Friday, July 18, 2014

I Love to See the Temple! (June 18)

Waaaaaaaaaiiiiiiittttt.... Why is a missionary e-mailing on Wednesday and not Monday.... What's up here...

I'll tell you what's up!

We're going to the temple today!!! And today is the best day for it. I arrived in Boise one year ago today! Pretty exciting:) When we are going to the temple, they move our p-day to what ever day we are going since the temple isn't open on Monday.

So, this week has been crazy.. Well, the past 3ish months have been crazy. Back in December we did a mission challeange where, as a mission, we committed to find 500 NEW investigators. Now that's a tall order in the middle of winter but we did it. Then, starting in March we had a goal to "harvest" by June (reference to Doctrine and Covenants 4). The goal was for every ward to have a baptism by the end of June and the ward I'm in, lets just say, hasn't had a baptism in a looooooooooong time. We've been working super hard as there is only a week and a half left of this month. Yikes! We've had an eternal investigator start to progress and is on date for the 28th.. but he's thinking of waiting for his family to come down... in August... not acceptable for right now.. Working with him still but doesn't look like the 28th any more. But the Lord has a sense of humor. We had someone move into the ward last week who was being taught by missionaries in Corpus Christie, Texas. She's awesome and is now on date for the end of the month! Miracles around every corner!

Another miracle: Elvira. She's the investigator I've alluded to for the past few weeks. Not entirely sure why I've never mentioned her name but she's amazing. I met her around my second week in this area. She's actually in another ward but wanted to be taught by Sisters so that's us. We haven't really been able to get her to progress until she attended church that first fast Sunday and then we've met with her at least twice every week. Totally golden! We taught her the Word of Wisdom last week knowing she had an issue with coffee and she said, "It'll be hard but I know that I don't really need it and can live without it." What?! Love! Then we taught Tithing on Saturday and she said, "Can I start paying at church tomorrow?" Double what?! And she's followed through on everything. She had a rough time with the coffee but she's still holding strong while working some super intense hours at the hospital. Elvira's getting baptized this weekend and just and has an amazing story. Her husband passed about 2 years ago from a rough fight with cancer so she's a single mom with two kid (11/13). She wanted to learn first because her kids have never really been exposed to the idea of "God". Elvira knows that her kids will follow her example and they already have. I'd say by the end of the summer, they will join her in the church. My only fear is that there are 2 other kids their age right now in the ward. Oh well. It gives them an excuse to bring a friend to church:) Cool story though, when we taught her on Saturday she told us a dream she had. In the dream her husband came to her and she said he looked beautiful. The cancer had left him scarred and very sickly so it hasn't been the best way for her to remember him but when he came to her in the dream he was... perfected, I guess you could say. He came to tell her and told her that she was doing the right thing. You can't ask for anything better than that for an investigator.

Basically going to end with I love you guys and I LOVE MY JOB!

(i love my job)

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