Friday, July 18, 2014

Fun Days Ahead (May 27)

Hey Everyone!
So not much time today. Since it was Memorial Day yesterday, the place where we usually e-mail was closed. We have been given a little time to e-mail today so I'm making the most of it!

First off, shout our to the C1 ward! You guys are awesome! I received the package on Friday and got right to work on giving them out. In my last area, I had a goal to place one Book of Mormon everyday. Since I've arrived at my new area, that goal has sort of slipped away. Then I received the copies of the Book of Mormon with all of your beautiful testimonies and family pictures in them and I recommitted all over. I'm still working back to my peak but I've passed out 2 already.

1) Vickie- On Saturday, we went on exchanges so I spent the day with Sister McClellan in my area. Super sweet girl from Florida. We were contacting Less Actives that the ward either hasn't seen in a while or they have absolutely no clue who they are. We ran into a potential who moved in to one of the houses so it was good. But when we were walking down the street to contact another LA and we saw this older guy fixing his car and we thought to just go for it. So we start talking to him and find out that he attends on of the many churches within our ward boundries. We share with him some gospel principle and ask if we can come back to share a message about Christ. He said he would be fine with it but that we should ask his wife. At that moment his wife, Vickie, walks out. "Are you Jehovah Witnesses?" She asked us sort of harshly. "No," We replied, "We are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." "Never heard of you." "Oh, well do you mind if we share a message with you about Christ and his love for all of us?" She pauses, looks at our badges and back at us. "You're Mormons, aren't-cha." We explain how it's a nickname from a book that we believe is a companion volume of scripture with the Bible and helped her understand some of her conceptions of about our religion. It was also her birthday so we asked if we could give her a birthday present. Sister McClellan (who has only been out a couple weeks) eloquently presented the Book of Mormon to her and she accepted it. It was a really neat experience and the testimony within, I know, will touch them.

2) Garrett- That same day, we were continuing our quest to see what less actives still lived in the area. I had the feeling we should knock on the doors around this one house. The first door, the only word the man knew was "No". The second door, they had the weird metal screen doors that you can't really see through and we hoped that we were looking somewhere near her face. She also said no. The third door was of this pretty bad green colored house. We knocked and this guy answered the door. " Hi! We are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and we are new to the area... "So on and so forth. He just looked at us for a while before he said, "You know, this is ironic in a way because I'm Mormon myself." What?! Where have you been? Missing out on all the blessing! We didn't say that of course. "Oh really?" Is what we did say. We talked with him for a while. His whole idea was about faith. If we are given logic, why are we allowed to use it? It is a fair question to some. I could go on about our conversation for a while but at the end I committed him to an experiment. An experiment is logical, right. Sister McClellan and I committed him to read a single verse each day, just one verse. Not too hard. Then pray. Easy experiment. The first verse we gave to him: Alma 32:27. We gave him another one of the copies of the Book of Mormon from the ward. 

Thank you all so much for you thoughtfulness in the hastening of the work!

I don't have more time to write but I am including pictures that should some up the week fairly easy:)

Love you all!

(i love my job)

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