Friday, July 18, 2014

Tender Mercies (June 23)

Who thought that Russian Hats would be a tender mercy?
I'll get back to that in a minute.

So it's been one of the most craziest weeks of my mission so far. First.... TEMPLE TRIP! Best P-day ever!
I told you all last week about our "June Harvest" Challenge that's been going on for the past few months. We've had the goal to have a baptism in every ward by the end of June and our ward had been struggling with that. We had several eternigators (eternal investigators) but no body really solid. At the beginning of June we sat down and decided to go with a man named Charlie. He's a total punk... He's been taught by the missionaries for about 6 or so years and never really progressed much. He was active in church but stopped going about 2 years ago and never really thought of coming back. Until we came, that is. His wife is a less active... Well, they were less active until Sister Metcalf and I got paired up back at the first of April and they've been to church every week. We decided that it was time to take the next step with him and we put him on date for June 28th. Everything was right on track until last Monday. I won't really go into what happened but basically he broke our hearts and pushed his baptismal date back to August for his family reunion, not an unrighteous desire. Now, truthfully, I don't really care about some "June Harvest" or numbers or whatever. We watched him progress so much those 2 weeks that he had the date set. More that the 2 months I had been here and definitely more that the 5 plus years he had been taught. We didn't want to him to loose that drive he had to make that sacred covenant with our Father. We had tried to talk him in to still doing the baptism the 28th then he could baptize his daughter in August at the reunion because we thought that would be great for his family to see the progress he made but he said no. We're still praying for it but not sure if it's going to happen.
Now here is where the tender mercy comes in.
We had a member just get married to a friend in another state. She came up last week and had been taught by the missionaries since February. Not only that, she had been going to church every week since she started to take the lessons. We met her and she asked to be baptized and we set a date for June 28th. She accepted and now it's going to happen this weekend. When something falls, the Lord will provide. We're still super bummed about Charlie but which ever of us will be here after transfers will keep him on track for August. 

Now about the Russian Hats. 
We had a baptism this past weekend. Told you a bit about her last week. She is from Bosnia and for her baptism we made her a Bosnian dessert called "Russian Hats". When we brought them to her after her baptism she started to cry. Why? I will tell you. Russian Hats really are something that you can't buy. They need to be freshly baked and when we made them it took a looooot longer that we thought it would... 4 HOURS!!!! Totally worth it. I can see why they are her favorite. They are the best!

Love you guys! 

(i love my job)

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