Friday, July 18, 2014

Mother's Day (May 12)

Crazy week this week! 

I had my first official Mission Leadership Council! (MLC) It was interesting to see how the leaders of the mission really worked. Some times it got a little tooooo intense. Lots of changes happening this next transfer but they only one I really care about is the fact we get to go to the temple this next transfer! Woot! Super stoked about that. The last time we had the opportunity to attend was back in January. My companion and I joked that if we ever became apostate missionaries it would be because we just want to go to the temple. How bad is that? The only rule we would ever think about breaking would be about going to the temple.. Not that we would actually ever break the rules.

Sooo.. Mother's Day Yesterday! (Don't know about you people but my moms the best no doubt). Got to Skype home! Insane stuff! Everyone is so freaking tall... Jealousy.

So back to MLC. After the meeting, our Mission President called my companion and I to his office. Now, the last time I was called in there we were told the mission ran out of cars so we were asked to give ours up to a new Zone Leader so I don't always like getting called into the office. But we talked for a minute or two and he then asked us if we would train at Zone Conference. Yikes! We said of course. The next day, we were at DLC (District Leader Correlation) planning Zone Meeting and were were asked to train again! It's a sign! For what I don't know but it must be! So This past Thursday we trained at Zone Meeting (about 20 Missionaries, 2 Districts) and we kind of used it as a crash run of our Zone Conference training. It went fantastic! I'm still super nervous but a little more at ease. As long as we can get the spirit going strong It'll be good. Sister Metcalf and I are super bold with some things so we're good for each other. Wish us luck!

Other than that, not much going on. Haters still gonna hate those who like to be obedient and receive those extra blessings. Oh well. They're the ones missing out! 
Love you all and Talk to you later!

(i love my job)

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