Friday, July 18, 2014

Transfer Time (May 19)

We just had transfers this weekend and I'm staying with my companion! We were super stoked when the transfer call came out. We had to move apartment, though. We both felt like it was the end of the school year because we had to clean out everything and move out. Remember that last year? It's been a pain the last few days packing up and moving. We were going to an Elders apartment so we couldn't take things in until they left. We just had the Elders put our stuff in the front room. Super annoying but we're in a super nice place now (and don't have to smell the neighbors smoking weed everyday...) It's going to be great! Except, certain Elders who just moved out didn't really clean out and we've found some less than desirable items in our new room.. eww.

So, it's been a fun week besides that. We had the opportunity to train at Zone Conference this past week. The training went better than I thought. It is unspoken by the Assistants buuuuuut they "said" our training was the best. Just saying:) I really like teaching to bigger groups. We talked about Our Purpose and the Doctrine of Christ. We really focused on the first part "Our Purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ" and flipped it to we need to be at that point were we can invite them. It makes no sense to invite to somewhere we've never been or are at currently, right? Right. We didn't think so. We need to be working our way to Christ so we can help others. It was really awesome. Sister Metcalf and I were nervous be cause we had two of the most...  I guess you could say "difficult" zones. We were just blunt with everyone in our training. It was really good we feel like.

Well.. I lost my camera in the move so I'll be sending some next week. We took some pretty legit ones and so I'm super bummed about it but oh well.

Hope all is well and stay Classy!

- Sister Hatch

(i love my job)
p.s. This 93 year old we have been visiting we just found out love monsters hahahahaha best day ever!

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