (the latter is new to the district and he stutters, too!)
Boise South 2 - S. Metcalf and Me:)
Boise South 3 - E. Bodine and Lowe <~ Greenie!!
Boise South 4 - E. Xoumphonphackdy and Mecham
Boise South 5 - S. Clegg and Moncada (New Area!! and Sisters)
Boise Spanish 4 - Hma. Galarza and Pecjak

We have 6 companionship in our District! That's as big as the Starr Zone! Huge District and not quite sure how it's going to work. We had Zone meeting this past week and our first district meeting will be this week so we will see what it will be like. Hopefully a lot better. President sent all the difficult missionaries to our zone the past 3 or 4 transfers and it's been a hassel to say the least. It looks like it'll be good, though.

Anyways, we've been working with this Less Active/Part Member family for the past few months and their son and his friend who lives with them (Mikey and Ryder) are about 20 so we had the idea to get the Assistants to the President in on the family since they cover the Young Single Adult Ward. We've heard this family was putting up a fence so we really pushed for them to do it this past week and they did. Now this family is very perticular about certain things so we worked on it Thursday night and the A.P.s got hung up so they couldn't come but it was okay because we still didn't finish the fence. We worked on it Friday morning and the A.P.s didn't show up but  still weren't done so it was okay. Saturday night they showed up but we only finished about 6 feet of the fence in 2 hours but they talked a lot with them so we're thinking "Okay! This is good!" Mikey said he would try to go to the YSA ward the next day with his Parents (LA and Investigator). Ryder was a no go. Sunday came and we have been getting some random Less Actives come back after we stop in once which is pretty awesome. In the midst of this crowd of new people in walks Ryder. No Mikey. No Kent or Thyrza. He came by himself. Really random. It was testimony Sunday, too, and this ward usually needs some focus so we get up. He was on edge for most of the time but he shared in Sunday School that it was actually the first time he went to church and actually paid attention. Not sure if that's a good thing or not but he came! We'll try again for next week but at the YSA ward because there is NO youth in our ward. Just the Newly Weds and the Nearly Deads haha

I was super sad this past week because we can't do anything with fireworks:( so we got glow sticks from our Bishop and had a party instead!

Hope all is going fantastic and talk to you later!

-Sister Hatch

(i love my job)

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